Blackjack: the token that offers great prizes to its hodlers

This cryptocurrency was created with huge jackpots that are paid out daily

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New projects are launched every minute and people have their investments stolen in many ways.

However, there are also very valuable projects, whose aim is to create a token that can add value while being maintained and also offer the opportunity to win a big pot or pool.

And that’s exactly why the Blackjack token was created, inspired by the same feeling you get when hitting that perfect 21 at the casino tables.

This cryptocurrency was created with huge jackpots that are paid out daily to a lucky seven.

For example: When the trading volume is $ 1,000,000, seven lucky people will be awarded $ 30,000 each day.

Unlike real casinos and risk gambling, this is not a zero-sum game where the house is set to win.

Rather, it’s a tax on buy and sell orders, preventing whales, incentivizing diamond hands, and providing a fun and lucrative lottery, every day.

The Blackjack token

$ BLACKJACK is a coin that allows you to win the jackpot as long as you have it and are in the top 60% of the holders.

The latter helps reduce all risks with investors creating mini portfolios just to get more inputs.

For each transaction made with the Blackjack token, a commission of 7% is applied, where 3% goes to the Blackjack Jackpot wallet and 1% is redistributed as a reward to all holders and 3% will be sent to the marketing wallet .

Also, every 24 hours, a random $ BLACKJACK holder in the top 60% will get BLACKJACK and win the Blackjack Jackpot portfolio.

The draws will take place every day at 22:00 UTC. The addresses of the top 60% holders will be exported to a server application where 7 lucky winners will be drawn at random and the jackpot will be automatically transferred.

After each win, the wallet is reset to zero.

Blackjack, better than a casino

The Blackjack token stands out for distributing its commissions among its hodlers. Thus:

3% of the commission from each transaction goes to the $ BLACKJACK jackpot wallet.

  • 1% of the commission from each transaction is redistributed as a reward to all $ BLACKJACK holders.
  • 3% will be sent to the marketing wallet – Winner takes all, one random headline wins
  • Every 24 hours there will be seven lucky winners, who will receive the blackjack jackpot purse reward.

How to participate in the Blackjack drawings?

The process to benefit from each of the Blackjack drawings is very simple. It is only necessary to have $ BLACKJACK tokens through a wallet compatible with the Binance Smart Chain.

And it is that everything is done automatically.


7% of the Blackjack tokens will be distributed for the team’s wallets, another 7% will go to the trading accounts, 7% for airdrop and marketing and the remaining 79% will be for negotiations.

Lottery winnings have a projected daily trading volume of $ 1 million.

This money will be distributed as prizes and rewards as follows:

  • $ 10,000 daily reward for holders.
  • $ 30,000 Daily Blackjack Jackpot.
  • $ 200,000 daily reward for holders.
  • $ 600,000 Daily Blackjack Jackpot.

With the look set in the future

The Blackjack developers will implement various enhancements to the platforms in the coming months.

One of them is an option for the visualization of the daily winning account, as well as the visualization of the condition of the top 60% and the value of the daily winning amount.

In addition, the listing of the token on Coingecko and CoinMarketCap is being prepared ; and the Blackjack logo and information within the Trust Wallet will be updated.

In its roadmap, the firm highlights that they will soon have an audit with different companies and are preparing for the listing on Whitebit.

However, one of the great attractions of the platform will be the implementation of the 2D Blackjack game .Another attractive point on your roadmap is expanding your marketing and team capabilities.

Blackjack NFTs and the creation of a Blackjack and card games academy and forums are also planned by the platform’s development team.

As well as the expansion of the market to the whole world, with the information on the website in several languages. This in order to grow with the community and implement their ideas.

Similarly, they plan to do promotions for loyal members of the community, an implementation of the 3D Blackjack game , an implementation of Toumament features, acquire game licenses and be listed on many other exchanges.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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