Bitcoin 2020 Predictions: BTC Surge To $12k Upcoming

2019 is about to end, and the crypto market is bloody red today. We’re ending the year on a red note with the most important digital asset trading in the red at the moment of writing this article.

BTC is currently priced at $7,276.82.

Despite the fact that there have not been mind-blowing moves regarding BTC’s prices this year, the crypto industry has been flourishing a lot, and the projects behind important coins marked significant achievements and developments this year.

One of the main goals that the industry has is mainstream crypto adoption, and there have been a lot of moves in this direction made as well.

BTC predictions for 2020

The CEO of crypto investment Galaxy Digital said that he’s expecting BTC to rally at least 61% in 2020.

Mike Novogratz says he believes BTC will end the new year above $12,000.

The online publication the Daily Hodl notes that he’s also expecting a political upheaval in the US.

“2020 Predictions

#1. Donald Trump loses by more than 10mm votes.

#2 Bitcoin finishes over $12,000.

#3. USA Wrestling wins 3 golds in Tokyo

#4 Tom Hanks wins the Oscar for Mr. Rodgers

#5 REFORM Alliance and it’s partners help shrink the ‘supervised’ population from 4.5mm to 4mm or <.”

Charles Hoskinson does not agree with the predictions above and here’s his answer to the tweet:

Someone else agrees with Hoskinson and commented: “Agreed. The dem candidates (except for Bloomberg) have all gone off the rails. Wokism, radical leftism and crazy socialists will put most people off. If this is what Trump is going up against, it will be an easy win for him.”

BTC is locked in a descending triangle

The online publication mentioned above also notes that The Cryptomist believes BTC is not looking so hot at the moment.

She said that BTC seems locked in a descending triangle that will make BTC drop below $7,000.

“Previous post mentioned I was bearish. May not see $7,375 as first thought (imagined was the top). RSI resistance and descending triangle present. $7,000 next in my opinion.”

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