Medical advances will go hand in hand with cryptocurrencies thanks to iHealth

iHealth is the first platform to merge cryptocurrencies with medical research

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IHealth is the new cryptocurrency that aims to establish a decentralized platform to carry out medical research and thus be able to attract innovation in the medical field.

This project aims to partner with several medical research companies in order to promote the search and study of new diseases, including medical challenges.

IHealth also aims to help in research to find a cure for diseases that affect a large part of the population such as cancer.

One of the things that gives this new platform a plus is that after completing all the investigations the company will be in charge of making them public in order to demonstrate the hard work of the collaborators and in turn the public can access it at any time .

Another feature of this platform is that all research will be sponsored by a decentralized cryptographic token based on iHealth’s BEP-20.


iHealth is made up of stages, each of these stages must have a roadmap that will expand day by day. This will be sent to a medical research institution, whether public or private, which will receive a part of the research purse in order to finance the project or, failing that, start a new one.

At the time the money is delivered, those responsible must sign an agreement which stipulates the accountability of the money that was received and in turn must upload the advances of medical research into the system.

The platform aims to offer a virtual research environment that will be supported by the iHealth network for the world’s leading researchers.

This will allow the scientist to benefit from the integrated knowledge base of the most advanced medical care, adding to it the extensive medical history stored in the network from all over the world.

It is important to highlight that a large part of the research results in the centers of the platform will contribute to various health-related projects that promote health improvement on a global scale.

iHealth offers

The iHealth Token platform provides a solution for each of these points, among others.

Research pools allow medical researchers to have sufficient resources to be able to advance in all types of diseases.

For their part, researchers may propose investigations that they consider to be priorities, even if they correspond to their country or continent.

The holders and the research purse will be in charge of providing the equipment or financial resources necessary to carry out the tests.

The investigations together with the results will be public , without ties to corporations or economic interests.

iHealth seeks to build the first blockchain-enabled medical research ecosystem, in order to serve and connect medical research professionals beyond traditional organizational boundaries and domains.

The mission of the platform is to enable a smarter, safer, more efficient and advanced future of medical research, in which the workflow is fused with the integrity of the data that the investigations contribute and that in turn is guaranteed.

IHealth’s global approach focuses on consolidating the disconnected and authenticating clinical research data globally.

The team can be distinguished by its full commitment due to the governance structure, strategy and roadmap that supports its core mission.

iHealth Token is a tool to solve medical problems never solved before; is the centralization and capitalization of a healthcare solution that could save the lives of many people by unifying the future of cryptocurrencies with a present problem in the area of ​​medical research.


iHealth offers enormous benefits not only to the field of medical research today, but also to society.

Interconnecting and working in a decentralized way in the field of medical research, will allow progress in the future,  helping to fight against hundreds or thousands of diseases without the intervention of lobbies or large corporations.

Being decentralized will allow everyone to access the information of the investigation, as well as the results and tests, once inside a blockchain the information cannot be altered.

Medical research professionals will be able to interconnect and create “research pools” within the decentralized platform where, through a liquidity pool, the holders will be able to finance the proposed research, provided the information is “Free”. to the public and other medical research entities.

Holders will have a performance of their tokens and will be able to see the progress of the investigation in real time. This platform allows collaborations with other public research entities at an international level.

iHealth guarantees the verifiability and immutability of health research, giving researchers the opportunity to  trust the health research carried out to make accurate and efficient decisions.

Investigators who commit research fraud can be easily tracked and identified.

The decentralized nature of the blockchain ensures that there is no single point of failure that could bring down data from research , processing, and the information access mechanism will be available 24/7.

The platform is multilingual, allowing people and researchers from different backgrounds to easily contribute and communicate in their local languages.

Initially, this platform will be compatible with the languages ​​English, Italian, French, German, Spanish and Chinese, they intend to expand the languages ​​with the passage of time.

Holders will also benefit

The iHealth token not only revolutionizes the field of medical research, but also offers great benefits to token holders.

The cryptocurrency is built on the BEP-20 blockchain networks and allows the creation of portfolios for holders and gives them the ability to access private sections on the web. It will also allow headlines to join private record servers.

They will also be able to get in touch with all team members through their email, the Discord server, and virtual conferences.

The total supply of iHealth tokens is 30,000,000 (30 million). These currencies can be obtained in an exchange like Pancakeswap.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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