Do you want a first level cryptocurrency exchange? We introduce you to BitForex

Do you want a first level cryptocurrency exchange? We introduce you to BitForex

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BitForex is an exchange of cryptocurrency first class, dedicated to advanced traders who wantimmerse themselves in the world of Forex trading online as well as trade in cryptocurrency. With more than 300 commercial pairs for digital assets, BitForex is the real deal in crypto exchanges.

The commercial view of BitForex is very striking. They are accumulating heat in drawing tools and TA indicators. All popular indicators are available, including Bollinger Bands, MACD, MA and many oscillators.

With the ability to buy or sell cryptocurrencies at the touch of a button, the ease of use is definitely there. The interface is very clear with a simple order book and a recent operations history window.

There is a simulated trading interface that allows you to exchange fake Bitcoin in real time, the simulation mimics the price action in real time. This is a very interesting feature for all merchants, it contains the same TA and drawing options as the real interface.

BitForex also has a perpetual trading derivatives program. A perpetual contract is a futures contract that does not make a final delivery and is a financial derivative. From a commercial perspective, it is similar to a traditional futures contract. For the digital asset investment market, it is a suitable product for cryptocurrency traders in the mass market and conforms to the concept of decentralization of blockchain assets.

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Low rates

One of the main advantages and probably the main “point of sale” of the platform are its very low rates. Contrary to most exchanges, the “creators” of the market do not have to pay fees. Policyholders, on the other hand, must pay a fee of 0.05% which, according to all accounts, is still well below the industry average (0.20% – 0.30%). In addition, the exchange does not charge any deposit fees.

Transaction fees are 3.5%, with a minimum of US $ 10 . This is lower than the current transaction fee for a credit card purchase in Coinbase. They have a transaction limit of $ 50-20,000 and a daily limit of $ 20,000.

Your monthly transaction limit is $ 50,000 for your whales. They have a “flash trading” system with a transaction time of 30 minutes or less.

All crypto deposits are free, just like any other exchange. There is a spot maker and taker rate of 0.1%.

Manufacturer fees apply when you add liquidity to the order book by placing a limit order below the ticker price for a purchase and above a sale. Policyholders’ fees are taken when liquidity is eliminated by placing an order that is executed against an order that is already in the book.

BitForex offers an organized discount rate for market maker accounts. You must request a market maker account at, review all applications every Monday.

BitForex has a withdrawal rate for each cryptocurrency, with a minimum withdrawal and a 24-hour withdrawal limit.

Investment plans and referrals

The platform is known for achieving great profits since its launch, but also for its moderate and safe investment plans.

These plans are as follows: Consistent plan, Expert plan and Supervisor aggregation plan. The first plan produces 20% of earnings, after 24 hours and offers instant withdrawals. The second offers 45%, after two days and also allows instant withdrawals. The latter offers 100% for three days and also allows instant withdrawals.

When inviting a user with a referral link, a commission will be obtained for each transaction that this user completes.

There are up to 3 levels of references: Level 1 references are those that have been registered in Bitforex directly in a reference link. Level 2 are those that are registered through the references of level 1 and level 3 will be those that come from those of level 2.

The commissions they generate depend on their level and are divided into the following scale: Level 1, 30% commission for each transaction completed; level 2, 10% commission for each transaction completed; level 3, 10% commission for each transaction completed.

Margin rates

BitForex has a tiered margin ratio (MMR) system, this system is designed to help prevent a massive loss of liquidity. The higher the position held, the lower the leverage available and a higher initial margin ratio will be required.

The MMR system has a 0.50% rate for perpetual contracts. The initial margin index (IMR) is calculated at 1 / leverage * 100%. If the leverage is 80, the IMR is equal to 1/80 * 100% = 1.25%.

BitForex has a forced settlement calculation called “Exposure Ratio”, which is used to judge your current risk and is calculated in Maintenance Margin / Account Asset * 100%.

When the exposure rate reaches a maximum of 100%, your account balance will be settled by the system.

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BitForex Coin

BitForex has its own currency called BF Token , it is proof of ownership of the platform. The cryptocurrency BF are generated through commercial mining, building communities and ecosystems, and a slow – release. The total supply of coins is 10,000 million.

80% of the fees generated by the BF currency will be to buy back more BF coins. The other 20% will be used to help develop BitForex.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)


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