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B2Trader: The engine that powers your favorite exchanges can now be yours

Creating your own exchange is now possible

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Today’s cryptocurrency trading is practically facilitated by a matchmaking engine, which enables trading between two parties. So, if you plan to launch a new exchange, it’s crucial to connect with a provider that not only offers the best matching engine technology available, but also one with the best functionality and best execution.

B2Trader solves that problem by being a liquidity and technology provider to the currency and cryptocurrency brokerage industry that offers a matching engine (ME), the primary mechanics of a digital exchange that matches bids and offers to execute trades.

B2Trader has a high-capacity matchmaking engine that offers a robust and stable service to traders and is capable of processing 30,000 requests per second, with an average execution time of less than 10ms. Ideal if you are thinking of starting your own cryptocurrency exchange, since the matching engine is a central part of the mechanics behind all exchanges.

B2Trader – The Industry Leading Choice

B2Trader is one of the most recognized matchmaking engines, whose premiere was in 2018. It is used by the best and most popular exchanges, such as MTF Brokers, Security Exchanges, Market Makers, Spot FX Brokers and EMIs that use it to match the order of incoming market of a user. with the existing limit order of another user.

B2Trader works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, alongside the uninterrupted rhythm of the cryptocurrency markets without interruptions.

With B2Trader, users get a solution that offers the latest in functionality and performance with the best execution for all market participants.


  • Friendly user interface with multiple functions and easy to use
  • 21 trading pairs and institutional liquidity
  • Simple identity verification procedures
  • IOS mobile application to trade, analyze charts, etc.
  • Multilingual support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and live chat.

High quality user interface

The professional GUI suits all requirements, from beginners to professionals. Multiple features and a high level of customization are provided, such as responsive colors, easy and highly responsive navigation menu, grouping to sort options into a more convenient structure, and a dynamic customizable user interface with color / font customization. Also included is easy addition of widgets, workspaces for various trading styles, customization of widgets, and workspace layout.

Powerful API

The stability and performance aspects of the matchmaking engine allow for faster API development. B2Broker includes an API for robotic commerce and public data access, handling commerce and public requests much faster while positively affecting the overall performance of the system (commerce and public API – Websocket / Rest). With API access, users can connect directly to the matchmaking system and trade super fast trade orders or receive data from crypto markets in DOM.

Security first

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B2Trader includes a collection of the latest fraud and technical threat protection features, including an anti-throttling system, anti-spoofing protection, and DDoS protection. Additional security features include 2FA, which adds an additional layer of security, and an IP whitelist that sets a restriction to work only under a certain IP within the admin panel.

Back Office

The B2Trader administrator monitors all the trading options that the exchange has to carry out on a daily basis and delivers them in a professional and user-friendly way. With the admin module, you can manage, configure and change the exchange / withdrawal permissions of exchange users, extract information about the history of user logins in the exchange user interface, transfer history, balance of User assets, information on the aggregate balance of a user in indicative currency, configure commissions for the markets or a specific user and more, with security always of the utmost importance.


B2Trader adopts hosting solutions that dynamically scale resources and support the most demanding and loaded projects.

AWS hosting provides high levels of availability, scalability, and performance, requiring a greater amount of management and administration that is fully hosted by B2Broker.

Third party integration

To set up and run a successful exchange business, you must also have an equally strong focus on sales and marketing, compliance, deposits, withdrawals, licensing, and regulatory framework, etc. A variety of services that help exchanges manage all aspects effectively have therefore been integrated, including B2BinPay, B2Core, Crystal Blockchain, Leading Fiat PSP, SumSub, B2BX, and MarksMan.

A long list of other features is also included, such as a watch list, white / night mode, IB module, multiple sources of liquidity for connecting with B2Trader, different types of orders, test environment, mobile application and more.

In short, B2Trader is an unbeatable combination of outstanding features and external integrations that have made it the right engine for all professional trades while offering the latest in performance, functionality, and execution.

More information

Web: https://b2broker.com/

Products: https://b2broker.com/news/how-to-choose-the-best-cryptocurrency-exchange-platform-software/

Tutorial: https://b2broker.com/products/b2trader-cryptocurrency-exchange-software/

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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