InvestinTOKENS is all you need to create your blockchain investment group

InvestinTOKENS is all you need to create your blockchain investment group

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InvestinTOKENS is the entrance platform to the FineTOKEN ecosystem , where all stakeholders meet to create or join investment groups, or unions, list their blockchain projectsand approach investment groups to obtain financing.

It is a service offered by FineTOKEN OÜ, a company that has an Estonian FSA license to provide services, to exchange virtual currencies against fiat currencies (license number FVR000995) and to provide virtual currency wallet services (number of FRK000887 license). So the project has regulatory support.

InvestinTOKENS unions are investment groups that vote on investments as a community internally within their groups . Investors can participate by investing or creating a union.

blockchain union is a collective group created to make unique investments in projects based on the blockchain. They are run by industry-related organizations, technology-experienced investors and funded by a community of blockchain enthusiasts, private and institutional investors.

Innovative blockchain projects can grow communities, find transparent financing funds and present investment unions.


Why InvestinTOKENS?

Investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects has become a “big deal” in many parts of the world today. People invest their money and time in something they barely understand.

People get on the crypto train without fully understanding the concept behind blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This lack of deep understanding increases the possibility of being scammed or making bad investment decisions regarding blockchain projects.

On the other hand, when projects begin to seek to raise funds through a token sale, the process of dealing with legalities is amazing. This is combined with 24-hour scammers, established on social networks like Telegram; the promotional offers and the expensive promises of the “ICO/IEO Experts”, as well as the platforms that claim to attract investors to your project.

With so many token sales at the same time, building a community and finding transparent sources of funds is becoming increasingly difficult.

That is why InvestinTOKENS was born. A solution created to accommodate all angles of a modern and transparent blockchain union, led by the community. This is a platform where innovative blockchain-based projects can grow communities, find transparent funding funds and organize investment unions.

In addition, the platform allows any registered or identified person or organization to create and build an investment group that votes on investments as a community internally within its groups.

FineTOKEN Ecosystem

In addition to InvestinTOKENS, a fine variety of products and services coexist in the FineToken ecosystem, designed to facilitate the experience of unions that are created on the platform. There, they areStableDEXCoinMarketAlert, FineTOKENpay and STDEX.

The first is a platform that offers a 100% decentralized point-to-point trading environment.

By using StableDEX, custody and full control of the assets within the wallet is retained. InvestinTOKENS users receive a gateway to exchange in USDC, a stable cryptocurrency anchored to the US dollar and that functions as the only currency accepted in InvestinTOKENS for investments. After successful financing, the projects will be listed in Which will ensure instant liquidity for projects and investors.


StableDEX does not charge a percentage per operation, but instead charges a flat rate of 50 STDEX per operation. And it has a minimum trade amount of 0,15 ETH, or its equivalent.

STDEX is a token, based on Ethereum blockchain technology and that functions as the platform cryptocurrency for all services provided by fineTOKEN, including, decentralized exchange, and This cryptoactive can be maintained to earn loyalty rewards.

While CoinMarketAlert is a price signals and alerts page, which provides comprehensive and easy-to-use cutting-edge cryptocurrency value tools for investors and traders. The technology of this portal is extended and implemented in other fineTOKEN services.

For its part, fineTOKENpay is a payment API service. This serves as a gateway to allow projects to accept a wide range of tokens, based on blockchain of ethereum in their applications.

This service provides a perfect experience for users to pay with any of the Ethereum tokens listed.

In addition, all the projects that are raising funds in investinTOKENS are listed in fineTOKENpay.

How to create a union or investment group in InvestinTOKENS?

To create a union or investment group in InvestinTOKENS it is necessary to register on the platform. Once this process is done, the user will receive a welcome email, with their ID and must confirm the link sent to them in the email.

Then, the interested party must log in to the portal and select “Create group (syndicate)”, among the options offered by the page.

Subsequently , the money laundering and terrorist financing prevention process known as KYC (Know Your Client, according to its acronym in English) must be completed, by clicking on the “DO KYC” option.

Being a regulated company, InvestigTOKENS has among its regulations that each creates a project, investment group or that joins and invests in any group must pass this process. In addition, projects that raise funds on the platform are required to prove sources of investment based on their jurisdiction.

Once the KYC has been approved, the user must click on “Create group” again and a form will be presented.

There, you must select the type of group (with or without the right to vote), enter the name of the union, upload an image or logo of the project, present a general description of the group, mark the restricted countries, establish the amount of group investment, as well as the percentage of consensus to accept the presentation of the project and for the investment decision, the language of the group and the investment categories.

Once all this is done, you only have to pay the group creation fee. And the client redirected to the “Group Edit” page, where he will see the Payment button.

How to join an investment group or union in InvestinTOKENS?

Joining a group or investment union in InvestinTOKENS, in principle, is very similar to creating one. The interested party must register and approve the KYC process.

Then you must select “Browse group” to get a group that suits what you are looking for. Once you find one that catches your attention, you must click on “Details” to see the conditions of each union.

Once there, you must press the “Join” button and pay the amount of group investment. After a successful payment, the user will begin to be a member of the group and will be able to vote on project launches, financing and participate in discussions.

There is no limit to the number of groups that a verified KYC member can join, so customers are free to join as many groups as they want.

Referral program

Thanks to the InvestinTOKENS reference program, users can earn STDEX by sharing a customizable reference link. Users may not convert immediately, so the platform provides a 30-day tracking cookie to ensure credit is obtained.

To comply with the program and receive the reward, referrals must register and complete KYC and are only credited if the user does not already have an account.

The reference link is valid for 30 days once it is clicked and the cookie is used to store the browser of the referral for 30 days, so you must use the same browser when you register to be credited.

The reference commissions are distributed in STDEX and distributed on the last day of each month.

Do you want more information? Visit InvestinTOKENS.



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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)


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