Differentiate your Business with B2Core: A New Generation of CRM Software  

B2Core can handle tasks that include organising the work of Forex brokers and crypto exchanges

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Anyone running a brokerage type business will be aware that a trader’s room (CRM) is central to the success of their operations.

Those who are starting out and looking at Forex CRM system can become the crux of your business.

Whether you’re already up and running or are a new enterprise, CRMs are absolutely essential for successful customer interaction and much more.

A good CRM system carries out a multitude of tasks and gathers information about your customers which will prove invaluable to your business. They also are useful when it comes to transforming leads into active clients. In this article, you can find out more about the importance of having a good CRM.

There are many CRM solutions available on the market, all of which offer many different functions. For this reason, it’s a good idea to research what’s out there and select one that is best suited for your type of business and goals.

A good CRM is not a “one size fits all” solution so choosing the right one for your requirements needs to be properly examined for its suitability.

B2Core addresses these flexibility issues and has developed a CRM solution to cater for businesses with a different range of needs. The company offers a pack-based solution with a wide range of functions that deliver an innovative and unique bespoke service for all users.

Many of the industry’s leading brokerage businesses are already using B2Core as it offers a market solution with a wide range of benefits that don’t come with other CRMs. Here are some great advantages you can expect to gain from implementing it.

About B2Core

B2Core can handle tasks that include organising the work of Forex brokers and crypto exchanges, back office for employees and administrators, front-end for traders, verification and registration of customers, as well as a huge range of payment functions.

It is used by a continually expanding list of professional businesses including FX and crypto brokers, converters, spot and margin exchanges, EMIs and crypto wallets/companies that accept cryptocurrency payments.

As well as being popular with B2Broker’s existing clients, it has also become a number one choice of new clients looking for an industry-leading solution that is designed to do exactly what your business needs. If you’re a new business, you can be sure that B2Core is capable of addressing all your client trader’s room needs.

The solution is highly rated in the industry and has won several awards in recognition of its success in delivering cutting-edge, industry-leading Forex CRM software.

An Innovative Pack-Based Solution

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B2Core offers an innovative and unique bespoke service for clients. If you’re looking for a solution with extended functionality which is able to handle a higher level and more customised range of demands than the typical industry-standard traders room solution, you will find B2Core exceeds your expectations compared with other products in the market as it offers a range of advanced features that can be tailored to fit each type of organisation.

B2Core brings to the market a brand new concept in the form of a pack-based solution enabling you to choose a package that suits your requirements best and pay only for what you need.

Some brokers find that the Basic package is sufficient for their needs but for those with bigger demands, there is an extended set of features available in the Advanced and Enterprise packages. These are designed for business owners who desire more features in line with their required business goals.

With B2Core, B2Broker offers a pack-based product which is highly responsive to its clients requirements as well as being flexible enough for it to be adjusted to meet a wide range of needs.

In addition, it is also compatible with many trading platforms so is ideal for those with a Forex or Crypto Broker business that are looking for an MT4 CRM.

Unmatchable Range of Features

B2Core is a leading choice for all professional businesses. Its extensive range of all-important features include:

  • An adaptive dashboard where users can access all their activities and allows admins to add, replace and delete widgets.
  • Access to real-time financial data generated in a convenient and easy-to-use format.
  • The ability for users to analyse trading activity to check and keep track of their clients’ data.
  • Easy KYC account verification procedures with a section where all verification level changes are displayed and other details including SumSub and IDM, etc are shown.

Particularly noteworthy is the UI interface which is super convenient and highly customisable as a set of personal settings such as the ability to switch between light and dark modes is available. Furthermore, an unlimited number of workspaces, market depth widget, branding of the client’s cabinet, and a long list of other useful features will set any brokerage apart from its competitors.

B2Core also supports multiple language options and includes a mobile version with features including Login, Registration, Wallets, MT4, Deposit and Transfer with over 30 payment integrations.

A Multi-Featured Package Designed for Every Business Need

In summary, B2Core offers an impressive range of vital and customisable features, providing users with the option to choose from a list exactly what suits them. It is a must-have solution for every company and one that confidently handles the client-facing operations of every type of financial business, irrespective of complexity.

B2Core not only offers benefits in that it is highly-customisable, it is an efficient, high-performance system which surpasses all the “one size fits all” client cabinet solutions in the market. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it! B2Core implementation is easy and you can be up and running in around 7 days after signing the agreement.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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