BeWhale Finance: the most complete ecosystem within the Binance Smart Chain

The BeWhale ecosystem is made up of four main pillars

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BeWhale Finance is an open protocol, based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), to create, exchange and manage synthetic assets, allowing the issuance of tokens and their exchange through decentralized derivatives.

, BeWhale Finance: the most complete ecosystem within the Binance Smart Chain, Criptomonedas e ICOs

The platform creates innovative technology solutions such as blockchain and smart contracts to facilitate a platform for decentralized derivatives engagement.

BeWhale Finance seeks to connect investors with real assets, through decentralized asset management, providing an affordable solution and accessible infrastructure by creating a protocol that facilitates an optimal solution for the creation, connection and management of assets, unifying two different markets. Financial and crypto market.

The protocol supports synthetic commodities such as gold and silver, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency indices, and synthetic fiat currencies.

Furthermore, it brings exposure of non-blockchain-based assets to the crypto ecosystem, thus creating a more mature financial market.

Its architecture allows people to exchange digital assets on the BSC network, as well as issue synthetic assets on said blockchain, connecting the exposure of non-blockchain-based assets to the crypto ecosystem, thus creating a more mature financial market.

How is BeWhale formed?

The BeWhale ecosystem is made up of four pillars. And it is that the working base of the protocol is not just one system, it is the unification of four complex systems, developed to manage, trade, verify, share and grow the ecosystem.

The first of these is the BeWhale Network, which is a non-custodial and affordable governance solution.

Next comes BeWhale Finance, with value-based token trading, reinvestment buybacks, and burned dividends and liquidity.

The third is, with safe launch ICOs and pre-sale tokens, auditing and ratings and anti-fraud system.

And finally there is the BeWhale club, with real use case, benefits, partners and assets in its network.

The BeWhale network

The BeWhale network is the management system that includes all other subordinate systems, being the generator of the blockchain smart contracts based on the Binance smart chain and offering access to real-world assets.

This network is non-custodial. And is that synthetic tokens provide access and leverage the asset without going through the tedious process of owning the asset, they are also more affordable to maintain compared to asset – backed tokens of the real world.

These synthetic assets also provide censorship (non-custodial) resistance that asset-backed tokens cannot offer due to custodian restrictions.

This itself offers a governance system, so BeWhale is governed by anyone who owns $ Bwale tokens, the platform’s native currency, in a fair and transparent way.

All Bwale holders can propose a change to the protocol or vote on existing proposals.

Therefore, the role of these assets includes acting as an incentive for liquidity providers and being a governance vehicle for decentralized infrastructure.

BeWhale DeFi uses smart contracts to accumulate and generate value by betting and exchanging tokens. This system provides an affordable investment solution, reducing the need for a large investment to generate more value.

BeWhale Finance

BeWhale Finance is the financial part of the ecosystem based on a derivatives contract that manages, governs, administers and enables trust between investors and the markets.

Its purpose is to manage the financial ecosystem and return part of the investments to the holders in different ways.

An important point in BeWhale Finance is token trading.

Through Binance’s blockchain-based smart contract, the exchange of the token between investors is allowed.

Each operation has management commissions that are distributed among the holders in four different ways: 2% return to holders, 4% liquidity, 2% marketing and 2% reinvestment.

A 10% slippage returns to the holders in the best way creating a diversification in the return.

The BeWhale token is based on creating value for its holders through reinvestments. At the same time, the profits can be used to create more value by adding liquidity to the market, burning tokens or dividends.

The 2% reinvestment that is assigned to real assets improves the value of the token in the market in proportion to the value of the assets it owns.

An important part of BeWhale Finance is buybacks and burns.

Buybacks are generally applied in the financial system and BeWhale implements them manually in the cryptocurrency market through the smart contract.

This function is used to buy bwale tokens when the price goes down, keeping the price for the moment and burning all the purchased tokens by increasing the price and returning it to its fair value.

This creates huge investment opportunities for investors and prevents loss of funds, especially in the Belgian market.

Add to that the liquidity, BeWhale will add large amounts of liquidity in the locked pools not only by trading, but also by the amounts that will be used for the buyback.

All these amounts spent on purchase returns will remain in the market as liquidity after the token amount purchased is burned.

For its part, BeWhale’s dividend policy is implemented to help investors buy and keep their tokens, obtaining great rewards in each period of time.

BeWhale comes out

BeWhale sale is the part of the ecosystem designed to manage and launch blockchain-based smart contracts in an easier and more secure way.

It is a protocol that manages, analyzes and presents investors with new forms of investment with limited risk.

With this, BeWhale creates the safest launching pad for ICOs that manage pre-sales in the safest way for investors, avoiding scams and capital losses.

The sale protocol together with the audit offers investors a clear way of the situation of the company and whether or not it is interesting to invest in it.

The BeWhale Sale team of auditors is dedicated to managing the entire sales protocol. The team has to analyze, classify and present to investors the sale of ICO or Presale Token on the platform.

The sale protocol and analysis team have decided to eliminate all crypto market launch scams through our Crypto launch pad.

To achieve its mission, BeWhale implemented the newest protocol and cryptanalysis on the market.

The BeWhale club

The BeWhale club allows guests to enjoy the benefits of being part of this ecosystem . BeWhale, through its partners, offers great discounts and the option to use BWALE as a payment method.

The platform implements its native token as a payment method in various hotel establishments, restaurants, diving and other ocean activities. In the future it will allow holders to exchange their tokens in a much more fun way.

BWALE are designed to be used, and that is the goal of asset allocation.

In fact, the project to develop BeWhale would fail if all BWALE holders simply kept their tokens and did nothing with them.

BeWhale investors can reap their benefits by joining the club.

The ecosystem is very diversified and this also brings many partners in different areas.

All partners help BeWhale in very different ways. We are all important and our project could not function without them.

The platform has partners around the world, developers, marketing, strategy and also fun.

The fun includes a BWALE payment method in a variety of places and activities where we can relax, enjoy and meet the world.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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