GenesisONE: a platform to invest in various digital collaboration projects

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Emirates Genesis Group is a cryptocurrency platform, of the Emirates Genesis Group, that will use various companies and projects worldwide, to provide sustainable value to its members.

By barricading themselves in communities worldwide where the greatest needs exist; the project seeks to embrace marginalized and underserved peoples to cultivate, develop and uplift them and their communities to enable the exponential growth needed in global GDP, to bring equity to all.

GenesisOne’s launch of a CyberLottery, sportsbook, and virtual casino allows for maximum exposure across cultures and serves as an initial flow of dividends, adding value to the underlying GenesisOne token.

Furthermore, the launch of the exchange and the wallet will allow advanced financial trading operations to take place in cryptocurrency pairs, stocks, commodities and currencies .

Members can trade options, perform algorithmic trades, quantitative trades, and use margin levels to improve their portfolios. Provisions are being made for the next wave of projects related to banking, commerce, infrastructure and community development.

Tomorrow is today

GenesisOne is currently developing the global CyberLottery system (including the custom GenONE Lottery), the global professional sports betting system and virtual casino, as well as an Exchange and NeoGenesis portfolio, which offers new opportunities for algorithmic and quantitative trading, trading options on stocks, commodities, currencies, cryptocurrency trading pairs.

These systems are already in phase two of development and will continue with their completion towards the end of October and beginning of November.

These are the first forays into global initiatives that will allow maximum exposure and penetration facilitating future projects and investments.

Yes, there are other crypto gambling sites, just like there are many forms of crypto that specialize in one thing in particular.

However, GenesisOne is developing many sources of income such as lottery / casino games, algorithmic, quantitative, options / wallet exchange, real estate and community development, infrastructure projects, retail and investment banking, mining, cross-border trade and logistics, warehousing. and port development, oil and refinery products, leisure attractions, hotel, restaurant, airline operations.

In addition, in underserved, neglected and crime-ridden areas, they are undertaking the development of surveillance systems throughout the city, working together with the official police and their security forces, to augment the general security apparatus of the area and begin its revitalization as economic center.

Taken together, GenesisOne is like the Berkshire Hathaway Group in its infancy, allowing for just $ 1 instead of the latter’s roughly $ 240,000 entry price.

Many of the established dApps focus on specific niches, making it increasingly difficult to create a market for themselves.

GenesisOne is not a niche-targeted platform because that does nothing for the majority of the world. Many in the world lack the basic necessities in life to truly live.

Therefore, the firm is not interested in survival. In itself, what he wants is for people to truly enjoy life and be happy.

Hence, they develop numerous revenue streams strategically in phases to not only make sure it impacts the communities where it will serve to grow, develop and prosper, but also to enable the greatest potential for value for all of their members, achieving the highest dividends. high performance of individual commercial components.

Cryptocurrency gaming platform

Gambling with cryptocurrencies is a very young sector and also the most wasted. The entire ecosystem of players still has a wait for a place in the world of digital currencies, where they can play exciting games with crypto assets.

There is still the problem of the lack of convenient interfaces that users often find with unique tiles and games.

The other problem is the limited scalability of the blockchain and consequently the consequent problems in the number of transactions supported per second in a given decentralized application. But GenesisOne is starting to work on solving these problems, which will be a breakthrough in the development of the crypto gaming platform .

The firm is ready to establish a global gaming platform in a multitude of various sports games around the world via an application interface, virtual casino offers via an application to play slots, baccarat, poker, roulette, blackjack and craps.

At the same time, through the application that offers multiple viewing angles of the players, providing the game of the Poker Tournament with competitors from all over the world.

The lottery allows participation in national lotteries in the markets of India, South Africa and Russia, as well as in the mega-stores of New York, such as Powerball, and MegaBall in Florida and California, as well as the EuroMillions in Europe.

Burnable Token

The GenesisOne platform looking to provide value to its members, in contrast to speculation and manipulation, which is often found in other crypto markets.

As such, when a member chooses to invest their GenesisOne token interests in any project offered to them, that member receives interest payments based on the performance of that underlying business project. There will be two types of people who buy GenesisOne:

  1. People who will buy GenesisOne through normal channels. Namely, the Pre-ICO and ICO website and exchanges for those seeking anonymity.
  2. Members, through the website, who fill out the application by providing their information and so on . These people, in effect, fill out a KYC application that allows you to become a member and thus be able to receive member exclusives such as the burn feature for your tokens. Thus, if they are lost, or stolen, once their loss is confirmed, they will be destroyed and useless for whoever has taken / found them. New tokens will then be issued to that person by minting them in a new game. The loss must be documented and through the chain book it will be possible to assess if the person actually lost them and not only made a transaction and tried not to pay someone else, or something like that.

The GenesisOne cryptocurrency will also allow members to invest their tokens in the Cyber ​​Lottery, or on the Global Sports Betting platform; or they can invest in any of the phase one projects, which include an Airline Simulator Training Center, to be located in five regional centers, a central airline based in the Caribbean, bulk food products (rice, sugar, beans, pasta, tomato paste, evaporated milk, flour or edible oils) and much more.

This will be a centralized and decentralized system with the company managing, through buybacks and infusion of GenONE Tokens to control price volatility.

The GenesisONE token will be offered in a 1: 1 ratio to one US dollar, globally.

The cryptocurrency will be able to be used in the exchange and the NeoGenesis portfolio , which will provide algorithmic, quantitative and options trading with a margin account for its users.

The exchange will provide the flexibility to trade binary pairs, as well as commodity trading based on equity / credit, or crypto / commodity or currency (forex) / credit trading pairs.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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