Bitcoin, IOTA, Ripple & Ethereum: The Top News of the Week

Welcome to the BTC ECHO Newsflash: Most importantly, what happened at Bitcoin, IOTA, Ripple & Ethereum last week.

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Bitcoin course in the field of tension

Bitcoin is moving in a field of conflict, at least since the cryptocurrency has conquered the horizons of the world's traders. The prospect of short-term profits contrasts with a technical innovation. If day traders are always a finger on the trading deduction, they must simultaneously keep an eye on the market and keep a cool head – not an easy task. The attitude of the decentralized community of global hodlers seems to be much more relaxed: wait and hope for a high bitcoin price. But even these can hardly free themselves from emotions. The situation last Wednesday? Tense.

Anti-Bitcoin: China's blockchain plans in the digital arms race

On the political level, one finds a very similar state of mind in the Middle Kingdom. As protests continue to escalate in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Communist Party in China is planning a digital central bank money. She does not fail to prepare her project by (mis) information in the press – by staging Bitcoin as an anonymous Darknet currency, the government in China is preparing the anti-bitcoin in the form of the e-Yuan.

Pay with Bitcoin? Wirex launches debit card for Asia-Pacific (APAC)

That it needs a widespread use of the cryptocurrency for further bitcoin price increases is a mantra in the crypto scene. Although there are already some acceptance points where you can pay with BTC and consorts. However, the mainstream adaptation has been delayed. Nevertheless, another step in the right direction was taken last week: in the future, Wirex customers will be able to pay – at least indirectly – for Visa acceptance points with BTC. Founder of blockchain console Komodore64 arrested

Meanwhile, things were not going well for the founder of the crypto startup Komodore64. He was arrested last week in The Hague. Sam Narain is said to have embezzled funds from the console project. This is about 78 million euros. According to Dutch media reports, the company has now filed for bankruptcy. From played investors, wrong co-founders and bread boxes.

Ripple: Thailand and Laos rehearse instant transfers with ILP

Back to the adaptation question: The Californian block chain company Ripple is also making progress. On its way to revolutionizing international money transfer, Bitcoin's third largest cryptocurrency project has taken it one step further. The Thai Krungsri Bank is using the interledger protocol to handle cross-border payments.

Ethereum: ERC-721 tokens on the rise

Meanwhile, Coinmetrics has examined the situation in the Ethereum Network in a report. The result: In the Ethereum ecosystem, tokens are increasingly gaining dominance over the native ether token. With regard to transaction numbers, even a permanent "flip-flop" is emerging. Digital collectibles are also experiencing strong growth in the network.

IOTA developer sells his tokens

IOTA lead developer Sergey Ivanchelgo has apparently decided to liquidate his MIOTA holdings. On November 7, under his Twitter name Come-from-Beyond, he announced:

Today is my last day working on cryptocurrencies. I do not have any coins anymore. My projects use (but) IOTA, which is the best distributed (…) registry technology to date.

How high the sold crypto stock is, is not yet known.

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