Do you want to shop with your Bitcoins? Bitrefill is what you are looking for

Do you want to shop with your Bitcoins? Bitrefill is what you are looking for

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Bitrefill is a platform that provides a large number of products and services that can be paid with cryptocurrencies, giving usability to virtual currencies and allowing people to live with their crypto assets more easily.

The portal offers an extensive catalog of gift cards, prepaid mobile recharges and Lightning Network services, which can be purchased using Bitcoin or altcoins, from anywhere in the world.

By using the technology of the original cryptocurrency and Lightning Network, Bitrefill offers a secure and private user experience with fast digital delivery no matter where on the planet the user is, since you only need to provide an email address to receive proof, gift card codes (as the case may be), and have direct communication with the company’s customer service department.

Deliveries are very fast, because they depend on the time it takes for payment to be processed and, considering that they use the Lightning network, an operation can take a few minutes. Even Bitcoin transactions valued at less than $ 200, with a sufficient transaction fee, and Dash Instasend transactions can also be processed instantly.

Although, other types of transactions and cryptocurrencies may require more network confirmations before payment is accepted and the order is delivered.

, Do you want to shop with your Bitcoins? Bitrefill is what you are looking for, Criptomonedas e ICOs, Criptomonedas e ICOs

Latin America among those who buy the most

Given the rise of cryptocurrencies in Latin America, it is not surprising that the region is among the top buyers of the products and services that are quoted in Bitrefill.

This, thanks to the platform offers the opportunity to people from various countries to make purchases abroad. Thus, for example, Venezuela, where economic and exchange restrictions make it difficult for citizens to purchase products on Amazon or eBay, is the country that most uses the opportunities offered by this company.

Together with Venezuela, the rest of the Latin American nations that follow it in order of sales are: Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Argentina, Portugal, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Panama and Chile. When asked, Bitrefill responded that in the only country in the Americas where they did not sell products is in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Although each nation has unique services and products, to acquire from its own borders, from the comfort of home, such as the giftcards that are obtained for Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and – soon – Colombia, what is most bought in the nations latinas are the gift cards of Amazon USA, eBay USA and the flightgiftcard of Hotels (.) com.

Top sellers include: Amazon USA, Amazon ES, Cubacel, eBay USA, Google Play Voucher USA, Hotels, iTunes Store Voucher USA, Walmart USA; Flightgiftcard, Sony PlayStation USA, Steam EUR International and Uber USA.

In addition, in almost all nations they sell telephone recharges, although the best selling is that of Cubacel.

, Do you want to shop with your Bitcoins? Bitrefill is what you are looking for, Criptomonedas e ICOs, Criptomonedas e ICOsThe new shopping cart

One of the most requested features for Bitrefill, was a shopping cart to have the ability to place bulk orders.

This is because in the past, only one product could be ordered at a time, which required separate blockchain transactions for each product sold and increased transaction fees. It also made asking for several cards more cumbersome and slow.

However, Bitrefilll worked very hard to offer these features, so they recently announced the launch of their shopping cart, which is very easy to use.

Now, customers can buy multiple gift cards, refills or Lightning services in a single order, customize quantities and remove items before paying.

They have an excellent and useful refund policy

One of the most interesting features of Bitrefill is that they have a refund policy in case an order cannot be completed. This is a practically unique aggregate, because many of the same style platforms do not include this option, which translates into losses for the user.

In accordance with this company policy, if an order has not been delivered (unfortunately, this happens sometimes due to problems with the operator), the cryptocurrency paid will be refunded as soon as possible, after the customer uses an address of refund.

To do this, you must write an email to, or respond to the Receipt email and for the support area to review the case. In addition, all useful order information that you have (order ID, email address or the phone number you are recharging) must be provided.

Usually, customer service responds within a few hours, but it’s always good to wait at least 24 hours.

To buy in Bitrefill it is not necessary to create an account, although you always have the option and, in addition, this allows you to maintain a balance with the platform, which can be used to buy any of the products or services offered, without having to pay the commissions of blockchain transaction, and without waiting for payment confirmation.

This is an excellent option for recurring customers who want to save on commissions when making frequent purchases.

Creating an account also allows you to add two-factor authentication, review order history and participate in referral and rewards programs.

Referral program

Bitrefill gives its best customers the opportunity to try their new referral program. Providing a way to tell your friends about the platform and earn $ 10 in Bitcoin for each one.

To make use of this benefit, the client must only provide a referral link to their acquaintances, family or friends, or use the form provided on the page to send them a referral email.

Once the referral purchases a total of $ 100 in products in Bitrefill, each will receive $ 10 in BTC, automatically credited to their account on the platform.

Do you want more information? Visit Bitrefill.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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