A resounding success story: How Global Game Coi was created

A resounding success story: How Global Game Coi was created

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The beginnings of the project date back to 2000-2009 when the GG International team gained experience in the affiliate industry by working as free lancers for projects related to lotteries. In 2009, a vision of the project for selling tickets via the internet is created. The effects of their work may be seen today at LottoPark.

LottoPark initially operated under other domains. In 2015, the LottoPark.com domain was purchased, which in almost every language means the same and has a similar spelling. The success of LottoPark leads to the creation of the WhiteLotto.com project.

WhiteLotto.com has been offering white labels of a platform such as LottoPark (franchise model) since 2015. Every month, more online outlets are created, such as www.lottomat.com, www.lottohoy.com or www.somoslotto.com.

Thanks to the unique approach to the topic, the time needed to opening a brand has been reduced from many months to several days (apparently you can open your own white label even in 2 weeks!).

WhiteLotto.com describes the lottery ticket industry as one of the best in internet history. Customers are very loyal and each month brings an increase in sales. Thanks to the huge rollovers in European and American lotteries, which often exceed $100,000,000 and are covered by media around the world, WhiteLotto partners get free advertising for their services.

According to WhiteLotto, the lottery ticket market is still a blue ocean, especially in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Currently WhiteLotto serves clients from over 50 countries in nearly 40 languages.

In 2017, a vision of the world game is born. A lottery based on a similar concept to Powerball or EuroJackpot: a common prize pool for all countries participating in the game. Supporting local good causes and paying local taxes according to the regulations of participating jurisdiction are some of the key aspects of the vision. The first cooperation agreements with African countries are signed and White Paper is written by the team of GG International Ltd, a company that operates lottery projects today and takes over the management of White Lotto.

In March 2019, the first game from GG International starts –Zambia’s national lottery– we have unofficially learned that in 60 days the sale of online and offline games under the GG World brand will start in this country, which should translate into even larger bonus no. 2 payouts (described below).

In November, also SomosLotto – Peruvian online lottery operated by one of the white labels – www.somoslotto.com (which was created in April 2019) is launched. GG International Ltd. therefore fulfills all the promises described in White Paper from 2017.

Global Game Coin token is created enabling holders to receive bonuses based on the sale of GG World games. In November 2019, the first game from GG International is released online – GG World Lottery with the largest guaranteed minimum jackpot on the planet of $100,000,000. As GG International says:

“White Lotto sales statistics show that $100 million appears to be a psychological barrier for players to decide which game to play. We noticed that 80% of White Lotto sales are on games with a rollover higher than $100m, and when the jackpot returns to the initial level, interest in the game decreases significantly (it seems that the initial  $40m jackpot in US lotteries is not an amount worth playing for and they wait until the jackpot exceeds $100m).

That’s why we have created a game in which 100m is offered as an initial jackpot. Thanks to this, without any additional marketing, GG World Lottery competes with the largest American and European lotteries for the top three best sellers in the White Lotto network!”

The project involves global format characters such as:

  • Dr. Steven Melnik, Global Brand Ambassador and one of the directors of GG International.
  • Allen Wu, Ceo BinZayed Investment group – a company belonging to the richest family in United Arab Emirates.

You can find photos of a GG International representative in places such as the headquarters of the Chinese lottery, the headquarters of the Vietnamese Lottery, government buildings of the Caribbean and African countries. Does this mean that these countries will join GG World? GG International itself does not confirm the case by answering only: “We prefer to deliver rather than promise. Please be patient, this is just the beginning of our path.”

Technology backing up the project is really interesting. The GG International team has developed the first of its kind on a world scale TRNG – True Random Number Generator utilizing the principles of quantum physics connected to Ethereum’s blockchain to rid out any uncertainties related to the draw process once and for all.

GG International’s TRNG has been certified by a worldwide known authority in the gaming industry – Gaming Laboratories International, for use in highly-regulated jurisdictions.

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It seems that the GGC token can become an extremely desirable digital asset and the supply is highly limited. There are only a few thousand available at a price below $3/token at the time of writing (data from CoinDeal exchange,  where the token is listed). Why do owners hodl GGC instead of trying to speculate on its value?

Bonuses related with the token may be the reason. Let’s take a look at them. As the official token website says:

  • Bonus 1: Every token-holder will receive 1$ (paid in ETH) for each GGC token owned, when the GG World Lottery jackpot gets claimed for the first time.
  • Bonus 2:  In the initial period of GG World operation, all GGC token holders will receive a monthly bonus based on the sale of GG World Lottery tickets (1% of the ticket income sale). When GG World Lottery jackpot gets claimed for the first time and bonus 1 is paid out, bonus 2 will be counted every time the main prize is won and paid out quarterly. This will be 1% of the main prize amount, distributed between all GGC holders in proportion to the number of tokens held.


It’s worth noting that bonus 2 payouts have been processed regularly since December last year and there has been a significant rise in the payouts value, which is probably related to rising sales of GG World Lottery tickets.

  • Bonus 3: All GGC owners will receive up to 2$/token bonus paid in ETH, just for holding GGC. This bonus is related to the next GG World game which is currently being developed.

We have also learned from GG International representative that there are two more bonuses coming up, but the details will be presented in near future. Anyway, all of the above may explain the fact that the token has reached its all time-high on April 9th at with $3.35. It doesn’t take an analyst to see that the rate is continuously rising from the beginning.


Apart from numerous projects that started with a bang and quickly disappeared, GG International continuously expands its operations and news keep on flowing in like a rough river.

The company is working hard and launching new white label websites each month with lotteryking.net targeting the great Asian market being the last addition to the network that currently consists of nearly twenty sites. Such activity allows to boost the sales of GG World Lottery and further increase the bonus payouts for token holders. What’s more, all that also translates into the rise of the tokens rate.

We have also unofficialy learned about the company’s activity in Nigeria from the GG International representative, where the company is to take over the existing lotteries.

It is worth noting that there are nearly 200 million people living there, and the country has a very well developed infrastructure of mobile payments and internet access, which makes it a great place for further development of GG World Lottery.

Although the GGC token hasn’t received as much attention as it deserves, it seems that it’s highly underrated and worth checking out. If the company will be able to keep up with the pace and continue to expand its operations, GGC hodlers should be more than happy with the bonus payouts which don’t require trading or undertaking any other activity – and it’s a known fact that passive income is the undisputedly the best kind of profits.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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