DeFi Alchemy Toys game generates profit and fun

This new project is here to stay in this new era of games and NFT

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain games have conquered the cryptocurrency market as a trend since last year.

Much of these have been led by dApps that are based on the Ethereum network, however other blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain have made NFT games grow with the help of other chains. 

One of them is Alchemy Toys, a platform that is based on the blockchain of PopCap’s Alchemy video game that is based on taking elements and transforming them into something new.

This video game maintains basic and simple actions and rules for its players, but as they progress through the levels it can become complex due to the number of strategies that the user must implement in order to win a toy. 

Alchemy Toys is a strategy game that has enchanted even the most skeptical.

Alchemy Toys

Alchemy Toys has a mechanic that requires the fusion and sacrifice of two NFTs that are of a low level and one is of a higher level.

Within the platform, the user can apply another strategy, and that is that they can exchange or sell their NFTs for a fee in the marketplace that owns the same game. 

This video game is developed through eras, these last until one or more players collect a token from each toy in the seven levels.

Each of the games is divided into cycles that last eight hours and each player will be able to perform only five actions in each cycle.

Each era begins when users “worship” in the temple, this will grant them three dolls, this action can be repeated as many times as you want.

One of the most interesting things about this action is that, having several rewards, these can be combined and sacrificed to produce a new toy of a higher level. 

There are some actions that do require a fee that are stored in the game’s treasury.

At the moment in which one or more players create and sacrifice the 127 toys, they are rewarded with another “illumination” token, this can be burned giving the user the opportunity to become a prophet who in turn obtains another divinity token, ending the time in which he was playing. 

Alchemy Arena

A new feature has been unlocked, it is Alchemy Arena a new battle game, where a player can compete in games with their Alchemy Toys cards against other players to get attractive rewards.

This new game offers an additional income stream for users.

The dynamic is based on having and holding valuable toys while introducing a deflationary dynamic for the GAT token, ensuring its liquidity in the market.

The participant must create a hand containing 5 toys chosen by himself.

The chosen toys will remain locked in that hand, this means that you will not be able to use it in the Alchemy Toys, they cannot be sold, or locked in another hand.

The force of the hand produced will be a sum of the values ​​of each of the toys, and is derived from the serial number, if it is lower, previous or stronger, the level of the toy and the type of card, if it has any special ability that strengthens the hand in certain cases. 

To enter the arena is what the opponent will get if he manages to beat the other’s hand, it will be loaded into the opponent’s hand and the winner will be paid.

The entrance fee to the arena will be the GAT / BNB liquidity tokens. 2% of the fee will be burned directly, another 3% will be paid to the treasury or the affiliate and the remaining 95% will be taken by the winner.

Upon entering the arena the player will have the opportunity to power up a hand with experience points (XP), making it stronger than a standard hand.

However, any owner of a hand can challenge another random one from the group of active hands in the arena.

The owner’s hand is called the attacker or contender and the selected hand is called the defender. In this case, the gains from this option are usually less than the conventional battle. 

If at the time of starting a battle one of the players is missing a card, they can obtain it through or, failing that, they can purchase it from MintedVodka or Bakery.


In this game you can see two types of tokens, the non-fungible (NFT) ERC-721 that are used internally and the Game Ace (GAT) that is based on the ERC-20 network and that gives performance to the cultivation of the game.

It is important to note that each NFT represents the 127 toys that must be collected and slaughtered, among them the user can get from a yellow submarine, a pirate’s patch, a welding machine, even burning coals. 

Each of these toys are grouped into seven levels and each one of them contains a serial number which gives it a value, the older the serial number the more value it has.

Game Ace Token (GAT)

Based on Binance Smart Chain, all fees are charged in BNB tokens and all rewards are paid in them.

That BNB can be used to play another game or to buy more GAT tokens, increasing the player’s stake and future payouts. Of course, players can take them out, pile up, or sell the BNB. 

There is a maximum supply of one million pre-minted GAT tokens, all GATs are pre-mined and limited to a total supply of 1,000,000 tokens, and can be used by investors to participate in Alchemy Toys’ performance cultivation.

“GATs provide a way to participate in the financial dynamics of Alchemy Toys, providing the opportunity to earn rewards without the need to play directly,” explains the Alchemy Toys website.

Also adding that “as a vehicle DeFi is highly versatile, being an easy way to support projects at an early stage by automatically securing financial payments.”


On the other hand, the person can choose to block their own GAT in one of the compatible projects that seeks to participate in “Performance Agriculture”, such as Staker.

So far, future games are in the planning phase, where they will have the same tokens to make use similar to that of Alchemy Toys. 

If a user wants to be eligible to receive the rewards, they must accumulate their GAT for at least one full game season, and this in turn rewards GAT owners according to the amount wagered, becoming shamans.

This strategy implemented by Alchemy Toys reduces the chances of users “pumping and pulling” at the same time, giving stability to the ecosystem in general. 

The various dynamics in terms of treasury implemented to obtain a higher value in GAT is distributed in, 15% of the rewards are maintained as incentives for the next season of the game to start.

In turn, players who have not been able to win, but have toys and want to continue playing will have a chance to win the current season and all spinning fees go to the treasury. 

In the case of shamans who wagered GAT, they must lock their tokens for at least a full epoch to avoid pumping and emptying. In the same way, it happens with all the fees that have been accumulated in NFT Marketplace, they go directly to the treasury.

In the event that many shamans unlock their GATs to be able to sell them, the ROI of the platform will increase, making the value of the GAT increase for the following players. Now, if it is the case that merchants throw a lot of toys on the market, the chances of winning an era increase more for them, making the demand for toys increase. 

The NFT Marketplace for Alchemy Toys and Minted Vodka is now available on BSC Mainnet. These smart contracts have already been audited by Solidity Finance’s encryption security.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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