Anola: a secure and decentralized platform to increase investment effortlessly

Anola uses the most reliable and effective security technologies

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Anola is a decentralized platform that features a wide selection of payment tools for depositing and withdrawing funds, a convenient and simple interface, powerful features, and high security, allowing you to consistently earn even with a small investment.

In essence, it is a technical income-generating tool, giving you complete freedom in selecting the investment algorithm and withdrawal methods, regardless of how the account has been reloaded.

So the client has full control of their funds.

The firm was founded in 2020 by a cybersecurity engineer, with extensive experience in the development of systems and programs to protect against digital attacks, which allowed him to create the most secure platform with reliable digital wallets.

Innovative platform

Anola supports more than a wide variety of altcoins such as Stellar, EOS, Neo, Nano, Cardano, as well as the classics Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and others.

The platform provides its users with an ever greater range of technologies, a range of digital tokens for balance replenishment, which are available in your personal account after registration.

This is possible because Anola has invested a lot of work and practical experience to create secure digital systems and a convenient financial instrument, which are efficiently combined in the product that they deliver to their clients.

In fact, it is intended to make the platform easy to use, yet fully functional and informative.

Hence, the activity in the changes and the benefits are growing every day within Anola, achieving that its users can obtain high daily income every day.

The benefits of using this platform are:

  • Bonuses and% rate for storing cryptocurrencies in a cold wallet.
  • High performance trading mechanism.
  • Daily profit output.
  • Affiliate bonus accumulation system.
  • Customer service day and night.
  • International work experience.

In addition, it has a frequently asked questions section that helps clarify any kind of doubts that you have regarding the platform, while providing information for learning and knowledge.

It also openly displays the documents, certificates and reports that attest to its legality and video instructions on how to use Anola.

Secure platform

Anola uses the most reliable and efficient security technologies, using a flexible, multi-stage wallet strategy to ensure funds are safely kept in cold storage.

It also provides two-factor authentication for all users and offers many additional security features to ensure multiple layers of protection.

Each user of the platform receives the additional reward of the distribution of the amount of profits received from the transactions.

Similarly, transfers on Anola are automated and highly efficient, allowing them to provide users with the highest percentage of investor funds deposited or pooled within the platform.

In fact, Algo-trading offers fast operations without direct user involvement. Instant update of business information and wallet balances.

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Earnings received per day are delivered to your wallet balance the next day.

The Anola Affiliate Program

The Anola affiliate program allows you to receive rewards in your personal account, which is available for withdrawal 24/7.

Only by sharing the personal referral link and attracting users to the platform, you receive a percentage of your trades.

Thus, the larger the Anola affiliate network, the richer the invitee.

The rewards are not limited by time or the number of partners who could participate. The more people create accounts after clicking the referral link or QR code, the more payments the user will receive.

The bonus program

For certain actions to popularize Anola, clients and partners of the platform are given a unique opportunity to earn money.

Anyone can meet the conditions of the bonus program. Any task brings cash bonuses in the form of points (PTS). Each bonus percentage is credited to the user’s account balance and is available for deposits or withdrawals.

By completing simple tasks, a reward can be received in the form of Points (PTS), which can be used for both investment and withdrawal purposes.

With the points (PTS) you can also buy products of the company, which are available in the personal account.

Tasks are as simple as letting you subscribe to Anola’s Facebook page and comment on the company’s work, share ideas, and find like-minded people; record a video on YouTube on the platform of at least two minutes; share useful content of photos and videos on Instagram, about the signature; actively participate in the development and popularization of the Platform Anola contributes Points (PTS).

How to register in Anola?

To register in Anola, it is necessary to click the “Register” button found on the home page of the company’s website, in the upper right corner.

Subsequently, you must fill in the form with email and create a password.

The system will send you a confirmation of successful registration to the email indicated during registration. To complete the registration follow the link in the message.

After clicking the link to confirm the email address the registration will be completed successfully. The account has been created.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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