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Agora: The Blockchain Solution For Free, Reliable And Accessible Elections For All

Agora: The Blockchain Solution For Free, Reliable And Accessible Elections For All

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Agora is a Swiss protocol company, which builds a decentralized digital voting ecosystem based on blockchain technology , which guarantees security, end-to-end verifiability and support for new devices, thanks to anonymous storing of votes in a book immutable accounting, which offers instant access to election results.

The firm allows communities, private and public organizations to eradicate fraud and corruption, reduce costs and involve voters in a modern, convenient and accessible way, by creating a digital record of elections immutable and publicly visible. All this, through a block chain designed from scratch, with a series of decentralized applications that make it easier for anyone, anywhere, to vote .

To this end, Agora designed a consensus mechanism for elections without financial incentives, a decentralized voting and application infrastructure, monitoring the supply chain and helping its clients (governments, institutions, communities) to organize electoral processes and movement of its staff.

In addition, it is constantly developing and improving its blockchain solution, building a monitoring application of the electoral supply chain and will provide decentralized application hosting in addition to its custom consensus mechanism, fair and without tokens.

And it is necessary all the software that can be created so that the elections are more efficient, less expensive and without tension. Hence, Agora also allows governments, competitors and communities to create as many Dapps as they want on their infrastructure and use their blockchain, to help everyone achieve the goal of better elections across the planet.


Transparency and security

The efficient and timely processing of millions of votes can be a challenging task, with obstacles that arise both in paper voting and electronic voting processes.

However, Agora offers a comprehensive technological offer to any state that seeks to implement a safe and fair election .

Operating through a multi-layered blockchain architecture, the company has the ability to improve and protect against each of the weaknesses present in today’s electoral machines, so it could be the tool that democracies use to transport their elections to the digital age.

In addition, Agora technology solves one of the greatest dangers facing democracy today: security. With an immutable blockchain that distributes voting data across many nodes, the company provides a publicly auditable data trail that cryptographically proves that an election remains unrestricted.

Agora offers a comprehensive technological offer to any state that seeks to implement a safe and fair election

In addition, the Agora Cotena layer periodically copies snapshots of the lower layers of the network in the Bitcoin blockchain to provide immutable security to all voting data . The alteration of the data is as possible as the piracy of the Bitcoin network, which currently does not seem likely to occur.

Another of the most revolutionary aspects of this solution is the ability of its network to be audited by third parties and the voters themselves. With this, politically motivated counts can disappear, because anyone can audit an election and monitor the results.

Support for a unique approach

Recently, Agora announced its strategic partnership with Fenbushi Digital and its affiliated fund of Fenbushi Capital, a company ranked among the top five blockchain venture capital firms in the world by CB Insights and Pitchbook, and has constantly committed to investing in the best protocols and solutions based on the blockchain that can democratize global opportunities.

With the aim of creating world-class companies that take advantage of blockchain technology to change the world, Fenbushi Digital will not only provide capital but also connections and resources to accelerate the growth of the voting company .

“As professional investors in the industry for many years, we are excited to support Agora’s unique and innovative approach to blockchain voting. Its three-layer infrastructure and participatory audit mechanism, built on its mechanism of fair consensus and free of personalized tokens, ensure a completely new level of security and transparency, ”said Fenbushi Digital member Remington Ong.

He added that the group is convinced that its ecosystem will allow each organization, both in the private and public sectors, to easily integrate a decentralized and distributed solution in its existing processes.

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As CriptomonedaseICO has reported , Fenbushi Capital is well known for a strict and demanding selection process, where only the best projects finally get chosen to integrate their portfolio.

“We have been impressed by the globally distributed commercial development network and the strong technical team that leads this project. This combination of international affairs and technological experience will undoubtedly position Agora as one of the leaders in the voting industry, ”he said.

“We appreciate how Agora is thinking more broadly about blockchain voting, inviting other projects to build on its consensus mechanism and collaborating with leaders in identity verification or dynamic facial recognition to create a performant and multifaceted voting ecosystem,” he concluded.

Agora in Binance DEX

Agora sent a voting proposal transaction for the validation of the crypto exchange house with the highest volume of operations, Binance, on July 22.

After evaluating all aspects of the project for exactly one week, the validators voted unanimously for the inclusion of Agora in Dex.

Now, the company will be listed no later than August 23, 2019 .

But, for this to happen, Agora needs to issue a listing transaction, once the TX listing is executed, the firm’s cryptocurrency (VOTE) will automatically start trading in a pair with BNB on the Binance decentralized platform.

VOTE is the native token of the Agora ecosystem, with a BEP2 standard, which encourages selected citizens and organizations to contribute to a safe and transparent electoral process by acting as authenticators of elections around the world.

The current round is a public-private round organized in a lottery format, which gives everyone the opportunity to participate until the last moment, which has a 10% discount and without blocking.

The objective of the initial cryptoactive offer (ICO) is US $ 500,000, for which 11,111,111 tokens will be allocated, ie 1.1% of the total supply. Each VOTE will have a value of US $ 0.045 .

Those who want to participate can do so through token.agora.vote , or by pressing the contribution button at www.agora.vote .

Do you want more information? Visit to Agora

Website : https://www.agora.vote/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AgoraBlockchain/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AgoraBlockchain

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/agorablockchain/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/agora/

Medium: https://medium.com/agorablockchain

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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