Get to know Lemon Network, the protocol that helps you make your social networks profitable

It is a platform that seeks to provide users with the possibility of creating their own arts

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Lemon Network is an ecosystem where digital content can be made profitable, with the support of blockchain technology, the Lemon protocol and its LMN token.

It is a platform that seeks to provide users with the possibility of creating their own arts, from their images in NFT, and let people assess and quantify said result.

To ensure that these interactions are conducted fairly, each user receives a limited number of “Likes”, equivalent to a Lemon Token (LMN), which will be recharged after a certain period of time.

This limitation will define how users spend their “likes”.

However, this is not an inflationary ecosystem, as the LMN has a total supply of 7.5 M.

What defines Lemon Network

On the platform, user data is protected, so Lemon Network will not use or sell the data of its users. The data is the personal property of each client.

In addition, they make use of personalized smart contracts, allowing the user to choose what type of contract they want.

This gives users flexibility to define their image rights and how they want to be rewarded for that Art that they are uploading to the blockchain.

Added to this is the focus on user value. And it is that Lemonnet is designed for users, so they can easily upload, sign and earn with their content.

That way, the content is not published for free to let companies benefit from it. The user is always in control.

And all this is conjugated within the Lemon protocol, which allows to obtain rewards for the publications, according to the opinion of its followers.

The protocol is fair and rewards content creators for their images. Allows you to set up auctions and grant full royalty benefits from any of your art transactions.

What is LMN for?

With Lemon you can upload content and sign the NFTs (your content), with the most profitable Smart Contracts.

That way, the “Likes” become an ERC-20 (LMN), you get royalties from them, and so on.

Another aspect of the Lemon Network is that it rewards content publishers with tokens and transforms the way users create and share content on the network, providing a platform where content has value.

It also allows its users to give their opinion, show it to their friends, family; to whoever they want and, in addition, they earn money with it.

Making lemonade

This new decentralized ecosystem connects the digital content that people create, publish and share with the DeFi world.

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To do this, Lemon Network is developing two new and innovative projects that will be part of this ecosystem:  the DeFi Lemonade platform and the multiplatform Lemonnet application.

On the one hand, Lemonade allows users to trade crypto assets (commonly known as  tokens ) through an automated marketplace (AMM) in which its users will have access to exclusive decentralized financial products that provide profitability to  early investors  and liquidity providers , among others.

While Lemonnet is the application that aims to transform the concept of social network, turning user content into art.

Through this app, people can easily transform their publications into an NFT, thus obtaining the rights to that content and being able to sell it, exchange it and be remunerated.

Lemonnet also allows you to quantify the opinion that other users have about the content, converting the  likes  of each publication into  tokens , using the Lemon protocol; placing the user at the center and allowing them to make their content profitable.

Infrastructure “made at home”

Regarding the technological base, the Lemon Network infrastructure has been developed from  its own algorithm, the Lemon Protocol, which allows the system to execute a whole set of validations, such as converting “ likes”  into  tokens .

In addition, the entire ecosystem has been built on the Energy Web Chain (EWC), one of the public blockchains that uses energy from zero carbon emissions.

This is one of the values ​​that are part of the corporate culture of Lemon Network, in its commitment to promoting the use of clean and renewable energy.

Likewise, and under the commitment to establish quid pro quo relationships   that generate commitment, profitability and loyalty with users , the entire decentralized ecosystem is governed and managed by smart contracts.

These contracts are capable of being executed by themselves without intermediaries or mediators, guaranteeing the user that the purchase of each  LMN token  is carried out in a decentralized, immutable and transparent way.

Lemon Academy

In order to  bring the blockchain universe closer   to all users, Lemon Academy has been launched ,  a free academy designed so that anyone can understand and understand the key concepts of the blockchain  world  and that allows them to understand the ecosystem developed by Lemon Network .

The Lemon Network ICO

With the intention that investors can begin to obtain profitability within this ecosystem, Lemon Network  will launch an Initial Cryptocurrency Offering (ICO).

This will happen on November 15  through its website, opening the pre-sale of 7,500,000  LMN tokens  that will be offered in three phases and delivered at the end of the ICO process.

Eneko Nicolás, CEO & Founder of Lemon Network, assures that this project aims to democratize the use of NFTs and cryptocurrencies, so that users are owners of their own content and also can obtain a fair and objective remuneration for sharing it.

“Everything that you publish today on social networks automatically becomes the property and therefore a source of income for large companies. You’re basically uploading your content for free. “

The Lemon Network seeks to eradicate this situation, returning control to people and providing them with a platform that encourages them to share content without having to renounce their authorship and rights over its content, added Nicolás.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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