LuckyCatz: An NFT, play-to-earn, augmented reality game to attract good fortune

There are 7,777 cards available and they are all different

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A new game is about to hit the market for augmented reality games and, in addition, in this you can get a free NFT. It’s LuckyCatz, a revolutionary collection that combines NFT, play-to-earn and augmented reality (AR).

LuckyCatz are NFTs built on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, based on Japanese culture and its most famous cat, the Maneki-Neko, known for bringing good fortune and luck to its owners.

All LuckyCatz NFTs are attractive and powerfully conspicuous; however, some are rarer than others.

A LuckyCatz is made up of a body, accessories, color, type of background, type of coin, and necklaces.

By looking at the properties, you determine which LuckyCatz catches your eye or matches you the most, and you discover that they possess some particular or rare traits.

Of course, all LuckyCatz are unique and that is the beauty and importance of these NFTs.

A japanese legend

The game is based on a beautiful Japanese legend. In fact, the figures are usually made of ceramic or plastic and represent a Bobtail cat, with its paw raised in greeting. It is also known as the welcoming cat, lucky cat, money cat, happy cat, and beckoning cat, and the Maneki-Neko figure is believed to bring good fortune to business.

The raised arm of the cat can be the left or the right, depending on what its owner wants.

If its left arm is raised, the Maneki-Neko invites more clients, while the raised right paw invites wealth and money.

Due to its popularity in Chinatowns, the Maneki-Neko is often mistaken for a Chinese.

However, the figure is believed to have first appeared during the latter part of the Edo period in the former empire of Japan, in the period between 1603 and 1868.

Although there are many stories surrounding the true origin of the Lucky Cat, one of the most popular is the legend of the Gotokuji Temple.

This story is about the local priest who cared for the Gotokuji temple in Tokyo and who, despite his poverty, shared his food with his cat.

One day, a man, said to be a samurai, took refuge under one of the nearby trees of the temple. The man saw the cat beckoning him to enter the temple. When he approached the cat, lightning struck the tree he was under, causing it to crash into the ground where it would have taken refuge, if the cat had not beckoned it to move.

Grateful to the cat, the samurai, who turned out to be a very wealthy man, rewarded the temple with funds.

Years later, when the cat died, a special burial was made in honor of what we now know as the lucky cat.

The types or models

Observe the LuckyCatz of your choice, according to the meaning of the skin type to obtain wealth and good fortune to your metaverse: Wood (power); Jade (happiness); Gold (success); Rosa (love); Red (energy); White (purity); and Black (protection).

But not only the coat is important, but also the position of the cat’s arm. And it is important to take into account all the details, since they have a specific meaning:

  • Right leg: invest money and have good fortune.
  • Both legs: home or business protection.
  • Right leg: invite clients, friends or family.

Maneki-Neko cats are not just cute felines that you want to pet, they also give you the luck and opportunity you deserve and can build your wealth by bringing them all together.

On the other hand, having LuckyCatz grants you access to a completely new level of NFT card that will be available to the public from Sunday, October 17.

On that day, you can be part of the most emblematic NFT project of the year 2021, maximizing your possibilities by minting seven NFTs that day.

Among the advantages is that you can get your Luckycatz card and find out if you will be lucky enough to hold a Royal Lucky card and thus get a free mine from a BabyLuck. To maximize the chances of obtaining BabyLuck, seven NFTs must be minted on October 17th.

The LuckyCatz game will formally reward players for their efforts and time spent in a match.

The reward can be a cryptocurrency, an NFT card, or the increase in value of an NFT card already acquired or purchased by the player.

What’s unique about crypto games is that being NFT, all the items you own in the game are actually yours. You can keep them to play for more power or collect them in the real world.

The LuckyCatz project is made up of NFT works of art, a Play-to-Earn game, a unique community with rewards and also with the possibility of owning and using a currency on the blockchain to help financial transactions related to the environment that it makes up. said game.

As in real life, cats need a quiet environment and must be surrounded by many distractions to maintain their activity. Well, that’s the way it is with LuckyCatz.

The fact of owning an NFT LuckyCatz is that one becomes part of an entire ecosystem and forms a great picture that brings fortune to the metaverse that you build in the game.

All aspects and developments of the project work perfectly together and the mechanisms behind are pure technological beauty. The LuckyCatz ecosystem is made to be a whole.

Being part of the project belongs to an elegant and intelligent system that promotes art, contributes to the preservation of Asian tradition, but also delves into modern technology and the limitless possibilities of NFTs.

You can also play an augmented reality (AR) game to catch LuckyCatz and also increase your luck to own more NFT cards.

How many NFTs will there be?

LuckyCatz will have a total of 7,777 NFTs available, in ERC-721 format, and they are all different as they have different levels of rarity. Some are royal family cards and give you more power in the LuckyCatz ecosystem.

Each LuckyCatz starts out as a BabyLuck, who needs to be fed to stay alive and grow. Then they will become adult LuckyCatz, they will even be weirder than the others.

LUCK tokens will be farmed automatically if you own a royal family card.

The more royal family cards you have, the more you can mint the LUCK token and grow your BabyLuck. By increasing your portfolio, you will get access to the special edition of Daruma NFT and you will also have the greatest opportunity to own the exclusive RyoCoin NFT.

The LUCK token

The LuckyCatz mining price will be 0.07 ETH and a maximum of seven NFTs can be mined per wallet.

The combination of LuckyCatz cards and the family bundle will reward you with LUCK, daily for the next seven years.

Said token can be used to feed your BabyLuck and keep it growing. In a future development, LUCK will be used in the metaverse store to purchase characters, goods, and could be exchanged for a gift.

About 5,555 BabyLuck will be airdropped, as a free mining pass from LuckyCatz.

By minting a LuckyCatz, the owner will own a unique work of art, but also the opportunity to obtain a royal family card.

This automatically unlocks the owners’ wallet the $ LUCK tokens farmed for free.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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