Kishu Baby: This token reached an unthinkable record and had every reason to do so

KISHUBABY is a BSC-based cryptocurrency with an intelligent staking system

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Kishu Baby is a decentralized meme cryptocurrency project created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with a true purpose: to take its hodlers to the moon.

The cryptocurrency, created on June 27, has an incredible team of highly-trained developers, world-class marketing staff, and an ever-growing community.

With its release, Kishu Baby reached a great milestone. In its first three hours of creation on the BSC network, it reached a market capitalization of five million dollars with more than 4,000 hodlers.

And it is that it is a token driven by the community, where everyone participates in decisions about the future of cryptocurrency, such as choosing an effective anti-whale system, voting to burn tokens every week, making airdrops and even donating to some projects charity.

All this with the support of a dedicated and active work team 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Made up of four developers (software engineers) eager to learn and develop entertaining things for the community.

Community is key

Being the first community of a baby token, its followers are of great importance.

That is why it has a very collaborative community, in which anyone can contribute in some part of the team, being put to the test to be part of the token team.

Community members are awarded as Moderators, recognizing them for their hard work and their task is to direct and collect the ideas and recommendations of the community, through both communities (English and Spanish).

In this way, they have built a great team with different abilities and capacities where they complement each other and produce synergy to make the Kishu Baby grow.

What does Kishu Baby offer?

Kishu Baby has his contract currently verified on the BSC network, with a liquidity lock that provides the necessary security for all investor funds.

There are unlimited ways to invest money and earn interest. But one of the safest and easiest ways is to deposit the money in a CD (certificate of deposit) savings account, where you cannot use or remove it for a specified period of time while earning a higher interest rate.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, this is known as “staking.” With Kishu Baby’s smart staking system there is a group of tokens controlled by the contract and only by the contract.

These tokens come from the tax of each transaction. These cryptocurrencies are then distributed among active investors and the percentage is shared based on the number of tokens you own.

That is why, just by having KISHUBABY tokens, you continue to earn with each transaction that is made.

In this way, holders are rewarded with 5% of each transaction, whereby more KISHUBABY tokens are automatically added to each wallet.

That is, it is enough to have an amount of this cryptocurrency stored in the wallet to see the investment rise.

You also face penalties if you sell early, which discourages “trade exchanges” or other price manipulations.

Additionally, Kishu Baby has full transparency with each and every expense and marketing effort.

This is due to the fact that a monthly report will be delivered to provide all the necessary information.

And the transparency of this project is so great that AMAS are constantly being carried out, to inform about the progress of the token and to involve the community in the decisions of the cryptocurrency.

The Kishu Baby Tokenomy

Kishu Baby has a total supply of 150,000,000,000,000 tokens, with liquidity that is managed transparently.

In addition, the token has a built-in anti-whale mechanism, with which the transaction (Sale / Buy) that trades more than 0.1% of the total supply is rejected.

Thus, whales that make transfers between two portfolios, which exceed 0.1% of the total supply, will be charged 1 BNB of commission.

Of the total supply, 5% of each reward will go to Kishu Baby hodlers.

The other 5% of each transaction is added to liquidity.

All this, together with the anti-whale system that will protect the price of the cryptocurrency and that also has the support of a great community and a great team. With big plans for the token.

30% of the total supply went to pre-sale on dxSale, 55% is reserved for PancakeSwap and other exchanges; 5% was reserved for marketing efforts, addressing real world challenges, etc; and the remaining 10% was burned.

And it is that the Kishu Baby development team renounced 10% of the tokens that were going to stay, with the aim of promoting the growth of the community.

Even 15% of the total supply has already been burned live during two AMA’s.

The listing on the XT exchange

Kishu Baby will be listed on the XT.COM exchange. The KISHUBABY / USDT trading pair will be open in the Innovation zone.

Token trading will be enabled at 01:00 (UTC) on July 13 and withdrawals will be enabled at 09:00 (UTC) on July 14.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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