Xcademy Network: the platform that monetizes youtubers and incentivizes their viewers

With Xcad content creators will be able to create their own tokens and NFT

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Xcad Network is a platform that further monetizes content creators by allowing these creators to tokenize themselves and their content.

The network, based on the Zilliqa blockchain, has its own NFT Marketplace, designed specifically for content creators and their audiences, fiat gateways, and easier options for storing NFT.

The market is the home of the NFT moments. These are NFT moments with certain segments of a content creator’s videos, which are captured and published as NFT.

Moments captured as NFT have different levels:

  • Rare: Some of the most iconic moments in a creator’s career.
  • Gold: for those ultra special moments within the creator content.
  • Silver: Creator moments that are enjoyed, but may be less popular.
  • Bronze: For the simple, everyday moments of a creator’s video.

Users will have the opportunity to own these special moments by purchasing content creator packs that contain them.

Xcademy sees a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and the real world, due to the massive reach of current influencers.

The platform is not only compatible with existing creators. It also contains an online education platform consisting of an aspiring creator toolkit, created by Influencers with over 50 million combined followers, which will be fully powered by the XCAD token.

The project also enables advanced features that allow influencers to reward loyal viewers by allowing them to earn tokens, while interacting with content without any changes to their existing workflow.

Fan tokens

Viewers can speculate on the future growth of creators by exchanging creator tokens that they believe have potential, via Xcad DEX.

These tokens can be tracked through Xcad’s InfluencerMarketCap.com, which will display live data for all creator tokens.

Basically they function as tokens fan of Chiliz (CHZ) or crypto to influential people.

The more a creator grows, the more creator tokens will be burned, making them scarcer, so the fan tokens will be more valuable due to supply and demand.

The performance will allow creators to unlock acquired tokens as they reach milestones governed by the Xcad community token holders.

Award-winning audience

Thanks to the Xcademy network, the audience will earn tokens through the YouTube platform.

These cryptocurrencies can be traded, acquiring other tokens from high-potential creators.

With Xcademy Network, the audience can make staking in liquidity groups of the content creator to earn multiple rewards to seeing content

Creator Tokens can be used for connection-based services such as merchandise purchases, social tracking, recognition videos, exclusive content, and much more.

Creator token holders can vote on a creator’s future content, video ideas, and other key decisions related to their channel.

What products does Xcademy Network offer?

Xcademy offers a series of products that can be used by both content creators and their audience. These include:

Vault: allows XCAD holders to srake their XCAD tokens and liquidity provider (LP) shares to be rewarded for providing liquidity.

DEX: This will allow users to exchange content creator tokens for XCAD tokens and then USD. Content Creator Tokens can only be exchanged for XCAD.

Mobile App and Browser Plugin: This is a Google Chrome extension that content viewers will install to create a free Xcad account. Once set up, they will start earning content creator tokens for consuming tokenized content. Inside the browser plugin, users also exchange content creator tokens for stablecoins, buy more content creator tokens or even XCAD tokens. Staking liquidity pools will also be integrated into this plugin.

Content Creator Liquidity Pool: Viewers can stake content creator tokens with XCAD tokens in liquidity pools, to earn multipliers in rewards earned by consuming the content of their favorite influencers. This provides liquidity for those who want to trade creator tokens.

InfluencerMarketCap.com: Similar to the famous CoinMarketCap, it will be a website filled with data on the performance of content creators tokens and other related data such as market caps, trading volumes, and token metrics.

E-Learning Platform: An online educational portal with multiple educational resources from some of the UK’s biggest YouTubers, on how to start your YouTube journey, as well as a set of tools and services that can only be purchased using the XCAD token .

NFT: These non-fungible tokens are designed and created by influencers and can be purchased by their followers.

NFT Exchange: A custom NFT exchange, designed with the retail user in mind, rather than just the native user of the cryptocurrency. Fans can purchase Creator’s NFTs, unique and exclusive, while also hosting the Creator’s NFT Moments concept. Viewers will be able to purchase NFT ‘bundles’ consisting of a variety of creator moments from videos, with the most iconic moments being scarcer and super fan collector’s items. Moments consist of Rare, Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels.

Xcad Governance Portal: A site where XCAD token holders can vote on milestones that content creators unlock.

Xcad Toll: A white label solution from DAO Maker, allowing early supporters to unlock tokens purchased earlier, but with a penalty. If you choose to unlock a percentage of your tokens earlier, a penalty will be paid. The penalty tokens are then burned and removed from circulation.

The XCAD token will have its SHO

XCAD Network will have a public sale round at DAO Maker on May 3. The startup will raise $ 750,000 during the first round.

The token that will launch will be the XCAD. An altcoin based on the Ethereum and Zilliqa blockchains, with a supply of 200,000,000.

Each participant will have the possibility to buy a maximum of $ 750 in XCAD tokens ($ 0.055 per token), during the Strong Holders Offering (SHO) in DAO Maker, where they will seek to raise a maximum of $ 3,690,000.

Do you want more information? Visit Xcademy Network.

Website: https://xcademytoken.com/

SHO in DAO Maker: https://daomaker.com/company/xcad-network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xcademyofficial

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/xcademy

Medium: https://medium.com/xcademy

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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