Bitcoin ATM starts spewing out free cash. Also, +1% free Bitcoin discounts

When Bitcoin ATM operator has 0% fees and there is no digital fingerprint

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+1% free Bitcoin discounts to raise awareness about ATMs

Have you ever seen these B-shaped Bitcoin ATMs on the streets of your city? A week ago, the company that produces and operates them in Spain, Belgium, Poland and Italy, released 2.5 million viral TikTok showing how the ATM is spewing out banknotes in a hysterical frenzy. Onlookers in the shopping malls were as confused as we are. Michael Saylor’s and Elon Musk’s CryptoTwitter community would probably interpret it as an anti-fiat manifesto, but it was probably just a faulty ATM. I guess we will never know.

When Bitcoin ATM operator has 0% fee and there is no digital fingerprint

The whole “spewing free cash” situation is fitting considering the network regularly organizes +1% free Bitcoin discounts. Now, this is what I call marketing. Okay, jokes aside, let’s look into this. In this article we will look for a catch. We have crazy cyberpunk designs of ATMs, crazy “” name, crazy TikToks, and crazy “free bitcoin” discounts… but is it worth it to get into it? Let’s examine what it’s worth.

Before we begin, it’s useful to check if the +1% BTC ATMs are anywhere near you. For this purpose, use the map.

This Bitcoin ATM looks as if Elon Musk designed it at a party. Not surprising it started throwing money at you

Free cash. And free Bitcoin, too. Where’s the catch

Putting jokes aside, it appears that’s crazy marketing strategy attempts to break away from the stigma of Bitcoin ATMs considered shady due to fees which are way too high. Indeed, the average fee at a Bitcoin ATM in the world is about -8%. It’s the first time an operator regularly organizes discounts offering transactions at 0% fee or adds +1% extra crypto to a transaction.

One catch is that discounts are happening frequently, and so you have to follow the social media of the operator to know when and where. If you don’t, you will miss them. The other catch is that when you get extra +2% for buy, the commission for selling is -8%, and vice versa. It’s best to chime in on their Telegram group and ask other customers what it looks like in practice or what’s the current discount.

How come!? +1% is better than anything in the crypto world so far

How come it’s worth it for them to organize such crazy giveaways, while also enabling private, quick transactions with no digital fingerprint, no cookies, and almost no KYC? Verification is required only when you operate with very large amounts. Let’s see.

Los cajeros de Bitcoin de Cyberpunk permiten descuentos gratuitos en Bitcoin

At other times, during special events that come once in 1-2 months, you are able to acquire additional Bitcoin, ETH, Dash, Beam or cash at an ATM. No extra steps necessary, no registering, affiliate links, no tedious mumbo-jumbo that usually comes with airdrops in the crypto world. Sometimes you don’t even notice you’ve been credited additional 1% crypto. So why is nobody talking about it yet? Where’s the catch? Well, let’s examine the situation in-depth.

Tell me where the catch is. It’s suspiciously good…

The bizzare no-brainer discounts at are organized in order to change the stigma associated with the machines and popularize this method of conducting transactions. Turning the fees off is so huge that it draws more customers to the machines and is more beneficial long-term for the ATM operator than just having standard fees. Once more customers are introduced to the fact that using ATMs is fast, private and anonymous (within legally imposed KYC limits), these crazy discounts are going to end. is the only network that can afford these crazy marketing strats as they have been operating the longest in Europe, have the highest number of ATMs, they have the infrastructure, they develop their own tech, designs for ATMs and more.

Follow social media of the ETH ATM operator in order to catch the 0% fee discount

So, what’s the takeaway? Trade crypto at the ATMs while it lasts. This time, the street is literally going to enter at some point… to the ATM locations, that is. Then it probably ends.

Low fees happen regularly

The main catch here is that low fees happen every few days or every few weeks. So, it’s not permanent. It is organised in such a way to encourage you to follow the social media of the operator and know when these discounts take place. Among news posts, educational material and crazy videos of ATMs going crazy on Shitcoins’s social media, you will find animations that inform about discounts and giveaways. In other words, the price you pay for extra free ETH or USDT is to add to your feed and let it be there. If you wish not to, it’s not like you’re going to be locked from the discounts. In fact, users reported getting more cryptocurrency than they should and they had no idea what hit them. Turns out, it was one of the discount campaigns they weren’t even aware of at the time. Hell yeah – free Bitcoin, everyone!

What “free bitcoin” really means

However, not following what’s going on with the operator can turn out tricky. It’s because no fee or lower fee for buying BTC usually means higher fee for selling and vice versa. So it seems, the system rewards investors who know what’s up and encourages being an active member of the community. Then, you are able to draw a lot of value from it. Otherwise, you could walk up to one the locations only to see that the discount ended already, or that there is not enough cash at the location. You can check the available amount here.

These cyberpunk ATMs will soon enable purchase of USDT

To sum it up, it makes sense to just have one of’s social media channels somewhere in the background feed, and whenever there’s an announcement about a bitcoin discount, make a mental note to yourself. Well, noticing a discount on your feed is way better than going through all the hoops necessary for the usual airdrops anyway.

Discounts at vs. the usual airdrops

Airdrops are way more popular “discount events” in the crypto world, and yet offer less benefit. They require being an investor for some time already. With Bitcoin ATMs, you just get the extra Beam, and sometimes you don’t even notice you’ve acquired more than you should. In case of aidrops, you’re required to complete extra steps first, like eg. purchase cryptocurrency for $50 first, register somewhere, and only then you acquire the value. In case of discounts at ATMs, you might even miss that you got the extra crypto. Basically, no need to do anything.

ATMs are on the street, so they make it easier for the street to enter

Due to all the organisations attempting to spy on our spending habits and other kinds of personal data, more and more people become aware of the importance of privacy. Among people looking for solutions to slowly disappearing privacy, there are people who are not always tech-savvy. For this reason, they are drawn to something familiar – buying and selling with hard cash at something resembling an ATM they know well. And this machine allows for privacy.

You feel like Cyberpunk hero IRL when you buy your BTC from one of these +1% free Bitcoin ATMs

There are more reasons why creating Bitcoin/Beam/USDT ATMs is important. Another way of conducting transactions, so tangible in nature and location-bound, legitimizes further the world of cryptocurrency. Here we are, standing in a physical location, next to a professionally and creatively designed machine, conducting a crypto transaction. It makes cryptocurrencies look as stable as the ATM itself, impossible to flip over, tangible, real.

To sum up

In any case, the cryptocurrency world does not require Bitcoin ATMs to become more legitimate, of course, as it’s already starting to become a self-sustaining, unstoppable machine with life on its own. However, ATMs indeed help a little. What’s more, the existence of such machines also makes blockchain more difficult and costly to regulate. As more and more people use the Bitcoin ATMs as additional means of trading with hard cash, it’s becoming harder for centralized organisations to spy on citizens and track their data. Good news all around! And if you are not into ideas larger than life, well… maybe you will be happy just with +1% free bitcoin without digital fingerprint.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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