Fiesta Coin: the movement that comes to connect the community of the brave

FSC is a deflationary token created on the Binance Smart Chain

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Fiesta Coin is an entirely new deflationary token created to run on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) , which stands out from the crypto crowd for being more than just a new cryptocurrency.

fiestacoinAnd it is that it is a project that has the ambition to connect a community that shares the same values, passions and lives by the same creed: that the future belongs to the brave!

Hence, Fiesta Coin is not considered a token but rather a movement.

With this base, the platform was launched on the market and is projected into the future to prepare the next launch that will complete Fiesta Coin Universe, with a non-custodial wallet and an NFC card of its own.

The Fiesta Coin token

Fiesta Coin’s native token, the FSC, has a circulating supply of a quadrillion, which decreases the total provision of the cryptocurrency each time a token transfer occurs because, with each transfer, 10% of the traded amount is burned and redistributed to your community, development platform and project financing.

In this way , 5% will be automatically distributed to the holders; 3% automatically burned forever; 1% sent to the development team and 1% awarded to Fiesta Philanthropy.

This strategy allows the amount of FSC in the hodlers’ wallet to increase forever, as others trade the cryptocurrency.

So all their holders have to do is keep calm and watch their wallet grow.

Why does Fiesta Coin stand out?

In a world where news is new, Fiesta Coin breaks crypto chains with a simple but elaborate principle: rethink, reset, and redesign!

Without a doubt, blockchain technology is revolutionizing connections both online and in the real world, but what Fiesta Coin brings to the table is the missing link between the two.

The new concept recognizes the shortcomings and takes a different approach: it exchanges intricate notions, cryptic structures and business vibes , with an authentic, inclusive and electrifying user experience.

And this can be seen from the redistribution system itself. With every transaction made, 1% goes directly to Fiesta Philanthropy Wallet.

Fiesta Philanthropy is an essential part of the Fiesta Coin project that aims to bring the community closer together and make a real difference.

Grants will be awarded to projects that are manually selected from a limited list of entries by the platform community, which will act as judge and jury for all kinds of small and elaborate acts alike.

party coin

The Mission Control Center

The crypto universe has always been an inclusive space, hungry for new ideas and open-minded members, to fuel the movement and keep the momentum growing.

“A coin for the supreme kingdom”, but for that to happen a whole orchestra of brains is needed.

The Mission Control Center does just that – it syncs up all the professionals behind keyboards from around the world, to share their experience, passion, and diverse backgrounds to make sure there are no issues.

In addition, Fiesta Coin does not have an anonymous team, since each of them is perfectly verifiable through their social networks, which is shown on the platform’s website.

Led by Iulian Tocu, CEO of the project, the entire team is fully visible and among them the following stand out: Andrei Eugen Carcu, as technical consultant; Diana David, as a brand and marketing designer; Vlad Tarniceru, as UI / UX designer; Cristian Conache, as an engineer; Emanuel Muraru, as developer; and Stoia Cosmin, as team manager.

The roadmap

The Fiesta Coin roadmap stands out for the large number of developments that are to be carried out in the coming months. Starting in the fourth quarter of 2021, when they plan to develop the non-custodial wallet and NFC payment cards .

In that same period, they plan to launch on a large top 100 exchange.

By the first 2022, there will be a test wallet and the test of the NFC card paired with the wallet will begin.

In addition, the community voting system will be tested within the wallet.

And by the second quarter of that year, all of these products would be released for full use.

But long before that, right in this third quarter, they will launch on PancakeSwap with liquidity locked in.

Do you want more information? Visit their website.







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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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