Nahmii: the interoperable protocol, capable of eradicating blockchain problems

Nahmii: the interoperable protocol, capable of eradicating blockchain problems

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Nahmii is a protocol of scale and interoperability based on Ethereum and created by Hubii , a Norwegian company that began its life as a successful content aggregator, working with some of the world’s largest telecommunications companies to distribute local news.

This is the first commercially viable blockchain protocol, capable of addressing some of the biggest challenges in the blockchain space.

From financial services to games, supply chain management and IoT, any commercial product built in blockchain can benefit from nahmii. For the first time, companies can realize the potential of scalable blockchain technology: lower costs, faster transactions and greatly improved security.

This will only be possible through the combination of predictable rates, low latency, instantaneous purpose and nahmii horizontal scale ; which will also soon act as a bridge of interoperability between blockchains.

NII is the native token of the Nahmii ecosystem, which is necessary to maintain the integrity and function of the network. Holders are rewarded and have the potential to increase their profits by participating in the network vote.

How is it different?

While other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum cannot handle more than 15 transactions per second, making them unsuitable for most commercial applications.

Nahmii moves most transactions out of the chain, away from the slower base layer . The main blockchain is still used to secure the protocol. This gives users the best of both worlds: network-level security and decentralization combined with the performance of a traditional database.

With this project, block chains can now scale to meet the needs of commercial use cases. The protocol offers a virtually unlimited horizontal scale; Each wallet connected to Nahmii can perform a minimum of 15 transactions per second with no limit on the number of connections.

In addition, the Nahmii protocol is compatible with any smart blockchain with contract enabled . It is currently in Ethereum, but Nahmii will be transported to Bitcoin using RSK in early 2020. Once it is established as a bridge between Ethereum and Bitcoin , the team will transport it to other platforms.

The goal is to have a perfect layer / interface to work with any blockchain.

Interoperability between blockchains is just one of the unique features of nahmii. Created with developers in mind, the protocol includes several tools (CLI, SDK, API) to make the construction in this project as smooth as possible.

, Nahmii: the interoperable protocol, capable of eradicating blockchain problems, Criptomonedas e ICOs

The association with NBX

Hubii has a partnership with NBX (Norwegian Block Exchange), owned by Norwegian Airlines. Therefore, Norwegian crypto exchange, which will create a payment solution for the airline industry to allow 45 million Norwegian Airlines travelers to buy their plane tickets and manage their ATMs (loyalty points) with NBXPay, will benefit Nahmii because his payment tool will be built on this blockchain project and will use fiduciary / stablecoins backed tokens to make those payments.

Norwegian Airlines’ motivation to work with nahmii is to reduce the US $ 150M-US $ 200M they pay in fees to VISA and Mastercard .

The Nahmii protocol will be governed by the Nahmii Foundation and NBX is already part of that organization. This foundation is formed by a group of leading companies, which will control 20% of the NII tokens and will have a series of responsibilities that include monitoring and protocol security; set transaction fees; guide future development; promote nahmii; demonstrate possible use cases; build products in nahmii; until the protocol is generally governed.

The Hubii and Microsoft Alliance

Hubii partnered with Microsoft and will hold an event in Oslo on September 12 to present their partnership.

Thanks to this alliance, the technology giant will dedicate business development resources to resell Nahmii to its corporate clients (from Azure) and build blockchain-based products in addition to Nahmii.

On September 12, at the Microsoft headquarters in Oslo (Norway), the event “Microsoft and Hubii – Blockchain in practice” will take place . There, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the distributed accounting technology (DLT) platforms developed by both companies.

The token and the IEO

Transaction fees within nahmii play a key role in the security of the protocol, and almost all fees go to the holders of the nahmii NII token based on the proportion of token supply that is available.

Only NII tokens are accepted for participating in the innovative Oracle data availability patent pending from Nahmii, which monitors protocol security. Token holders have the opportunity to receive significant rewards for participating in Oracle, which means voting to reach a consensus to maintain the integrity of the network.

Nahmii will generate revenue from the transaction fees (if you make a payment in nahmii with ETH, the fee will be charged in ETH – if you make a payment with USDT, the fee will be charged in USDT) and those fees will be earned by the holders of the NII token ; In simple terms, if you own 1% of the NII tokens, you will earn 1% of the fees for the protocol .

The token will be launched through an initial crypto exchange (IEO) sale on the Liquid exchange platform on September 18. And, in addition, it will be listed in the cryptocurrency exchange house after the event.

In the sale of tokens, a price of US $ 0.01 has been established. This price is based on conservative assumptions about projects that are already being carried out, while taking into account the 10-year token issuance schedule.

There are a number of reasons why the value of NII should be relatively stable compared to other tokens, including that transaction fees in nahmii are generated in a basket of all currencies within the system; the transaction volume is somewhat independent of whether the cryptocurrency market is in a bearish or bullish cycle; and that the valuation is evident by the radical transparency around the volume of transactions and, therefore, the rates generated within nahmii. It is not possible to simulate the amount of fees generated, since the claim of the transaction fees earned is a totally useless process.

The Nahmii protocol benefits from a radical transparency around the rates generated. This allows token holders to see exactly how much transaction volume is moving through the protocol and the amount of fees they have earned.

With this transparency comes a clear valuation metric, which in turn informs the liquidity of the token.

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This post is also available in: Русский (Russian)


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