Bitlaia: The platform to invest and generate 36% per year (without referrals)

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Bitlaia is a 100% automated investment platform, which generates monthly earnings of 3% monthly in fixed income, in dollar.bit

It is the first online platform that allows you to obtain fixed earnings of 36% per year, without having to be an expert in finance. And it is that the firm does everything for its clients, in addition to being very easy to use and requiring a minimum investment of just $ 100.

In this way, if the client makes an investment of $ 100, after 12 months you would have $ 136 without having to do absolutely nothing.

In addition, it is an open platform to its clients, since it has a section to receive comments and suggestions from the community, in which users can suggest investment projects so that the team of specialists can select, finance and / or sponsor.

How Bitlaia Works

The platform is in charge of investing its clients’ money in Forex (the largest market in the world in which currencies are traded), with automated bots and audits them on the MYFXBOOK platform, to provide a better experience and transparency to its investors, minimizing risks.

Thus, Bitlaia gives its clients a simple entry into the world of online investments, with which it minimizes risks and offers a reasonable return in a short period, depending on market conditions.

Because all of their accounts are audited and 100% secure, they guarantee fixed income earnings every month.

Investments and withdrawals are made in cryptocurrencies, although within the platform the balance of investors is reflected in dollars.

Why do you use cryptocurrencies?

In Bitlaia deposits and withdrawals are made in cryptocurrencies, so it is not necessary to have dollars to be able to invest. Although for the convenience of the client, the money and earnings are reflected in dollars.

The developers of the platform have opted for digital currencies, because the commissions are much lower than that of conventional banks for movement of foreign currency.

Furthermore, the market value is international and transactions can be carried out from anywhere in the world without hindrance.

Is it a Ponzi?

Bitlaia is a 100% secure platform. Unlike others, the firm is characterized by paying a very conservative percentage and having no referral system , so that it does not become a pyramid or Ponzi system.

Added to this is the fact that all of their accounts are audited and 100% secure, guaranteeing fixed-income earnings every month. In fact, in the audited accounts it can be seen that an average of 8% is generated monthly. Which is more than enough to pay 3% monthly to its users.

Bitlaia is for everyone

Bitlaia also offers a product for the most experienced investors. A personal Forex bot, that more advanced users can buy and install on your computer, to link it with your favorite broker and manage it as you like.

The product is designed to give the user freedom to control the returns generated, giving them a high probability of exceeding the profits they could obtain on the platform.

Trading bots, as we have pointed out in CriptomonedaseICO, are unique tools that operate 24 hours a day. Using various algorithms and an optimal strategy to get the best market opportunities, without human intervention.

The bot closes multiple operations with a high percentage of success. Generating constant benefits for the client.

The tool provided by Bitlaia is licensed for life and the company offers specialized support, backtest sections, help, downloads, presets and audited accounts of users who already use the product.

In addition, it can be installed on a Windows VPS computer and then be viewed from any mobile device, with an Android or iOS operating system.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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