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Learn how to play raffles and win NFTs with Open Head NFT

The first fully transparent raffle project on the Ethereum network

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Putting to interact or try to unite the attractiveness of the raffle system with cryptocurrencies or NFTs seems to be something interesting and probably attractive. Well, this idea is already a reality.

Open Head NFT  is the first fully transparent raffle project on the Ethereum network, and has decided to combine the excitement of the game with the market for non-fungible tokens, a market that generated more than $ 23 billion in trading volume during 2021 .

The platform is attracting the attention of financial media outside the crypto world, such as Forbes magazine , specialized in the world of business and finance, published in the United States, which dedicated an article to them on its website.

To the joy of all, and of Open Head NFT, 2022 seems to be a year where the trend and the appearance of new games and ways of playing them will increase the excitement regarding this type of cryptoactive, which in this case is the incorporation of draws with NFT.

This is one of the projects that is growing a community in a creative way. It offers collectors who mint or purchase their NFTs the opportunity to win ETH prizes through regular raffles on the chain.

What is the project about

The Open Head NFT project focuses on players or members playing and having a chance to win life-changing ETH prizes; an idea from the industry figure known as Quim Roca, who has the collective support of leading designers, developers, artists, and strategists.

In a few days, on January 12, it will be the official launch of 2022, which is also driven by the community, defends transparency within the NFT space and is dedicated to demonstrating its focus on trust through its fully on-chain architecture, audited smart contracts and project ethics.

Ethereum raffles

Open Head’s Ethereum giveaways are funded from the project’s own profits, with an initial giveaway promising a prize of 100 ETH. Each of the 10,000 available NFTs features unique and immersive works of art by acclaimed digital artists.

Once the winner of the initial raffle is announced, Open Head will proceed to offer monthly raffles with Ethereum prizes that will also be life changing. Each Open Head NFT will cost 0.07 ETH (+ gas fees), as part of the team’s effort to promote a more affordable entry point than many current NFT projects.

Award amounts are directly correlated to community support, putting power in the hands of the people in line with Open Head’s inclusive perspective on the ideals of the NFT industry.

The platform’s integration with Rarity.tools and Rarity Sniper is underway, as is the expansion of Open Head merchandise, and a number of other cross-sector collaborations are currently in development.

Chain construction

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The team managing Open Head took all necessary steps to demonstrate that transparency is at the core of their project operations.

The entire raffle system is built on-chain, which means that each transaction is validated and visible through a public ledger where they are verifiable by any user who wishes.

The contracts

 The Open Head raffles operate within fully independent smart contracts, to which the project developers do not have access.

Smart contracts are audited by a third party, impartial and detached from any relationship with the company, who will publish all the audit results publicly.

As a result, Open Head is able to guarantee 100% transparent raffles that provide each participant with a proven fair chance to win.

Obviously this leads to the issue of transparency, and this is where the Open Head NFT team puts its word and name on the table.

The trust value of the company’s proposition is truly important and is focused on upholding transparency within the NFT space and forging the way into a new era of NFT projects that value trust in a similar way.

Lastly, Quim Roca, founder of Open Head NFT, stated that the world of NFTs has already proven to be an incredibly exciting space. “Now, we must ensure that this young sector does not stray from the ideals from which it emerged.”

“With our project, we provide a 100% verifiable fair system that welcomes believers in our cause to win life-changing awards. If you like the values ​​on which the NFTs were founded, I encourage you to take a look at what we are doing at Open Head. The initial response has been fantastic; and we are only beginning… “

The project already has more than 12,000 followers on twitter, 21,000 on discord, and Forbes has dedicated an article to it.

For the latest news on the project, including the announcement of an exclusive pre-sale for early followers, join the Open Head Discord.

Find out more about Open Head NFT on their website, on their Twitter account and on Discord.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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