Exeedme: the fair and trustworthy gaming platform to empower gamers

The XED token will be the key to the platform's ecosystem

Exeedme is a fair and trustworthy gaming platform powered by Play2Earn and Polkadot where all gamers can earn a living doing what they love the most: playing video games.

The project comes to solve the problem suffered by the video game industry.

And it is that, as is already known, during the last decade the dominant business model in the gaming industry has been Free2Play.

This model has boosted the industry and turned 1 in 4 people in the world into a gamer, for a total of 2.7 billion gamers worldwide.

, Exeedme: the fair and trustworthy gaming platform to empower gamers, Criptomonedas e ICOsHowever, as we enter a new era, gamers are becoming increasingly frustrated with Free2Play’s predatory monetization, through in-app bundle purchases and aggressively marketed ads at strategic points in games.

61% say they had regrets after the purchase, after making an in-game purchase.

Also, with a growing esports industry, people have started to wonder how many gamers actually make money from games.

In reality, only professional gamers make significant profits monetizing their video game skills.

But becoming a professional requires a huge investment of time and skills. Very rarely can normal or casual players win money.

The solution that Exeedme brings

Criptomonedaseicochain, DeFi and NFT innovations built into Exeedme enable peer-to-peer player skills and item economies to emerge.

These economies will be player-centric and focused on rewarding players in the first place.

The platform’s technology will allow the majority of the money flows in its economy to go directly to players of all skill levels.

Gamers no longer have to be professionals to make money playing video games.

, Exeedme: the fair and trustworthy gaming platform to empower gamers, Criptomonedas e ICOs

Exeedme’s vision is to build a fair and reliable Play2Earn blockchain based gaming platform where players can play their favorite games, challenge an opponent, bet on their own victory, allowing ALL players to make money with their skills.

Exeedme is all about using blockchain to enable the monetization of skills, through currencies and digital assets with open market dynamics, giving players a superior sense of ownership and control.

The platform will create new sources of income for players: get your winnings; earn crypto rewards for your engagement; and earn NFT with their progress, such as trophies, collectibles, and in-game assets that they own and can trade or monetize.

How will they do it?

All of this will be achieved by fostering interoperability by creating a platform where gamers can tie together monetization across different games with XED and NFT.

Ultimately, your goal is that items can be transferred between game universes on different blockchains, resulting in a digital multiverse.

Exeedme is a blockchain-powered tournament platform, which allows players of all skill levels, developers, and organizers to monetize their skills.

Thus, players win with their bets, they get XED for their participation and exclusive NFT prizes for winning tournaments and league events: trophies, collectibles and game assets that they own and that they can exchange or monetize.

, Exeedme: the fair and trustworthy gaming platform to empower gamers, Criptomonedas e ICOsReal challenges in fair games

In Exeedme you can challenge other players to compete in video games with bets, using cryptocurrencies.

XED tokens will be earned in every match. With more XED you can level up to unlock higher leagues with higher stakes.

That is why fair play is paramount on the platform. Exeedme will use video refereeing, telemetry and game status data to ensure no hacks are used and that the game is level at all times.

A single access point to participate in an ecosystem that allows you to play, socialize and win in many centralized games (such as CS: GO and LOL) and in decentralized games (such as F1: Delta and Skyweaver).

The XED token

The Exeedme platform empowers XED token holders.

Players can earn XEDs and NFTs by playing, increasing their position in the rankings, or completing milestones.

By staking XED or adding liquidity, players can unlock XED and NFT rewards that they can collect based on their activity on the platform.

XED gives access to tournaments, leagues, high stakes, lower fees, and exclusive DeFi opportunities.

Organizers stake XED to create communities and organize tournaments and leagues. The more XED, the bigger the event.

Furthermore, the token is going to allow players to lead and rule the future of the Exeedme platform.

And it is that through the XED you can vote on the new features, new games and the distribution of rewards.

, Exeedme: the fair and trustworthy gaming platform to empower gamers, Criptomonedas e ICOsThe utility of the XED token

With the XED token, hodlers will have the possibility to create or receive the following benefits:

  • Exeedme Matches and Tournaments: Players choose the Game, choose the bet, choose an opponent or let Exeedme matchmacking and start the game. Game modes: Solo, Party, Teams and Pro-Seasons. The winner gets the prize bag minus the organization expenses.
  • Exeedme Leagues: Players can join skill leagues that level the playing field, enhance fun, and guarantee opportunities at all skill levels to monetize and upgrade skills.
  • Participation rewards: Exeedme wants to reward players for using the platform. Win or lose, every time there is a match, players earn rewards for participating in XED.
  • Progression Rewards: Upon reaching certain ranking levels or completing certain missions and milestones, players will be entitled to newly created NFTs that they can brag about.
  • Betting Pools: The XED and NFT rewards unlocked for each player will be based on the amount of XED they bet.
  • Exeedme Platform Fees: Used to fund XED Rewards Funds, NFT Rewards Funds, and to maintain operations and fund continued platform development.

Do you want more information?  Visit to Exeedme


TELEGRAM: https://t.me/exeedme

Medium: https://medium.com/@exeedme

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/exeedme-revolution/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Exeedme

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