5 Bitcoin Easter Eggs that you need to know

Here are the big 5 Bitcoin Easter Eggs:

1. The hidden message (s) in the Genesis block

We start, how could it be otherwise, with the Bitcoin Genesis block. It must be known that Satoshi Nakamoto must have been a bank-critical contemporary. The Bitcoin inventor already expressed this attitude in the Genesis block of Bitcoin. If you ask one of the relevant block explorers after block 1, you will see a hidden message in addition to all the raw transaction data:

Raw Hex Data of the Bitcoin Genesis Block. This is what BTC looks like under the hood.

So far, so well known. However, it is only recently known that the same message appears twice in the data jumble.

Because if you convert the hexadecimal string into an alphanumeric, ie readable, string, the result is the same message, just backward:

sknab rof tuoliab dnoces fo knirb no rollecschnC 9002 / naJ / 30 semiT ehT

2. Marriage Proposals on the Blockchain

Granted, this is not an Easter Egg that everyone has something for. However, not only did Satoshi make use of the opportunity to write messages in the Blockchain for all eternity. For those who are really serious about the application, Blockchain offers ways and means of carving a declaration of love in stone. As Nic Carter tweets, there are at least eleven applications on the Bitcoin Blockchain:

At least six marriage proposals are registered in the Bitcoin Blockchain – one in the Coinbase database! The other 5 I could find are in op_return.

Anyone who is now trying to immortalize themselves on the Blockchain, may read here, how to do it.

3. Yellow vest hides 0.26 BTC in Parisian street art painting

At the yellow vests protests at the beginning of the year, many dissatisfied Frenchmen cavorted. What began with the displeasure of higher fuel taxes, soon unfolded its own dynamics. Thus, under the yellow vests soon also one or the other bank critical Bitcoiner mingled.

One of them was Pascal Boyart. The street art artist dedicated the Gilet Jaune to Eugène Delacroix La Liberté guidant le peuple this painting:

The artist then added 0.26 BTC to the work (at the time, that was equivalent to 1,000 euros); finished was the viral Bitcoin Easter Egg story.

Unfortunately, if you still want to search, we have to disappoint you. Because the treasure has already been lifted.

4. Blockstream satellite sends hints of $ 1 million treasure

Things are different with the next Easter Egg. Because here, adventurers can still get really rich.

Blockstream is one of the most exciting projects in an already exciting space with its satellites sending Bitcoin through space. Like user @notgrubles twittering and CriptomonedaseICO reported that familiar characters from Bitcoin Space were hiding one million dollars in BTC in a bitcoin address with an unknown private key.

The treasure that will belong to the most successful hunters and their clan is neither gold nor jewels nor the worthless papers that pass for money in this sad age; instead, it's Bitcoin, a digital treasure made up of deep mathematical truths, worth $ 1 million,

it says in the mysterious text message.

Via Shamir Splitting, the initiators then split the private key into 1,000 parts. If you want to raise a part of the treasure, you must find at least 400 of them – not an easy task.

5. Google Home Mr. Satoshi

Last but not least, an Easter egg made by Google. Who the Google Home Device after "Mr. Satoshi ", gets the following answer:

Google Home Mr Satoshi Easter Egg – Check Bitcoin Cryptcoin prices

Of course, the list presented here is not exhaustive. Bitcoin is a grassroots movement and therefore predestined to continue to provide pop culture Easter Eggs in the future. Happy Easter!

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