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PathFund is designed to undermine scams in the cryptocurrency industry

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Everything in life has a path, a route. This route must be traveled in the best possible way. Perhaps this is where the philosophy of PathFund, a token launching platform, comes from.

But what distinguishes it from the other platforms on the market? Well, just that, it does not opt ​​for any product, or as they say on their website, “we do not launch or blindly launch any token, but we will be very selective.”

That means being extremely careful and selective with the types of projects, since it is not launching them and leaving them on the path to see how they defend themselves. No! They are also in charge of guiding and sponsoring them with the sole purpose of achieving success.

Also, there is a low barrier to entry to participate in their ICOs right now.

Cryptocurrency-based solutions

PathFund is a project focused on offering cryptocurrency-based solutions in the decentralized world of the blockchain.

His initiative is to build and make available to investors a safe and friendly ecosystem with an intuitive interface.

This will facilitate the interaction between an individual and the world of cryptocurrencies.

Because PathFund is designed to undermine scams and mistakes in the cryptocurrency industry and restore a sense of security among users and investors.

In addition, they will offer services in the areas of mentoring, incubation and sponsorship to help develop potential projects that will have a positive impact in the world of cryptocurrencies.

But, the most important thing is that they have an integration in the real world, thus giving cryptocurrencies a more positive connotation than they have or deserve.

Rethinking technology to adopt the blockchain

For PathFund, whether you are an investor, a startup or a consolidated company, you must and can put technology to good use and, in this way, adopt the blockchain with the tutoring or guidance of the platform.

Technology affects almost every aspect of our lives today, from transportation to socializing, privacy to access to information, health tracking, finances and much more.

In the next three to five years, the impact of blockchain in the real world will be significantly greater as the adoption of decentralized products continues to grow.

Business and blockchain

Simple, fast and effective: Three words that PathFund uses throughout the journey that investors have to go through in blockchain.

For them it is important to make the difference between a bad experience and a pleasant one and also generate recommendations to other potential customers.

From the search for projects, the investigation, the verification of the teams involved, the audit of the smart contracts and the products to the offer of the happy PATH. All of that work is done by PathFund so that the client, you, doesn’t have to.

PathFund Products and a Successful Launch

Most of the startups made their token sales directly on their website in 2017 and earlier, distributing tokens to investors who bought these tokens at a specified price.

The process is known as an initial coin offering (ICO), and investors held the token until it was listed on an exchange.

However, in the wake of the cryptocurrency market crash and the 99% scam rate of ICOs, investors became wary of these projects.

Access to projects listed on PathLaunch will be granted based on stake levels. Each staking level will require a minimum amount of PATH to stake, and each increasing level will offer new benefits.

The presale will have two stages. The first is allocation based on a tier system, which requires a whitelist to gain access to pre-sale.

Once on the white list, access will be granted based on the tokens in stakes and the assigned level. Tokens can be purchased at presale prices.

Unsold tokens at this stage will be available for sale at stage 2.

The second stage is the allocation for all PathFund holders (if there are unsold tokens from Stage 1)

There will be the unsold tokens of stage 1, where those who have a certain number of PATH tokens will be able to participate at a pre-sale price in order of arrival.


PathFund’s vision is to mitigate ICO scams by creating the world’s first self-sustaining and pre-audited token launch pad.

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PathLaunch will also sponsor projects promoted under our mentorship, ensuring investor safety as well as providing consistent growth for our advertised projects.

This is the company’s flagship product, and it will act as a decentralized consulting platform for ICO participants, investors and experts.

And it is that not only does it take into account the safety of the buyers, but they also finance the projects for marketing campaigns and other efforts from the financing purse.

Solution: basic word in PathFund

The main problems that most potential holding projects face during launch are:

  1. Insufficient financing.
  2. Distrust or ignorance on the part of investors.
  3. Marketing scope limited.
  4. Lack of guidance and therefore cannot decide how to proceed.
  5. There is no access to expert consultation or advisory services.
  6. There are no affiliations with marketing agencies or influencers in the crypto space.

With PathLaunch all these problems are eliminated by providing your listed projects not only with adequate financing for marketing campaigns, which guarantees a safe audience, but also with all the necessary information and the database to guarantee a route or trajectory without any type inconvenient.

We promote the trust factor of the project, after going through the rigorous verification and auditing processes. In addition, by using smart contracts, funds will be locked and safely stored on our platform, ensuring reliability and security.

The launch pad system (PathLaunch) is completely legal.

Access to projects listed on PathLaunch will be granted based on stake levels. Each stake level will require a minimum amount of PATH to be wagered, and each increasing level will offer new benefits.

Upon completion of both stages, the tokens will be distributed and the liquidity pool will be automatically locked.

APR of 60%

PathFund will launch both the 60% APR and its Launchpad utility in December 2021. Then, it will launch a Fiat entry ramp on the website, bridge to other blockchains, exchange listing.

Additionally, there will be secure pre-audit and KYC launch pad that will also guide and sponsor projects launched to incubate success.

Investors earn a 60% APR to earn passive income from the tokens they place in stakes to gain exclusive access to pre-sales and receive 3% reflections on stakeholder tokens.

Integrated into the website, investors can earn 1 entry for every $ 100 purchase with a chance to win $ 500.

The future will be much better

Pathfund already has more than 14,000 headlines and has reached all the milestones and goals that they set out in their roadmap since its launch in May 2021.

This instills confidence that they can continue to deliver on their promises made for 2022, which include more development and marketing.

For development, they are set up to create a fiat path to buy their tokens on their website, a bridge to other blockchains, and to appear on additional exchanges.

For marketing, they are starting a big push in 2022 that will include articles and press releases on top news posts, mentions of big influencers on social media, banner ads on encryption websites, and the use of country marketing agencies. Asians.

The new marketing will take exposure to new heights and help them reach a higher level of investors and markets.

PathFund differs from other launch pads in that they will be very selective about the projects they launch and will sponsor and mentor those projects to ensure their success rather than launching them blindly.

As a complete platform, PathFund offers investors a way to earn passive income through betting and active income through investing in pre-sales. Head over to their website or telegram and find out why PathFund is more than a token, it is a lifestyle.

More information? Visit to Pathfund





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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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