Smegmars: They take you to Mars while battling testicular cancer

SMEG has an autostaking system with which only HODL is needed

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Smegmars is a community anti-whale and anti-Rug Pull token, created to earn money while donating to testicular cancer research and future charities.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, there are literally thousands, making it difficult to choose the right one.

However, the project has provided exactly what investors need to feel safe investing their money in SMEGMARS.

There are unlimited ways to invest money and earn interest. But one of the safest and easiest ways is to deposit the money in a CD (certificate of deposit) savings account, where you cannot use or remove it for a specified period of time while earning a higher interest rate.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, this is known as “staking.” In automatic staking there is a group of tokens controlled by the contract and only by the contract.

These tokens come from the 7% tax on each transaction. These cryptocurrencies are then distributed among active investors and the percentage is shared based on the number of tokens you own.

Therefore, just by having SMEGMARS tokens, you continue to earn with every transaction that takes place.

You also face penalties if you sell early, which discourages “trade exchanges” or other price manipulations.

Token burning

Burning tokens is the process by which a token is sent to an inactive address that is not owned or accessed by anyone.

1% of each transaction will be burned , which means there are fewer tokens in circulation, making the cryptocurrencies held by hodlers more valuable with each transaction.

However, this is not everything. There is another important aspect in the SMEGMARS platform and it is that of maximum transactions.

This is one of the most important characteristics of the tokenomy, which ensures an “anti-whale” environment.

It means that no buy / sell transaction can be greater than or equal to 0.5% of all initially minted tokens.

This prevents certain people with larger amounts from selling all of their tokens at once. This feature is extremely important because wallets that contain large percentages of tokens can cause a panic sell-off, when large amounts are suddenly sold.

This means more price stability and more incentives to hold longer.

SMEGMARS has a perfect audit score from the world’s leading smart contract auditing company,

The platform had a fair launch, with a market capitalization of $ 3,000, looking to achieve 12 Million, 15 Million and 20 Million over time. And it is already listed on CoinGecko and waiting to be listed on CoinMarketCap.

The SMEG tokenomy

The SMEG tokenomy demonstrates all of the above, due to the way the token is distributed.

7% of each transaction is redistributed to investors through autostaking . Thus, a percentage of each transaction is earned based on the number of tokens you own. You just have to hodl to win.

Additionally, anyone is prevented from buying or selling more than 0.5% of all coins in a single transaction.

Which means a more stable price with less risk of a large price movement caused by an individual.

Also, 1% is burned on all transactions to ensure that the value of your SMEGMARS increases slowly and steadily over time.

It’s not just another altcoin

As a group of investors and industry professionals, the creators of SMEGMARS knew that there was potential in the altcoin market.

However, they noticed that not many really knew how to turn potential into something successful, so with SMEGMARS they decided to do something about it.

They had to help ordinary investors and give them the opportunity to be part of something bigger, a community with a common goal.

We live in an unprecedented age with so many cryptocurrency investments taking off. It is currently estimated that the entire cryptocurrency market is valued at two billion dollars.

It now competes with the actual amount of gold that is held for private investment purposes.

When people say that cryptocurrency is like digital gold, they are not lying.

So at SMEGMARS, they set out on a mission to secure their rightful share of the market during this digital gold rush.

While they are neither the first nor the last crypto currency that has aimed to accomplish such a task, they are different in that they have a stronger community, filled with enthusiastic members who work diligently, day and night, to ensure that each and every one of the SMEG-MARTIAN reach Mars.

They do not point to the moon, they are here to colonize Mars.

The SMEGMARS community

The fair launch of SMEGMARS ensures that community investors share the responsibility and success of this coin.

Being a SMEG-MARTIAN is more than just being an investor. The relationship between the community and the development of SMEGMARS is what drives the project, and as they have seen with so many successful tokens, this is paramount for success. The team knows that without a community, they are nothing.

At SMEGMARS, they have the strongest community. Every investor on the platform continues to drive the project, and continues to be motivated and inspired, every day of this project.

One of the most active Twitter communities within the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as seen on

Why fight against testicule cancer?

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men ages 18 to 39. At SMEGMARS they take it personally.

Everyone has a male figure in their life that is dear to their heart. Losing that person means losing part of ourselves.

The overall survival rate for testicular cancer is 95%. When caught early, the survival rate increases to 99%.

This means that you cannot just fund cures, but must be addressed at the root by spreading awareness early on and encouraging men of all ages to get checked early on a regular basis.

It is time for you as a community to tackle cancer once and for all and there is no better incentive to do so than to give people the opportunity to do something for themselves financially, while giving back. It is the perfect winning combination.

The goal of the platform is to prevent testicular cancer from shortening lives .

And the goal is simple, to end testicular cancer. That’s why the hashtag #SaveOurBalls on Twitter.

The platform will actively seek to partner with leaders in cancer research and they aim to partner to initiate the research and outreach campaign.

In fact, they have already donated more than $ 10,000 to charities fighting testicular cancer .

They have also started an intensive ad campaign in New York City, which can be seen on their Instagram account.

On the SMEGMARS team, they believe that everyone deserves a fair chance to earn life-changing money.

Everyone wants to “go to the moon”, but why stop there? Mars is uncharted territory, yet to be explored by humans. So be among the first to stake and claim, during the digital gold rush.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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