Izeroium: The commission-free exchange that gives you $ 50 with its airdrop

Izeroium: The commission-free exchange that gives you $ 50 with its airdrop

Izeroium is a revolutionary project of the blockchain industry, which brought with it a zero cost exchange for everyone.

izeroiumIt is a person-to-person (p2p) crypto exchange, without fees and in which you can trade altcoins without commissions, regardless of the amount of money being mobilized.

Izeroium has an intuitive interface and user experience, which allows users to trade cryptocurrencies with fiat in the best possible way.

In addition, in this exchange you can buy cryptocurrencies with total confidence, as well as send the IZER token in a 100% secure way.

Why create a commission-free system?

It has never been easier to exchange cryptocurrencies, be it crypto to crypto, from fiat currency to cryptocurrency or vice versa. And it is that we have an endless amount of options to choose from exchange.

However, with so many options, it is necessary to consider some important questions before launching to operate. One of them, and perhaps the one with the greatest weight, is commissions.

When the price of cryptocurrencies rose, as in the case of Bitcoin, so did the transfer fees, costing $ 28, on average, for every transaction with this digital currency. Users of some exchanges, such as Coinbase, must pay them every time they transfer money to an external Bitcoin address.

While this increase in commissions is quite profitable for miners who are rewarded for solving complex mathematical problems in mining, investors have the hardest time if they have to shoulder extra expenses in order to trade.

To these commissions it is necessary to add the ones charged by the exchange services, which can make the operation extremely expensive.

Hence, there is a need for a commission-free ecosystem, such as Izeroium and its IZER token.

The IZER token

IZER is Izeroium’s native cryptocurrency. An ERC-20 token, free of transaction fees, with a supply of 6,000,000,000.

Launched last January, this asset is already listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, where it is shown to have a ROI of 161.93%.

IZER is listed on the VinDAX and Crex24 exchanges, where it maintains trading pairs with Bitcoin.

Izereium’s team is currently launching an airdrop of its IZER cryptocurrency.

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The IZER airdrop

In the Izeroium airdrop 100 IZER tokens, worth $ 10, are being delivered to each participant of the event.

To participate, those interested must register on the website, log in to the dashboard, as well as join the project Telegram account, to receive the 100 IZER tokens.

Also, the launch is on two levels. Thus, for the first level, participants will earn another 40 IZER tokens for each referral registered in the airdrop; and they will get another 20 IZER for each referral, from their referrals.

izeroiumMany more tokens

Cryptocurrency users will be able to receive 400 extra IZER, for a total of 500 IZER for their participation in the airdrop, valued at $ 50.

To do this, they only have to register in the air launch , follow the steps mentioned above and fill out a Google form, using the email with which they registered in the event.

Those interested will have until September 10 to participate in the airdrop. Then, participants will be able to withdraw their IZERs, not without first complying with a KYC procedure (know your client). Although the processes for the KYC have not yet been specified by those responsible for the project.

Do you want more information? Visit their website.

Website: https://izeroium.com

Airdrop form (+400 IZER): https://forms.gle/a1v7nZe6tyYuNjKe6

Telegram: https://t.me/izeroium

Telegram in Spanish: https://t.me/izeroiumlatam

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