MintDice is much more than a Bitcoin casino and this is the proof

MintDice is much more than a Bitcoin casino and this is the proof

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MintDice is an online casino, which offers players the possibility to play and invest with different cryptocurrencies, within a platform developed by betting algorithms based on blockchain technology, which provide a new level of security and trust.

mintdice, MintDice is much more than a Bitcoin casino and this is the proof, Criptomonedas e ICOsIt is a leading portal in the area, which remains attached to its mission of maintaining a game service that is fun and social, involving everyone in your community.

And it is that despite being relatively new on the scene, MintDice already has a reputation as one of the main Bitcoin casinos in the world to play dice, slots, Plinko and other games of this style. This, thanks to its ability to access a new level of trust between players and virtual casinos.

“For our gaming products, we use Provable Fair technology whenever possible, so that we can demonstrate in a practical way to all users that our games are really fair,” says Bryce Daifuku, CEO and founder of MintDice.

This feature has become more important for the platform, as it advances in the development and incorporation of new games, many of which will be launched this year. Even some of its products also use Blockchain technology to help increase the trust factor for the community in different ways, both with financial and gaming applications.

In fact, the community issue is so important to MintDice that it offers new investment opportunities, masternode/staking income, this being a unique feature of the site, where users can invest at a very economical rate in shared masternode groups and receive payments from casino winnings (depending on investment capacity).

And this is joined by its referral system with which customers can earn up to 10% of all cryptocurrency casino revenue, generated by their referrals.

The platform was aimed at continuously adding new and improved features, instead of remaining static and this potentially includes the introduction of new games and markets.

mintdice, MintDice is much more than a Bitcoin casino and this is the proof, Criptomonedas e ICOsHow does MasterNode investment work?

MintDice’s innovative investment structure creates two revenue streams for investors, allowing their currencies to remain invested in the casino platform while simultaneously receiving Masternode coins.

The exchange of master nodes works by taking the percentage of the bankroll from the casino house that the customer owns for a particular currency and dividing the incoming earnings accordingly, less commission.

In that sense, if the user owns 10% of the total funds of a Masternode currency. MintDice masternode earn a payment of $ 100 will be provided to the client $ 10 (less commission) sent directly to your casino account criptomonedas MintDice.

This also allows users to invest at low cost in Masternodes that they could not otherwise afford.

For example, writing a Dash Masternode costs approximately an amazing one million dollars. A user can deposit only US $ 10 in Dash and still receive payments from Masternode in MintDice.

mintdice, MintDice is much more than a Bitcoin casino and this is the proof, Criptomonedas e ICOsBe the bank

MintDice is not only a reliable platform, with a very low house advantage, in which players can check their bets to confirm their random result and safety, independently demonstrating that the house is not taking advantage of them, where also the speed and functionality of the portal is prioritized.

The brand also offers investments to obtain even more opportunities to earn and earn profits, without risks, such as Masternode/Staking investment and its “Be The Bank” offer.

In the latter, users receive a portion of the profits of a group that takes 15% of each bet placed on the site, depending on how much the users own. MintDice is confident that all user funds are not at risk and that their goal is to always provide full transparency to their clients, as members of a secure, social and accessible community.

Thus, for example, if the site budget is 90 BTC and the client invests 10 BTC, the total funds will be raised to 100 BTC. Now, if a player bets 1 BTC and loses. The total budget of MintDice will be 101 BTC, which will lead to the client obtaining 10.1 BTC, when withdrawing their investment from Bitcoin, leaving the site budget at 90.9 BTC.

mintdice, MintDice is much more than a Bitcoin casino and this is the proof, Criptomonedas e ICOsCommissions in MintDice

MintDice currently charges a 50% commission on the online casino house advantage for all incoming bets. Thus, if an incoming Bitcoin dice bet is 1 BTC and the house advantage is 1%, the expected value benefit of the bet is 0.01 BTC.

From this, the platform will absorb 0.005 BTC of the cryptocurrency-funded cryptocurrency investment bankroll for the bet that was made. The result of the 1BTC bet, win or lose, is transferred to the investment bank of the online casino.

This house commission rate is subject to change, but transparency in business is maintained as a high priority. In fact, the firm sends an email to all registered account holders and provides public information in the media that gives users a notice at least two weeks before the change.

The house bankroll only applies to Bitcoin dice, online slots, Bitcoin Plinko and Bit.Rocket Bitcoin Crash Game. Any other platform games, whether present or in development, will not be attached to the casino budget.

mintdice, MintDice is much more than a Bitcoin casino and this is the proof, Criptomonedas e ICOsCan you play for free in MintDice?

The short answer is yes. MintDice has one of the faucets payment Bitcoin higher among casinos free crypto.

It is a cryptocurrency reward system, which gives users the opportunity to earn real digital currencies as a reward for completing a captcha. These assets can be used anywhere in MintDice.

Unlike other websites, if enough money is earned through this system, customers can withdraw the money without making a prior deposit.

You can also get game money, also known as Federal Reserve Dollars (FRD) through the faucet, and simply play games without real money online for a stress-free gaming experience.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)


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