Apollo Fintech Introduces Stratus, the World’s Most Secure and Advanced Social Network

Apollo Fintech, a renowned blockchain technology firm, is making waves with its latest ambitious tech development, Stratus. The robust project is forecasted to become the most expansive, functional, user friendly, and efficient social network globally. 

Scheduled to launch this coming week, Stratus is already seen as a revolutionary platform that will create convenient landscapes by integrating various social media aspects, all under one central site and app.

Many social media enthusiasts routinely use popular big tech social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. These users often wish for a social network integration that would bring together critical aspects of modern life, such as socializing, entertainment, information, and financial services.

Apollo Fintech plans to utilize Blockchain technology to integrate real-world solutions to the ever-expanding world of social networking. Stratus’s launch will usher in an era where people can see an end to common issues plaguing social media space.

Furthermore, the platform only requires one secure login password to access numerous features that offer alternatives to Twitter, Facebook, and other mainstream social networks. 

This amazing feature makes it more convenient to create a strong and memorable password and simultaneously access and enjoy multiple social media facets.  

On the other hand, existing social media apps require multiple passwords as each forum’s different, making it a nightmare for platform users to navigate from one platform to another. 

Stratus Guarantees User Data Integrity 

System insecurity has emerged as a massive challenge for most existing social networking platforms as they are easily accessible by cybercriminals. 

The most blatant example of existing social apps being infiltrated is the recent Twitter hack that affected prominent users’ accounts like Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Moreover, social platforms engage in data privacy breaches to gather info through malpractices such as data mining or phishing. 

This private data is often shared with advertising firms that deploy indirect marketing campaigns to sway individual consumer decisions. Even worse, platforms such as Youtube have come under fire for exposing users to fraudulent advertisements on multiple channels.  

Government agencies can also grab this siphoned personal info and track, monitor, and the crackdown on various platform users with “politically incorrect” views. 

When Stratus CEO Stephen McCullah came up with the concept of his revolutionary and diverse social ecosystem five years ago, he envisioned an era where social media users would enjoy unprecedented data security. 

His new social platform utilizes advanced end-to-end encryption to protect user data privacy and ensures that user interactions are completely safe from prying eyes. Stratus also guarantees that held user data will never be shared with any other party for unauthorized research or the creation of statistics.

What’s more, Apollo Fintech has implemented database sharding that stores data in continuous blocks to form a chain consisting of interconnected blocks. The chain adds a new security layer with each block, making the database almost impossible to infiltrate. 

Stephen McCullah Goes All Out To Fight Censorship

Social media censorship perpetuated by big tech social media apps such as Twitter and Facebook is a growing menace in today’s world. 

Current social media platforms have demonstrated undeniable bias while selecting which content should be aired or banned and how users attain certain search results. By deploying computer algorithmic selection, platforms such as Youtube can choose what a user will view on every feed. 

To counter this opinion suppression culture, Stephen McCullah sets up the most censorship-free platform in the social space. Status offers users the freedom to express themselves without fear of reproof, or even a complete ban, as is the case with other platforms. 

This vibrant, censorship-free environment is exactly what dissident content creators and activists, and freedom-loving individuals have been longing for since the advent of social networking.

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