Big League: a platform that generates originality in sports NFTs

Big League seeks to top the list of blockchains dedicated to sport

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NFTs are taking up more space in the world every day and this new market has been on everyone’s lips, especially because of the amount of money it can generate.

, Big League: a platform that generates originality in sports NFTs, Criptomonedas e ICOs

Now collectors of all kinds have transformed and have explored new platforms, one of them is Non-fungible tokens (NFT). 

NFTs are all those unique assets, which cannot be modified nor can they be exchanged for others of equal value, since their main characteristic makes them unique.

This new business model has been increasing the experience of brands in order to attract consumers and more collectors to this market.

An example of this are works of art; In the case of the most expensive ones, they have probably never been sold and have surely been selected using blockchain technology.

One of the industries that has been most attracted to this modality has been sports, and today we can see how there are a significant number of platforms that offer this type of sales and investments. 

Big League

Currently there are cards that are marketed as NFT, and in most cases it is represented by recognized athletes throughout the world, thus achieving millions of dollars and revolutionizing the technology that conceptualizes and assigns a unique property.

This is the case of Big League, a new market that has an ecosystem powered by NFTs. 

Big League is focused on sports and aims to top the sports industry blockchain charts.

“Big League (BGLG) will curate high-quality, limited-edition NFT sports based on the world’s most popular athletes,” says its website.

In the case of Big League, they have NFTs that “will show their favorite stars in action, even representing them during some of the most famous and critical moments in the history of the sport” they emphasize.

For the Big League, quality is a priority that goes far above quantity. That is why they are creators of their own market, integrating their innovative tokens.

So far, each of its tokens benefits those who participate in the maintenance of the ecosystem and the community.

“Our NFTs capture the magical moments in the different disciplines of the sport,” they explain later.

The NFTs that they create in Big League are limited release, this means that they have three different levels which shows authenticity and originality.

The three Big League levels consist of One-of-a-kind token, only 1 of 1 NFT would be generated, there is also a super Rare level that generates 10 NFTs in total and a Rare level that will generate 100 NFTs.


, Big League: a platform that generates originality in sports NFTs, Criptomonedas e ICOs

Big League has a marketplace, which allows the safe search of collectors who are within the same system.

This option would give the opportunity to generate an open market where all users can buy and sell NFT for tokens, as well as coins of all kinds to create a quick and easy user experience. 

The Big League Market (BGLG) would become the “single window” that would already be audited for all the options contained in the platform’s ecosystem.

It is expected that this market can also serve as a direct facilitator in transfers of NFT and BGLG tokens between users. 

This option could assure the Big League community of security as long as you continue to transact.


Their commitment to the community is fundamental to Big LEague, for that reason they put the community first, ensuring transparency and direct access to rare and high-level NFT lines.

Therefore, its subscribers will have the opportunity to catch their favorite players and moments in the history of the sport, giving the system a bonus.

Another important feature of this platform is that there will be no Over The Counter (OTC) agreements prior to launch in order to guarantee the allocation and ownership of Unique in conjunction with other tiered NFTs.


, Big League: a platform that generates originality in sports NFTs, Criptomonedas e ICOs

The Big League Token’s main function is to allow the ecosystem and the market to function. Subscribers will be able to exchange BGLG for NFT and vice versa.

Big League’s liquidity will be blocked for 6 months, assuring clients of the permanence and protection of funds.

It was recently announced that, in the coming days, Big League will have its first Initial Dex Offerings (IDO) on the KuCoin Launchpad (KCLP).

The KCLP is the world’s first decentralized IDO platform for the Kucoin community chain.

This platform will feature a three-round sales system that provides guaranteed allocation for all levels.

It does not contain bots, it will not be based on luck and much less will it be run by lottery.

It will be developed through the fair and equitable distribution of opportunities for investors. 

NFT in the world

During this year, the DeFI had an important growth with the pandemic, the new boom of the cryptocurrency ecosystem consists of the non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

Collectible tokens began to become popular in sports, video games, entertainment, and fashion. 

Said growth occurred this year, in mid-February the volume of operations that were related to NFTs exceeded the statistics of the previous year, it is estimated that about $ 2.5 million were sold in the first quarter.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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