With this free tool you can copy any merchant on various exchanges: BitCopy

BitCopy allows you to automatically copy successful traders

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BitCopy is a cryptocurrency trading copy service, associated with Bybit, Deribit, FTX, OKEx, which can be used for free.

Thus, by following the traders they like the most, users can start trading automatically, doing absolutely nothing.

This is thanks to the fact that the tool operates automatically in your account on the exchange. It is so easy to use that it is not necessary to know cryptocurrencies.

What does BitCopy offer for followers?

Multiple products can be tracked on BitCopy, creating a stable performance and following multiple products.

And it is that when you use the trading of automatic products, you need to manage risk and hedge your portfolio. Any good trader or bot cannot win 100%.

If you use only one product, you can generate losses, you cannot manage more. So you need to manage your risk and hedge your portfolio. So you have to follow various products and that is possible with BitCopy.

A distinctive feature of this platform is that it can be used for free.

In this way, it is only necessary to deposit in any exchange that is associated with BitCopy, to start copying anyone and even several of the multiple successful traders that allow the use of their strategy through the tool.

It is also possible to view the statistics of each of them, thanks to the fact that their trading history is clearly visible on the copy platform.

Also, BitCopy is very easy to use. It is hardly necessary to register, connect with any of the allowed exchanges and choose a trader to start using the platform.

Benefit for traders

Professional traders who trade BitCopy can earn a transaction fee based on the volume generated by their followers, as well as a lifetime commission.

This can be achieved because you can connect your exchange account to BitCopy, using the API key of the exchange where you regularly trade.

After that, when you trade on the account, the trade will be automatically shared with users through the platform.

If you want to trade a bot, you can also use the API to share your operations.

Another way to earn money with the tool is through your referral program, with which you can attract followers more easily.

All this can be done safely, thanks to the fact that BitCopy’s official partners are exchanges. So you can trade with confidence.

How much do traders earn?

When followers copy their trades, BitCopy will pay a commission to the traders. These fees are based on the volume generated by your followers.

The commissions are: 1,404 USD per month, per 50 followers; $ 7,020 per month, per 100 followers; $ 14,040 per month, for 200 followers.

You can be a BitCopy trader, after registration you need to connect your exchange account to the tool using an exchange API key. After that, when you trade, your trades will be shared with your followers.

It is possible to confirm the number of clients and the earnings. The earnings will be reflected on your rewards page on the 15th of the next month.

Referral program

BitCopy offers a rewards program for its users, with attractive benefits including:

Commission for life, with which you can obtain bonuses based on the volume generated by customers.

In addition to obtaining refunds as a commission for life, until users stop operating.

Also, joining the program is easy and free, with many products to choose from, including famous merchants. Having the particularity of being a new service with few competitors.

You can start referring right now, simply by signing up and getting a link.

There are many merchants and bots on BitCopy. Thanks to that you can recommend it to any merchants you want. Users can follow multiple products at the same time, so you can submit as many as you like.

The commissions

BitCopy supports multiple virtual currency exchanges. The format of transaction fees and interest rates on the exchange side differs for each exchange.

The tool is provided free of charge and there is no additional fee on the exchange side.

Platform security

BitCopy is a secure platform. In fact, traders can be sure that the tool cannot make withdrawals, because the API key only has authority within the range of “Active order and positions”.

Users can verify that this is the case by confirming that the authorization authority in the API key configuration is only “Active orders and positions”.

Also, BitCopy is recognized by Bybit as an official third party, so you can use it with confidence.

Do you want more information? Visit BitCopy.

Website:  https://bit-copy.com/

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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