Ulti Arena: an NFT marketplace and community to empower artists and gamers

The platform seeks to solve problems that artists, developers and gamers live with

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Ulti Arena (ULTI) is a community and NFT marketplace for game artists, developers, freelancers, and professionals, created with the goal of empowering artists and creating opportunities for success.

The platform is the place for artists to connect with each other and showcase their work with friends and future projects, for game enthusiasts to enjoy the latest creations from their favorite creators and developers.

Based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ulti Arena will support BEP-721 and BEP-1155 tokens. These are also the most common types of BSC NFT.

The platform seeks to solve problems that artists, developers and gamers live with.

With this in mind, the firm’s goal is to compile a platform to help artists and game developers showcase their portfolio of assets , Ul’s, and music; set up your own website complete with merchandising, NFT’s, prints, artwork, 2D / 3D assets with beautiful default themes; get the recognition of game development companies, projects, sell their products in the NFT market; and communicate freely with each other in the discussion forums.

They also want artists to learn at Ulti Arena through webinars, courses, certifications; earn, ULTI Tokens through Community Mining (participation in discussion forums and other social events), as well as proof-of-game consensus (proof-of-gaming, the more you play, the more you can earn ULTI Tokens); Create, play and enjoy ULTI Metaverse – a blockchain-based game engine that allows creators to create their own games and enjoy the benefits of sharing with the Ulti Arena community of artists, developers, and players.

Why is Ulti Arena focused on NFT?

The biggest impact Ulti Arena will have is allowing users to own unique and rare assets in the game, making it possible for users who own extremely rare NFTs to earn considerable income by selling their assets as well.

And it is that, whether considered a revolution or not, NFTs will change the way players interact within games.

Through blockchain technology, players can now be the true owners of the title assets.

Until now, if you buy something from the play store, they technically still belonged to the studio that created the title or the developer who made that game.

With NFTs, now a player can actually own a piece of that game, directly from the game artist.

Hence, non-fungible tokens have a lot to offer the gaming world.

According to Duke Vu, CEO of Ultiarena.com, NFTs will change the world of gaming as we know it.

Imagine that all the games of the future will be made on the Blockchain – you can transfer any element of the existing game from one to another. Assets can be traceable and also unique – artists and developers will have new ways to monetize their creations and see how they are used, ”he said.

Among the benefits of NFTs are their non-fungibility, given that a cryptographically created token that represents something truly unique or non-fungible; their rarity as in-game assets, as they will be created by in-game artists in limited quantities or in single quantities.

This last characteristic will cause the prices of some assets to skyrocket. For example, in 2018, a CryptoKitty called Dragon was sold for 600 ETH, which was the equivalent of $ 170,000 at the time.

Added to this is its indivisibility. NFTs cannot be divided, just like a ticket to a soccer game, you cannot take 1/10 of that ticket. It has to be used, bought or sold as a whole.

This itself leads to their ownership, because, through the blockchain, players can be the true owners of the game assets.

Furthermore, their interoperability is another important feature of NFTs. And it is that in that way the resources of the game, the sounds, the music, the user interfaces can be used in various games and can also be traced back to the original creator.

Finally, its immutability. NFTs live on the blockchain itself. They cannot be changed or altered. So even if the game is turned off, those assets will live forever on the chain.

The proof-of-gaming algorithm in Ulti Arena

With proof-of-gaming players can earn tokens while playing.

An ULTI game client will be developed that serves two purposes. The first analyze the behaviors and actions of the players to recommend and summarize the reports.

The second purpose is that the more the player plays, the more likely they are to win ULTI tokens.

The key advantages of using proof-of-gaming is that it is more energy efficient than proof-of-work (Bitcoin).

It is certainly also fairer than Proof-of-Stake (Ethereum), where it favors the nodes that have the largest share of ETH on the network.

The main idea of ​​the Proof-of-Gaming algorithm is that the players who spend time and GPU computing power should be the ones who can create and validate the new blockchain blocks.

To implement this, there are certain conditions that must be met:

The game should be difficult enough for bots to emulate and challenge human players, such as DOTA2 (while Open.AI is becoming more and more masterful at handling human players, it is not open source and the team behind it are world-class computer and data scientists).

The choice of games based on team play is obvious: in a complicated environment like 5v5 game, the number of combinations of strategies based on the different types of characters chosen, the weaponry and the play style are almost infinite,

The game data itself should be available to developers, a great example is Valve’s STEAM API,

The mining algorithm should take minimal CPU/ GPU/RAM resources to increase FPS while playing online games.

The ULTI token

At the center of the entire platform will be the ULTI tokens.

An important feature of cryptocurrency is that it can generate passive income.

All platform fees for the sale of NFT, UI or music game assets along with 2D / 3D collaboration tools, job search engine, will be shared with all token holders.

30% of all that proceeds will go directly to HODLER’s wallets.


The ULTI token is in the second stage of its pre-sale, in which the cryptocurrency is trading at $ 0.0003, with a 5% bonus.

The pre-sale has been carried out since June 12 and will end on September 12.

ULTI has a supply of tokens for the pre-sale is 45,000,000,000, of the 250,000,000,000 total units that the asset has.

With this, the platform seeks to raise a maximum of 20,000,000 USDT to continue with the development of Ulti Arena.

Private sale and pre-sale represent 18% of the total supply, which will be blocked for the period of 2 months after the public sale date.

The remaining supply will be launched as a public sale.

For each sale there will be a 10% transaction fee, 30% of which will be rewarded to all holders, 5% will go to the developer team, 35% to platform development and 30% to artist onboarding / marketing.

Do you want more information?  Visit to Ulti Arena

Website: https://ultiarena.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ulti-Arena-105635658362050

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UltiArena

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/ultiarena

Telegram: https://t.me/ultiarena

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw77VVcp4VEIwKUiv93qZcA

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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