Anyon: The solution to the problems of traditional banking

Anyon is the main blockchain-based financial ecosystem of Altro Capital AG, which presents the magnanimity of a real bank, tokenized in Anyon tokens, and is considered as one of the most popular cryptographic procedures, aligning in the vertical of the offer of security tokens.

The congruence of three project extensions, Anyon Bank, Anyon Exchange, and Anyon App, makes it easy to manage cryptocurrency-enabled wealth, peer-to-peer transactions, loans, and much more.

The project aims to provide and maintain the legal rights to a tokenized umbrella of cryptocurrency services .

As well as granting authority to Anyon token holders for free P2P movement, automatic generation of dividend receipts in a blockchain environment on the Anyon platform and application.

The Anyon ecosystem

In order to infuse a nuance of coherence and insight into each possible wedge of the banking-financial ratio, Anyon unravels his style through the following partitions:

Ⅰ. Bank

The project’s value proposition is the meritoriously tokenized asset, also known as Anyon Bank.

This is the repository of the full range of banking, ranging from the crypto loans to manage accounts and loans , carefully wrapped around the solidity offered by blockchain technology.

Being tokenized, the system is disconnected and absolutely sterile from the detrimental factors of conventional banking, exhibiting constant financial stability and global accessibility.

Ⅱ. P2P cryptocurrency exchange

Third-party exchanges are out of date, especially when terms like tokenized banks dominate the framework.

This is one of the main reasons for the existence of Anyon’s own cryptocurrency exchange, which is competent enough to own and process P2P transactions at the highest and globally accepted levels of security.

The presence of a multi-signature wallet makes it easy to buy, sell, store and exchange the world’s most important cryptocurrencies , in addition to the Anyon token.

The smart matchmaking system is right, along with the ability to liquefy crypto assets.

Not to mention the mandatory exchange elements such as automated KYC/AML verification, risk-free crypto fiduciary trading, and intervention via escrow portfolios.

Ⅲ. Anyon app

Accessibility was described as one of the major concerns of operating in an encryption setup, which is why the wall has been vehemently broken with the introduction of the Anyon app.

As well as being the preferred access point to the crypto exchange, the app boasts an Anyon token wallet, the ability to access the token stake feature, deposit/withdraw Anyon tokens, use advanced trading features, and take advantage of trading algorithms.

What sets Anyon apart from the rest?

From the very conception of taking advantage of the presence of a tokenized bank, Anyon advances ahead of the dream of a digital bank, fully secure in its entirety.

The ease of interaction with the client is diligently linked with a multitude of financial operations, fused with the immutable agility of blockchain.

With the world drifting toward comprehensive digitization and global security, he is adept at assuming that Storm Anyon will move mountains of inefficiencies and open floodgates of possibility.

Despite the aforementioned stack of advantages, it is the smooth liquidity of crypto instruments, which is made possible by the presence of an exchange and an all-encompassing app, that makes Anyon the preferred choice not only for investors. financial experts but also for the public looking for a tax institution they can literally trust.

Anyon Advantages

  • Secure a passive income.
  • An attractive performance every month.
  • Quarterly dividend.
  • Become a shareholder in a bank.
  • Become a limited partner of the bank.
  • Trading and asset management in a single application.

Anyon Loans

Anyon crypto loans are an instant loan service, with cryptocurrencies as collateral, which accepts any of the popular digital currencies on the market.

With a flat loan-to-value ratio of 55%, it has variable repayment terms of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months, with a flat interest rate of only 0.045% per day.

The selected loan amount is issued by a Swiss asset management company and is guaranteed by a contract.

In just four steps you can apply for these loans. Fill in the blanks of the contract, sign the contract sent and send it back by email, deposit the cryptocurrency and receive the money in the account.

The STO of Anyon

The Security Token Offering (STO) are the newest fundraising model and have a number of reforms and protocols, which are designed to eliminate the setbacks associated with conventional modes of cryptocurrency-based investments, such as ICOs and IEO.

The configuration of digital financial instruments Anyon requires fiduciary responsibility to the highest level, and arguably a STO is the best way to display it.

And it is that a security offer uses technology to demonstrate the ownership of an action in an objective way and supports the entire spectrum of regulations and compliance than an inherited action.

In addition, the STO opens the floodgates to the immersive investment benefits that can be purchased from Anyon for the general public, backed by a nuance of security.

Security tokens instill order in the wild nature of the cryptocurrency market. Overlapping regulations mean there is no remote chance of being a victim of phishing.

KYC and AML assessments are essential as they reveal the true identity of the company consistent with standard operating practices with financial institutions.

The investors STO receive direct benefits from investment plans with real – world capabilities as dividends, voting rights and revenue sharing.

Anyon’s STO started on January 1.

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