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The blabla game is an interesting proposal for anyone who wants to grow in the crypto world and have fun at the same time.

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A game as simple and well known as the famous rock, paper and scissors is the representative game of blabla and is considered the best Blockchain game of the year 2022. It has a very attractive game ecosystem, with real users who have the opportunity to place bets, receive prizes and get a return on your money and everything you win according to your bets.

The primary purpose for which cryptocurrencies were initially created was as a substitute tool for what paper money and the normal banking system represent. Whose most outstanding characteristics are: decentralization and anonymity, which represents an opportunity for freedom according to what you do with your virtual money.

Nakamoto’s daughter created this blablagame.io game with the same system used by blockchain cryptocurrencies, thus achieving that many experts in the crypto world can assure that this game will become one of the most successful this year.

Currently there are many countries and companies that receive cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, for the exchange and sale of goods and services. Although it is not the main purpose, it makes them more popular. That is why all games that are backed by any cryptocurrency can be equally successful.

If Nakamoto is a visionary and enterprising man, presumably his daughter is too, and this blabla project has a point in its favor. For being the cryptographic creator of such a popular, simple and well-known game.

Why choose this game?


In the crypto world there are countless games, but they are mostly complicated, and their goal is the collection of different items or increase the number of NFTs. Blabla seeks simplicity, being available to everyone with attractive but limited offers.

The rules of the game are the same as in that popular childhood game rock, paper, scissors. Game users make bets and choose an option, as is well known rock beats scissors, paper beats rock and scissors beats paper.

A user creates the game, the winner will receive the fee corresponding to his bet that represents the total amount of the bets of the two players minus a 3% commission that remains in the game. A very important fact if the currency used to play is the BlaBlaGame Token (Bla) the commission is reduced to only 2.2% of the amount of the bets.

What happens with those commissions?

It is the money that is used for bonuses, and the reward to the Blabla game platform

If both choose the same option (rock, paper or scissors), they must have a new one, the funds of the bet will be returned to both players and they must make a new bet and a new attempt.

Is it a safe game?

It was first published in 2001, using the SHA-256 security algorithm. Designed by the prestigious United States National Security Agency (NSA).

Therefore, no one including the owners of the Bla Bla game can modify, view or alter the option chosen by a player because the objects they choose to bet are stored in an encrypted form.

As every game has levels, to climb positions, you can rely on bets and their benefits every time you win, or also by referrals and rewards for buying tokens from them.

There are many game options to invest while having fun, I am going to give you many reasons why you should choose BlaBlaGame:

1.- It belongs to the global GameFi or Game Finance industry, a combination of decentralized finance (DeFi) with blockchain games and NFTs. It is a fun way to earn cryptocurrencies while you play and meet and share with other players anywhere in the world.

2.- It is a project created by a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the crypto world.

3.- The Bla Token has its own deflationary model, which gives stability to the game, the platform and the currency.

4.- The Bla Token is issued in the solid and reliable Ethereum network , which means that the game can have bases of guarantee and trust for users.

5.-The BlaBlaGame project is a topic of conversation in the world media. This indicates that it is important and that you have them pending how it will develop.

6.- The Bla Token will be audited before listing. It is very likely that the audit will be carried out by the Certik company or another company with the same level of excellence. This will give additional recognition, so that users can have more confidence in this project.

For this and many more reasons, where we will include the ease and practicality of the game, we consider it a good investment option for you to have fun while increasing your money.

How will project tokens be distributed?


Of the Bla tokens, 70% are for sale, 20% are destined for bonuses or rewards for users and the remaining 10% will be distributed to the entire development team.

From the funds collected Cashback a refund reserve is made, which is paid daily at the end of each day, guided by UTC time. As long as during the day you have at least one game won.

If you lose all funds, but have already earned cashback funds, you will still be paid an increase in your funds, for new gaming opportunities, for the following day.

The cashback increases proportionally to the number of games won daily and the amount depends on the user and their qualification level.


There is also a bank of daily and monthly bonuses, which is an additional incentive for the top places the top 5 players are awarded daily and the top 10 at the end of each month.

Another benefit is the referral program:

It is a way to get rewarded for recommending the game to others and increase the number of players.

It is a single level limited program and the reward will depend on your rating level within the BlaBlagame game, and will be received in the currency that was used in the game.

Like any other cryptographic technology, Bla tokens involve a financial risk and the information provided here is for informational purposes, it cannot be considered as a financial promise or prediction. it is just a guide based on statistics so that people who want to invest can make a decision.


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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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