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FootballCoin: A platform for football, blockchain and cryptocurrency lovers

FootballCoin: A platform for football, blockchain and cryptocurrency lovers

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FootballCoin is a soccer management strategy game, which uses collectible player cards and is based on Blockchain technology, fully utilizing the skill of the participants.

This platform allows you to choose an optimal football team, which should be guided to success. The initial lineups will consist of players represented by collectible cards based on the blockchain.

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Start to play

FootballCoin is designed to be easy to play, regardless of the experience you have with football . Only a few steps are needed to create your own account on the platform and no charge is required to set it up, nor are there any subscription fees.

The page organizes daily and weekly contests, in a variety of leagues and professional football tournaments. Each one will specify the exact parameters (for example, “Only Saturday”, “Full day”) and a date after which the game entries cannot be added, edited or canceled.

To select a contest, the interested party must join the lobby in which all FootballCoin competitions are listed for each day. There, you will not have the option to choose between free and paid. In addition, select the registration fee and the prize, or choose a contest without payment .

You can also choose between daily or weekend contests, with the possibility of participating in all the contests you want and in this way increase the chances of winning XFCCOIN.

FootballCoin contests with a registration fee, require to have the funds available in the account before sending the ticket.

The system aims to offer many options in which you can play. In this way, participants can learn to develop their own strategies and be more efficient.

You also have the option to challenge a friend or join an existing, official or private contest and prove that you really are the best football coach; you can choose between different football leagues (for example, Serie A, English Premier League, La Liga, etc.); as well as, through the filter of registration fee, payment of prizes, duration (single day, match day, etc.); You can also select the number of participants: H2H (Head-to-Head); Double-Up (half of the participants will share the prize equally; they will double their entry) and tournaments.

In this way, you can also create a private contest. But, first it is necessary to have a stadium card. Cards rated 3 * or higher must be purchased for use.

The FootballCoin platform has a free player system available, to start playing completely for free and join the competitions. Thus, based on the managerial skills and passion for the participant’s football, good results can be obtained and XFC coins can be earned without initial expenses.

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Building the fantasy team

To build a fantasy team you must choose professional players, from the different leagues listed in the game FootballCoin. The platform allows you to choose any of the players, without restrictions, as long as the team’s tactics are maintained (for example, training 1-4-4-2).

Therefore, it is necessary to use all the experience to predict results and performances, to choose the best players. The points obtained by the players will be based on their performances in their real games.

Once the contest has been chosen, the team line-up must be selected for that day, or for the matches of the week; choose the tactic (for example, 1-4-4-2; 1-4-3-3, etc.); Check player performance statistics, to better understand what your players can do.

Subsequently, the available players you want (from the free / value player cards that are included) are chosen for the team list.

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For all this, 11 players must be selected, according to the tactics chosen for each field position ; and its respective reserve bank (1 Assistant Trainer; 1GK; 1DF; 1MF; 1FW).

It is highly recommended to be original and not choose a team of “all stars”, because this is not always the best function. Therefore, it is best to rely on their real performances, the lowest rated players can earn as many or more points than the highest rated stars.

The innovative FootballCoin scoring system takes into account more than 30 elements, including player positions . This determines a wide range of positive and negative sources for the points.

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What you should know to play

Depending on the performance of the selected players, the team will accumulate or lose points. Positive events (such as scoring goals, contributing assists, keeping a clean sheet) will add score to the team.

Negative events (such as receiving yellow / red cards, scoring goals, missing penalties) will become lost points for players. In addition, the positions of the players are relevant as they have a direct impact on the way they score in the game.

It is vital to take into account the duration of the contest and try to anticipate, in the best possible way, the form of the players during that period . This is how any information you have about the players can offer an advantage by creating an efficient team to play in FootballCoin.

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XFC Coin

XFC Coin is the native cryptocurrency of FootballCoin, which was built using a technology similar to that of Bitcoin, with the same monetary properties. The currency is used for in-game transactions and for trading against other currencies.

It was issued with a limited supply of 1 billion tokens and is based on the FootballCoin Blockchain (Multichain).

Currently, the distribution of XFC is 600 million for game users and supporters; 200 million were allocated for further development of the project, partners, team members, advertising, promotions, etc .; and another 200 million went to the founders of FootballCoin.

Do you want more information? Visit to Football Coin .



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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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