Hord: the DeFi protocol that improves the concept of ETFs

Hord allows the launch of authorized tokenized baskets

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DAO Maker is an incubator that harnesses the power of Social Mining and ubiquitous exposure to help projects acquire a community, and then uses the project token to turn the community into members of a DAO who add and evaluate value.

The platform has created a set of tools to enable rising blockchains to maximize the output of their economies.

And it is that token holders are the backbone of any tokenized startup but, due to the traditional means with which tokens are launched, token holders hinder long-term progress by prioritizing short-term profits, with the Aim to take quick gains from the coin.

Often within weeks of a TGE, most investors are already dumping the coin for the next ‘promoted’ cryptocurrency.

This creates a very difficult environment for open source developments.

DAO Maker creates growth technologies and financing frameworks for startups, while reducing risks for investors. And it is thanks to this system that Hord is being financed.

A social DeFi protocol

Hord is a decentralized finance protocol that allows the authorized launch of tokenized baskets (such as TokenSets or ETFs).

A genesis list of so-called Champions is the first to create these baskets, and a series of Champions feature many of the early entrants.

Afterwards, the government will approve the applications of these Champions.

Champions are community members with portfolio building experience and a supporter/follower base.

Anyone can become a Champion, as long as they are willing to validate an associated social profile and provide a minimum portfolio of $5,000.

However, the true value of being a Champion is driven by having the influence or a track record of success to drive consumer demand for portfolio data.

The Champions create contracts that allow them to build a portfolio that can be modified in real time.

Each Champion has a Contract Mirror associated, which allows its Hord (followers or supporters) to economically mirror the Champion’s portfolio in real time.

The value of the Mirror Contract is tokenized, similar to how ownership of a liquidity pool is tokenized in Uniswap, through shares of liquidity providers (LP).

These Hord PoolShares (ETFs) are exchangeable, negotiable and transferable.

Hord Orderbook DEX provides efficient capital trading for PoolShares.

There is no need to involve LPs to allow for low slip trading. Instead they are traded on-chain with the same order book experience that you get on Binance, but with 100% liquidity at the redemption level.

What does Hord offer?

At Hord, influencers, asset managers, and any high-performing trader can create and update a public portfolio with initial deposit, public token choices, and weight of each asset.

In this way, participants can enter a Hord smart contract that follows a Champion’s portfolio, issuing a token to reflect the live asset basket data that this Champion broadcasts.

With this, its followers can buy the tokens of said basket and those cryptocurrencies will change in value based on the price changes of the assets reflected by the underlying basket, and can be exchanged or traded.

The portfolio mirroring token is liquid and these tokens, including closed and time-locked ones, can be traded on the Hord DEX order book, even at a higher price than their underlying security.

DeFi Enhanced ETFs

At Hord, baskets of tokens led by market leading venture capital (VC’s) and key opinion leaders (KOL) are acquired and exchanged.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are a multi-billion dollar market, which is why Hord is bringing the most advanced ETFs to crypto.

ETFs dominate traditional finance. The largest asset managers in the investment industry are ETF issuers such as Blackrock and Fidelity, which collectively manage more than $ 15 billion.

DeFi makes it possible to offer the most advanced ETFs ever seen, as they can be collateralized, rebalanced at any time, and combine multiple unique assets (stocks, performance LPs, and crypto).

As Terra founder Do Kwon put it: “Traditional financial ETFs are broken. DeFi fixes it. ETFs are very relevant in crypto. Individual assets are signals, ETFs are narratives”.

Hord is the first protocol that truly captures the power of DeFi ETFs.

Hord key features

Hord has three key features that differentiate it from other platforms.

One of them is your leaderboard and discovery table. Hord’s multiple filter search makes it easy to select the best performing ETFs according to a large number of parameters.

The platform’s leaderboard shows the top performing emerging portfolios in real time.

Another main feature of Hord is its DEX order book. And is that currently automated market makers (AMM) are inefficient in terms of capital, since they require massive amounts of deposits to trade without major slippage.

Hord’s DEX order book makes it possible to trade ETF tokens without overloading the liquidity providers.

Added to all this is the platform’s government and Champions Guild, in which portfolio leaders with a track record of high performance qualify as champions. These receive attention on the platform and rising portfolio managers can be accepted into the union, through the government.

Hord’s fee structure

Duplicate wallets pay a 0% to 40% tip rate for their performance.

The Champions are also collectively distributed 25% of the trading fees generated in the DEX order book.

This tip is proportional to the LTV of the mirrored champion baskets.

For its part, the token economy is distributed as follows:

Success fee: Upon redemption, 5% of the proceeds are used to buy back and burn HORD tokens.

Exchange fee: When a portfolio ETF is exchanged for its underlying security, a fee of 0.5% is applied.

DEX order book fee: A 0.25% fee is applied to ETF transactions in the DEX order book if traders own HORD tokens. Otherwise, a 0.4% fee applies. 50% of DEX fees reduce the supply of HORD tokens. The other 50% replenishes the development fund.

Governance: HORD stakeholders will gain the right to participate in the governance of the network and the protocol.

Public sale

The public will have access to the project tokens at an initial round price, through DAO Maker.

The community round is now available and to be part of the whitelist, you just have to fill out this form, follow Hord’s Twitter account and Telegram channel and be part of their Telegram chat.

You should also like and retweet the announcement made on the social network Twitter.

In addition, this April 15 there will be an AMA on the project on your Telegram account, at 1PM UTC.

Do you want more information? Visit their official page.

Website: https://www.hord.app/

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/HordApp

TELEGRAM Chat: @hord_app

TELEGRAM channel: @hordnews

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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