Gunbot: A trading bot that helps make money 24/7

Gunbot: A trading bot that helps make money 24/7

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Gunbot is a software for cryptocurrenies trading, which uses a computer algorithm to perform cryptographic operations profitable assets.

A pioneer in the industry, being established in 2016, is one of the best cryptocurrenies trading bots. And it supports twelve of the leading exchanges of cryptocurrenies and can run automated, professional trading strategies such as Bollinger Bands, Ichimoku, ADX, etc.

Gunbot connects to exchanges through the use of Api keys, in such a way that it can extract data from cryptocurrencies, as well as information from all the indicators it needs so that its algorithm can make the optimal trading decisions, allowing it to execute operations automatically without Direct user interaction.

In this way, the bot can exchange BTC with any pair; use the ups and downs to decide whether to sell or buy; and make use of customizable technical tools such as Bollinger bands, to execute transactions.

With Gunbot, you can increase your BTC balance automatically and effortlessly. And the best part is that it is also possible to acquire it in its Spanish version, with native Spanish support, for Spanish speakers.

Traders’ best friend

The use of a bot to trade eliminates the psychological factor, allowing users to meet the main objective of any trader: generate profits.

This, because the psychological factor is one of the biggest problems that a person can have after entering the cryptocurrency business, given the volatility of the market. Becoming a vulnerability that frequently pushes users to make emotional decisions that are summarized in losing money.

However, Gunbot eliminates this risk. While its main objective is to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for the user, on the designated platform , taking into account all market factors.

The bot makes an intelligent guess or prediction, where it chooses to buy or sell a cryptocurrency at a particular price. Obtaining profits constantly, devoting himself to trade, without the trader having to do any work.

In addition , another advantage provided by Gunbot is that it can work 24/7, even while the user is sleeping, which is not possible for humans. This tool can facilitate commercial business, thanks to its almost perfect implementation and well-programmed software.

Gunbot works for anyone

One of the best features of Gunbot is that it is easy to use, for both experienced and novice operators. It even adapts very easily to the strategies of the most veteran and demanding trader.

The tool comes with very good preconfigured trading strategies, which anyone can choose and execute without problems. However, all these tactics are 100% configurable for those with high knowledge in operations of this type. In fact, it is known as the most configurable bot of all those on the market.

Thus, for example, if a trader chooses the strategy of Bollinger bands, they can modify the parameters between 0 and 50, where 50 is the most aggressive and 0 the most conservative, both for purchase and for sale.

In addition, the bot has several incredible add-ons, which can drastically improve the experience with Gunbot. For example, CryptoSlight, which allows you to track earnings; or that of the TradingView Addon, which helps to automatically execute sales and purchase alerts from merchants, without the need for configurations.

The Gunbot team is also developing other very interesting projects with an arbitration bot with cryptocurrencies.

A dedicated full time team

Gunbot never makes bad or illogical exchanges, because he has a fairly consistent routine, buying at lower rates and selling at much higher rates. The algorithms in which he works are quite effective and can analyze the markets effectively. It gives consistent gains to the user and has an impressive consistency.

But this is no accident. The tool has a group of programmers and beta testers working 24/7 and constantly bringing out new versions and improvements. Turning it into a product in continuous improvement.

Having, in addition, personalized support in several languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish, with different Telegram groups, which are among the largest in the cryptobot industry.

The bot has more than 3,000 active users, who share strategies and tips to help newbies, within the community. There, you can learn the tricks of the trade from these experienced users.

Gunbot comes with a lifetime license, no monthly payments, or hidden fees. That is, the license is purchased and free updates and new versions are available forever.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)


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