Kingrooster: assemble your team and participate in cockfights in a fun NFT game

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King Rooster is the first Play to Earn NFT game focused on cockfighting based on the Blockchain, in which players can raise, care for, feed, train and breed their roosters and generate income for it.

The game was designed to give its players a gradual growth, generate a competitive internal market that allows the interaction of all its players with total independence and without charge for each transaction generated (Only in withdrawal transactions).

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Among the options proposed by King Rooster, the possession of the “Ring” stands out, whose income is passive and is determined by the number of events and bets that are made in it. These rings are NFT assets that players can acquire to diversify their investments within the world of King Rooster.

How do you play King Rooster?

The gameplay of King Rooster focuses on the evolutionary development of your NFTs, following a growth path and fighting in PvP in a Ring that will have an owner who will receive a percentage of the income each time events take place on his Rings.

The Rooster (active NFT) will hatch from an egg, which will be available on the market from the website. These will have a statistical base associated with the rarity and will give a unique value to this NFT, used in the “Ring” where they fight a duel with other PVC and PVP Roosters.

Kingrooster: Assemble your team and participate in cockfights in a fun NFT 1 game
In PvP mode, users will be able to acquire the Rings where the fights and bets will take place, so they will have income every time events occur on their properties.
The chicken (active NFT) will also hatch from an egg, which will be available in the same way on the MarketPlace. The chickens and their base statistics are not used for PVE or PVP, their function in the game will be to breed with a rooster and in this way get a new egg that will unite some statistics of both for this breed.

When the egg hatches, the player has a 50% chance that a rooster will hatch and a 50% chance that a hen will hatch. Regarding the growth of Roosters and Chickens; The egg hatches within 24 hours of hatching to reveal a chick, then the chick goes into a feeding and training period, while growing for a period of 3 days.

After this time, players can begin to walk the “path of success” by becoming a Rooster and participating in the available Rings. In the case of chickens, they can start to reproduce, they have a certain amount of pre-established matings that will be based on their rarity.

At any time you can interact with your colleagues and exchange articles and NFTs.

The statistics of your Rooster and Chicken will make each challenge unique and the reward received will make it grow actively every day.


At King Rooster you can award or acquire scholarships for a specific time granted by the owners of Roosters and Chickens.
For the Scholarship to one person, the following requirements will be met:

  • You cannot give eggs.
  • You must select a rooster or a rooster + chicken for the scholarship.
  • You must select the percentage of the profit division.
  • You must select the period of the scholarship.

In addition, the people who have completed the most Scholarships for new users or people will enter a ranking list and will be rewarded monthly with prizes delivered in tokens and free passes to the tournaments that take place within the game for the 100 best academics in the world. world.

This not only encourages playability among users, but also to value opportunities and reward them.


King Rooster Coin ($ KRC) is a BEP20 compliant token that can be traded on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. It is the native token of King Rooster and it is a completely public currency that you can trade with. In the future this token will be compatible with other networks and blockchain chains and is part of the roadmap, Multi-Chain.

$ KRC can be used in cases like:

  • Stakeout
  • Buy / sell chickens and roosters
  • Tournaments
  • Strike
  • Buy / sell rings
  • Create

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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