Outer Ring – An open-world MMO title with a player-driven economy

The title mixes old school with concepts like blockchain and the NFT market

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Outer Ring is a video game developed by Windex Technologies OÜ and Nexxyo Labs, creators of Bamboo DeFi, under their Maniac Panda Games division.

It is an open world massively multiplayer online game (MMORPG), framed within science fiction and fantasy , which is currently in development.

The title mixes the old school, from other games like Ultima Online or Meridian 59, along with more innovative and diverse concepts, including blockchain technology and the NFT market, with games like Planeside, SMITE or AXIE Infinity for a perfect balance.

All this combined with the concept of the metaverse.

And it is that its developers believe that some MMOs are designed to attract all players for as long as possible, but that the future of these games is precisely to bring games to specific niches.

In fact, they would also like to appeal to all casual gamers and those interested in the real economy and tokenomy that power games.

Hence, Outer Ring is a skill-based third-person action MMORPG (without levels), full of a high social load.

Players of this title will find content to enjoy in different ways, be it interacting with the community, building clans, enjoying a concert, visiting an NFT museum, competing in arenas and, of course, participating in the tokenized circular economy led by players who find what they are looking for when enjoying the Outer Ring.

Player-driven MMO

Outer Ring is referred to as a “player-driven MMO”, because the community is a very important part of the development.

This is thanks to the fact that users can collaborate in public forums in different languages ​​and affect the development of the game.

In addition, in the game itself, systems such as the economy, city creation, and laws will be directly linked to how players interact with the different worlds and systems that make up the title, thus creating a living ecosystem.

“We believe in the principle that everything in the game should be influenced by the actions of the player, nothing should be static and immutable,” the developers of Outer Ring point out on their website.

The game economy

Outer Ring operates with its own economic system and its own laws, which are influenced by the players themselves.

Users will have Exocredits (EXO), the official currency of the game, a token that interacts between the game and the world of cryptocurrencies; and Galactic Quadrants (GQ), the government token and the second official currency of the game; giving the ability to interact with the main cryptocurrencies.

The way to acquire both tokens is diverse, from exchanging items, manufacturing (or creating) items and then selling them, or completing objectives and missions in the game.

And this is thanks to the fact that the Outer Ring has several methods of economic interaction.

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One of them is direct purchases in the game, within a marketplace where you can acquire GQ, EXO or NFT directly from the title (in the form of booster packages), buying them with other cryptocurrencies, through a digital wallet.

Added to this are the in-game stores, run by non-player characters, who trade with users; diverse DEX in different zones or planets, with pools of liquidity of the different collectible items in the game, with the possibility of purchase, contribution of liquidity and subsequent arbitrage by the players.

In addition, there are player-created shops, where users can exchange items that they have created themselves, with direct interaction with other players.

However, the game model is freemium , that is, the player can access and play from the first moment without paying anything and can obtain benefits by obtaining achievements.

The user who contributes to the economy of the title is rewarded for this, both by exchanging items and buying them directly, encouraging access and use of the economy from the beginning.

Monetization takes place in several ways:

  • Fees, which apply to all transactions made in the game.
  • Marketplace, where players can transform their cryptocurrencies by linking digital wallets directly to GQ, EXO, or NFT that are used for character upgrades (in-game or out-of-game purchases).
  • Player-to-player sales, thanks to the possibility of opening their own virtual stores managed by the players themselves and selling the products they generate.
  • Auction House, where players will be able to exchange goods in an open auction.
  • In-game advertising spaces, which allow you to rent in-game advertising space as “product placement” to companies that want to interact with the persistent virtual world that is the Outer Ring.
  • Merchandising available for purchase through the website, with a variety of products to please fans.

Luxury partners

Outer Ring has more than two million dollars in investment and 2.5 years of development , which has also made it close partnerships with various heavyweights of the crypto space, such as DEX Tools, AV Star Capital, RemiBit, Blockchain Territory, Block World Tour, Akrai Studio, Game Distributors, Leit Motiv, For 2 Play, Joband Play, Play the Game Agency, Bamboo DeFi, Mit Association, Yellow Blocks, Str3DIUM, EthicHub, CriptomonedaseICO, Sierra Blockchain and Ferrer Bonsoms.

And it is precisely because of all that effort that has been placed on the platform, that the title has already presented its first art gallery.

With this, the world of museums with its collections, temporary exhibitions, guest artists, exclusive events, its paid tickets and rewards for sales will already become part of the metaverse of the title.

Players now have one more chance to enjoy the Outer Ring universe.

After the battle arenas, intergalactic adventures, treasure hunts, now artists also have their place within this title.

A place where they can sell their works, make new contacts and collaborations and where they can organize private exhibitions or personalized events.

Do you want more information? Visit to the Outer Ring

Sitio web: https://outerringmmo.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Outer-Ring-MMO-111124460754710
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OuterRingMMO
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/outeringmmo/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/OuterRingMMO
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/OuterRingMMO/
Telegram: https://t.me/outerringofficialeng

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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