Bong Weed coin: The project that seeks to legalize and empower the cannabis sector

The platform wants to boost the multi-billion dollar marijuana industry

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Bong Weed coin is unique project. And it is that it is the first cryptocurrency created specifically to help boost the cannabis sector, working on the legal reform of marijuana for both users and producers.

In that sense, it supports the promotion of the global legalization of marijuana and the entire cannabis industry through its investments and donations.

The project is based on the community built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which acts as a decentralized entity; where community members work together and where they will begin to produce and sell their own cannabis products, starting in areas where it is already legal.

Proceeds from the BONG Weed coin will be donated directly to organizations that aim to promote the positive benefits of marijuana and seek to legalize its purchase at the local, national, and state level.

Why are they targeting marijuana?

The first and foremost thing is that it has been scientifically clarified and proven that the substance present in this drug is not as harmful to the brain, compared to other commonly used and legalized drugs everywhere.

By using these marijuana bongs, the trend of tobacco smokers can be changed. It is because the latter is more dangerous for the normal functioning of the brain.

Now it is crucial to legalize the use of cannabis for recreational and medical purposes.

Cannabis has many health benefits and the sale of this product will help open many economic avenues and opportunities for people.

Why are you seeking legalization?

Despite the negative views skeptics had when Amendment 64, which paved the way for recreational cannabis use in the United States, was passed in Colorado, there was no rise in crime or unemployment as they had predicted would occur.

Overall, crime has dropped 15% and the homicide rate has also dropped.

After recreational cannabis, also known as “adult use” cannabis, was first licensed in Colorado, and then Washington in 2012, their economies have seen a massive boom in business licenses, tourism, tax revenue, housing , population growth, and even more.

The argument that supports these results is that cannabis regulation leads to less activity on the black market, because people are prone to buy legitimate cannabis rather than something from a drug dealer.

This leads to better consumer awareness, helps the economy, there are fewer health risks involved.

Another strong argument from cannabis advocates is the fact that alcohol is far more dangerous to the health of the individual, as well as that of the public, and yet it is legal everywhere and much less regulated, despite being a known carcinogen.

How will you achieve your goal?

Bong Weed Coin (BWC) takes a transformative step toward advancing the marijuana business.

One of the points of the project is to fight for the decriminalization of marijuana throughout the planet.

The funding that would be earned by the platform would be used to work to fight and support cases across the planet from cannabis clients, helping them secure bail.

In addition, it would be used to convince legislators to decriminalize this business across the planet, to haggle with a noble cause, legitimate bodies, dissident and lobbyists and software engineers working with the decriminalization of cannabis and to participate in the drives for legitimacy and people continue to give for the best reason to gifts and a good cause.

What does Bong Weed Coin offer?

Among many other acclaimed forms of crypto money inspired by marijuana, none of them have ever cared about the authorization of cannabis around the planet or helping or supporting the culprits of cannabis using the assets created by it.

But Bong Weed intends to support its use in an explicit part of the world, as well as across the globe for clinical purposes, as well as for sports uses.

The platform wants to work with legislators, lobbyists and activists to decriminalize the use of cannabis by young people, simplify their admission and create a management framework within which decent quality cannabis can be accessed free. of any contamination, which in the end will lead to less mortality.

Bong Weed Space is granting grants to help individuals who are convicted of using cannabis, help their families, and support them to rescue them.

This decentralized stage works together with your customers and DEV to start working to sell the herb and frill items where it is legal and to start your product that will be accessible in your online store.

Being decentralized, it also facilitates the exchange of cannabis and offers a protective climate for the purchase and sale of it.

Rewards program

As seen with many other projects in the BSC, Bong Weed Coin has a unique property in its contract that rewards holders of the coin.

Each transaction is taxed at 10%, where 5% goes to the liquidity fund to ensure safe and adequate trading, and the other 5% is redistributed to the holders.

Similar to how you can earn returns through liquidity risk; Only this works through the contract itself and therefore does not require any additional transaction to claim your rewards, just hodl it and watch it accumulate in your wallet as people buy / sell your BWC.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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