GPool to launch an Olympic competition ahead of its debut

To celebrate the launch of Genesis Pool (GPool) a series of exciting community-focused events will be held

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GPool is the innovative cross-chain launch platform, it will launch in August 2021 with an IDO of its native token.

When activated, the platform will allow investors to seamlessly whitelist, research upcoming projects, and earn guaranteed pre-sale token allocations.

GPool has intentionally abstained from the launch until August, to allow its team to develop relationships with quality projects that are in line with its investment philosophy, so that at launch, they have a solid and credible flow of IDO deals ready for them. your investment community.

Therefore, the company may announce that it is in talks with eight exciting new projects, three of which they have been working on for some time and with whom the team is confident will constitute the first round of IDO they plan to launch.

These projects include:

  • Community-focused DEX
  • Smart contract terminal
  • Real estate market tokenization project
  • Layer 2 Privacy Currency
  • Lending platform linking crypto and real-world lending
  • Platform that allows the purchase of cryptocurrencies with a debit or credit card.
  • Point of sale cryptographic platform
  • NFT Market

GPool will also announce this month a partnership with one of DeFi’s most technically advanced layer-one blockchains that will allow its launch pad to be built-on-chain, fully automated, and connected to all networks.

The GPool project leader commented:

“GPool has refrained from launching its native token until we are confident that we can deliver an exceptional deal stream from IDO to our investment community. It has been fantastic to find so many projects willing to allow GPool to be involved in their development at such an early stage and we are confident that we are now in a position to not only launch our own token successfully next month, but we will be able to offer it to our community of investors the opportunity to invest in a quality flow of IDO from the beginning ”.

The $ GPOOL tokenomics will be announced later this month and to register your email address for future whitelists and more information, visit the official GPool website.

Olympic competition

Inter-chain launch pad to debut in mid-August

To celebrate the launch of Genesis Pool (GPool) in August and the start of the Tokyo Olympics, GPool will host a series of exciting community-focused events that will give investors the opportunity to show their creative side.

Each event will have a gold, silver and bronze medal that will be accompanied by fantastic prizes.

The GPool Pre-Launch Olympic Games competition will take place for a month from July 27 to August 20, ending just before the GPool IDO launch date and will consist of 10 events that will test the creativity, imagination and popularity of the community.

Olympic size awards

Winners table

Each of the 10 events will have three winners that will be decided by the same community.

Gold medal winners will receive an allocation of $ 1,000 in GPool tokens, an allocation of $ 700 in silver, and an allocation of $ 300 in bronze. 

There will also be 10 finalist awards per event from a priority place on the white list in GPool IDO.

That’s a total of $ 20,000 in GPool tokens that will be raffled off for free with no acquisition period.

How to enter

Anyone can participate in the GPool Pre-Launch Olympic Competition, but before competing, participants must follow the official GPool Twitter channel and join the Telegram channels; Genesis Pool and Genesis Pool ads.

Participants must use the provided Twitter hashtag and tag the official account to follow up with participants.

Reddit and Discord participants will be monitored by the link for each post.

The competition has been designed so that anyone can enter and win.

Olympic size events

A total of 10 events are expected, which will run simultaneously, each of them will have a gold, silver and bronze award.

1. Medium Article: To test our community’s knowledge, we requested a Medium article about GPool and the launch pad industry.

The article must be more than 250 words and must be published on your personal Medium account and then share it on your Twitter page and tag with #GPoolMediumComp on the official account.

2. GPool Meme If you are more visually creative then we are looking for the best original GPool meme.

To participate, post your meme on your Twitter page and tag with #GPoolMemeComp on the official account

3. Tweet with the most participation: Who is the most popular Twitter poster and the true social butterfly? Post an original tweet on your Twitter page about GPool and tag with #GPoolSocialButterflyComp on the official account.

Whoever has the highest engagement in terms of retweets, comments, and likes will win.

4. Retweet with a quote: Go to DeFi and Twitter-verse launchpad and retweet any tweet, add a comment related to GPool and use #GPoolRetweetComp and tag the official account.

5. GPool Twitter thread: GPool has lots of information and articles about it on our official Medium and Twitter channels.

Write an in-depth Twitter thread, with your own analysis, about GPool and how it differs from other launch pads on your Twitter page and use #GPoolTwitterThreadComp and tag the official account.

6. YouTube Video: Record and post a YouTube video of what you love about GPool or any content that makes the community laugh and Tweet with #GPoolYouTubeComp and tag the official account.

7. Troll Another Launchpad: Put on your best trolling hat and go out and post on another launchpad’s Twitter, highlighting the fact that they are saying something stupid or untrue.

The funniest and most original trolls will be selected. Tag GPool using #GPoolTrollComp on the official account.

8. GPool Mascot: GPool needs a mascot and the best design will win.

Create a new character or edit an existing character that you think represents GPool.

It could be an animal, a person, a movie character, or something you’ve drawn or created. You must post it on Twitter with #GPoolMascotComp and tag the official account.

9. Reddit thread – With the highest participation in a crypto community: Create a Reddit thread / post about GPool on one of the most popular crypto subreddits or on one of the competing subreddit channels.

The best written publication explaining GPool and its impact on the launch pad industry as a whole will be selected.

Entries should be submitted via Twitter, using #GPoolRedditComp and including your username and a link to your thread / post.

10. Most invitations to our Discord Server: Invite the maximum number of real users to the Discord server (bots will not count) to grow the community.

If you are a server owner, you will be able to invite your members to join the Gpool server. Winners will be contacted via Discord.

How will the winners be chosen?

GPool will review all the participants of each event and select the top five. These will be published on the social and official channels of the platform for the community to choose the best three.

The selection will be made through a voting survey. Winners will be contacted and the winning submission will be announced. The 10 finalist prizes will be chosen by GPool.

Those interested can participate in a contest as many times as they want and can, in order to win more than one prize.

The competition will run from July 27 to August 20. 

Shortlisted participants will be chosen and their submissions will be voted on by the community between August 20 and 22. Winners will be announced on August 23.

All GPool token winners will have their tokens in their wallets and there will be no vesting period.

Participants grant GPool the right to use their submissions for marketing purposes.

Do you want to try the platform and win?


GPool’s official Twitter channel 

Telegram Channels: Genesis Pool and Genesis Pool  Ads

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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