Enecuum released its Main Net v1.0 and these are all the improvements it brings

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Enecuum, the world’s first blockchain to link millions of smartphones and other mobile devices into a single network , successfully launched Main Net v1.0 Pulse.

ENECUUMOn the this platform, every smartphone can become a miner and make Enecuum stronger and more reliable. Simple, safe and fast using your application.

And it is that it is a blockchain mobile network for decentralized applications that can bring blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the real mainstream, involves users of mobile devices in a blockchain network and provides a powerful toolkit for them to dApps developers create fast, low-cost WEB 3.0 applications for millions of people.

On August 18, 2020, the Neuro testnet has been shut down in preparation for the Main Net launch. For 16 months, the test network showed excellent results:

9,255 wallets were created, 8,032 PoA miners worked on the network from 116 countries. 143,527,760 transactions were processed. The average network transaction processing speed was 4 transactions per second with a latency of 10-15 seconds.

It was a unique experiment – after all, our users had the opportunity to exchange testnet tokens for ENQ ERC20 tokens, one-to-one, which have a market price, and the daily trading volume reached $12 million. – noted representatives of Enecuum.

Pulse v1.0 network was launched on 28 August. At the moment, native ENQ coins are traded on exchanges KuCoin and Graviex, with USDT and BTC pairs.

Main features of Main Net Enecuum

  • the hybrid Trinity protocol developed by the team combines PoW, PoS and PoA (proof of activity) nodes. This algorithm maximizes the decentralization of data management, increasing the security and speed of transactions;
  • the ability to issue your own tokens (including the possibility of mining on mobile devices and staking);
  • the token issuer has unique monetization opportunities from active token users in the form of transaction fees, the cost of which is determined by the issuer;
  • the possibility of staking both native Enecuum tokens and custom issued tokens;
  • convenient applications: blockchain explorer, functional web-wallet (management of tokens and PoS-contracts, transfer of funds, delegation, etc.), android application, calculator of the economic model of token issue;
  • multiminer mobile wallet, where you can select assets for mining and staking of tokens issued on the protocol;
  • a unique decentralized referral program for both native ENQ coin owners and token issuers.

Basic contracts built into the blockchain protocol (for example, token issue or funds delegation for smart staking) can reduce the costs of miners for the execution of such contracts and, as a result, reduce transaction fees and increase network bandwidth compared to solutions based on Turing-complete virtual machines.

Another advantage of Enecuum is that other projects will soon be able to move to the platform in order to issue their tokens with different functionality and conditions (similar to erc20) with the possibility of a two-way swap.

This model of two-way swap transactions has already been shown to be effective on the Neuro testnet. ENQ miners had the option of instant swap between Ethereum and Enecuum network. This functionality is great for developers of decentralized applications who already have ERC20 (Ethereum) and BEP2 (Binance Chain) tokens. In the near future, the swap development team will make swap available for the Tron and EOS networks.

Platform ease of use

The emission of tokens on other websites is carried out through the creation of a smart contract or the purchase of RAM. The Enecuum platform simplifies this task as much as possible by the use of convenient user interfaces of the mobile application and web wallet, as well as built-in SHARNELL smart contracts.

PoA mining on a smartphone, launching PoS validators, delegation from a mobile device, issuing your own tokens, managing wallets, calculating the profitability of the issued coin, transfers are already available in the Enecuum ecosystem!

Mineable tokens will allow implementing a huge number of ideas for developers of decentralized services – games, instant messengers, social networks – where users will be able to receive rewards in tokens for active use of the application.

Trinity technology features

Trinity Hybrid Protocol combines PoW, PoS and PoA nodes. This algorithm was developed by a team of cryptographers, tested at international conferences and in scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals.

  • PoA – proof of activity – nodes validate microblocks with transaction information. PoS leaders validate PoA nodes.
  • PoS (delegation/validation, proof of stake) nodes are rewarded for participating in the election of a PoS leader that issues macroblocks. The PoS leader must be among the 100 largest wallets by balance. It receives an encrypted part of the code from PoS nodes, using ID based cryptography methods in Trinity protocol.
  • PoW (proof of work) nodes create key blocks that form the basis of the blockchain by the performance of users’ computers and act as a distributed time server.

Transaction processing speed

Enecuum Main Net v1.0 Pulse processes 10 transactions per second, in the next version of the protocol we plan to increase the speed to 1,200 – 1,500 transactions per second.

Network fees

There are several types of transactions in the Enecuum network. The first type is standard transactions for users of the native ENQ coin with a fee of 0.1 ENQ per transaction. These are such transactions as sending ENQ, delegating coins to PoS nodes, undelegating coins. The extra fee for issuing a new token is 1,000 ENQ. The fee for issuing a PoS contract is 500 ENQ.

The second type is transactions for users of custom tokens issued on the protocol. Here, the cost of the fee is determined by the issuer of the token, and users will pay the fee with this custom token instead of the main ENQ coin.

Moreover, the commission can be either a percentage of the transfer amount, or fixed for one transaction regardless of its amount. The token issuer, in turn, will pay the Enecuum network miners a fixed amount of 0.1 ENQ for each user transaction, while all fees from the users of their token will be sent to the issuer’s address.

Return on investment

The estimated ROI for PoA mining with staking on a mobile master node will be 12-16% annually. It is worth noting that for PoA miners there is a stake limit of 25,000 ENQ.

For PoS validators, ROI is around 7 – 12% per annum.

For PoS delegates, it is 6.5 – 10% per annum, depending on the PoS validator fee.

On the mainnet, users will get a huge toolkit to release their own digital assets for use in decentralized applications. Unique architecture of fees for custom tokens, the ability to issue mining tokens with the possibility of staking on mobile devices, a convenient wallet and blockchain explorer, low transaction costs, high network bandwidth.

“In fact, the Enecuum Network opens up a new world not only for developers of decentralized games and social networks, where participants can be rewarded with tokens for active use of the application, but also for the popular DeFi market. Change of tokenomics due to additional emission, staking of existing tokens and fine-tuning economic model, correlated with annual GDP, can give a second life to hundreds of projects that are in a state of stagnation. We are counting on massive migration to our network, primarily from the Ethereum network.”, says the CEO of the project Mikhail Sayfullin.

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Twitter:  https://twitter.com/enq_enecuum

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/enecuum.EN/?ref=bookmarks

Medium:  https://medium.com/@EnqBlockchain

GitHub:  https://github.com/Enecuum

ForkLog:  https://hub.forklog.com/companies/enecuum/

Bitcoin Talk:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2939909.0;topicseen

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/enecuum-limited/

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyZqNfzK_PP82nkAVOlmN4Q

Telegram:  https://t.me/Enecuum_Espanol

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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