BSCCrop: The first blockchain-based freelance marketplace

BSCCrop will be vital to spice up the industry

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BSCCrop is the first blockchain-based freelance marketplace, which aims to be the platform where business and blockchain people come together to collaborate and create teams for emerging projects.

In essence, it is a Fiverr or Upwork type project but within the blockchain. However, these industry leaders charge fees that range from 10% to 20%.

For its part, BSCCrop will reduce rates by up to 3% per project.

And it is that they are creating a valuable environment where businesses and the blockchain meet, to create a safe, affordable, accessible and efficient experience.

In addition, BSCCrop offers the best long-term stake program on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which will launch this week, with 4% monthly and 48% annually in rewards .

It also features the best long-term marketing gift campaign ever offered by a Tesla Cuber vehicle or a $ 40,000 prize on BUSD.

The problem to attack

A fundamental problem plaguing the blockchain industry is the lack of a link between companies and the right talent.

Today’s highly talented traditional markets working online, or remotely, are full of contractors whose profiles are full of blockchain skills.

However, clients who hire these service providers end up disappointed in the work they have done.

Sometimes companies pay for services not provided or resort to finding other talents to do the same job.

Additionally, high fees in the 10% to 20% range make it very difficult for freelancers and companies to find talent that is affordable.

That is why BSCCrop emerges as a safe, cheap and efficient version of Fiverr and Upwork that focuses on business and the blockchain.

Who is behind BSCCrop?

BSCCrop is made up of a team with solid business training and experience. Among them are its CEO and co-founder, Damon Willis; and the co-founder and COO of the firm, Bradley Gilbeaux.

Willis has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Wyoming, with a Masters in Business and Educational Leadership; and with work experience in the area of ​​Finance, Sales and Marketing and Strategy.

He worked for companies like the Fortune 500 and large public organizations that have enabled him to manage nine-figure portfolios and drive strategic plans to achieve desired results.

Willis began his foray into blockchain as an investor about three years ago, being fascinated by the rapid innovation taking place alongside its potential to change the world.

For his part, Gilbeaux has more than 10 years of consulting and analysis experience working with various companies such as the Fortune 500, federal, state and local governments.

The BSCCrop ecosystem

BSCCROP ​​provides an ecosystem of business services, including a virtual co-working platform that will drive decentralized innovation and collaboration for blockchain startups.

Similarly, it grants a launch pad for projects and will offer guaranteed allocation opportunities for those interested in the token.

The ecosystem will also offer stakes and agriculture for users.

The deflationary aspects of its utility token, the BSCCrop, such as burning 1% in transactions, which will promote value creation and also higher utility of the token for holders.

BSCCrop’s vision is to create an environment that takes the user from idea to token launch.

Both business and blockchain professionals will now have an environment to provide services and cultivate projects, all in one place.

Reputation scores similar to the structure used by Uber will allow users to collaborate and request services safely.

Thus, it will seek to eliminate the barriers that affect the innovative leaders who are entering the blockchain industry.

What does BSCCrop offer?

Among the features of BSCCrop are:

  • Deflationary system: burning of 1% in all transactions
  • Stake rewards: 4% monthly return; 48% per annum with guaranteed payment during the first year.
  • Farm Rewards – Generous agricultural rewards at BSCCROP ​​with guaranteed payout for the first year.
  • Freelance Services Ecosystem – Low Fees, Experienced Community, Decentralized Marketplace for Blockchain Contractors / Professionals
  • Public team: solid business training and experience.
  • Token launch pad – Guaranteed allocations for token bettors. Review and support of new projects.
  • Successful audits : The audit of the token contract was favorable and was carried out by Techrate & Solid Group.

The BSCCrop token

The BSCCROP ​​token is the platform’s utility coin, with a total supply of 21,000,000 and an initial circulation of 3,531,250 tokens (16.8% of the total supply).

The asset will be distributed as follows:

  • Treasury: 25% – Blocked.
  • Founders and team: 20% -20% unlock; acquired quarterly.
  • Rewards for participation and agriculture: 17.5% – Distributed during 1 year.
  • Liquidity: 10% – Locked for 1 year.
  • Public sale: 10% – Without acquisition of rights.
  • Private sale: 5% – 25% unlock; 25% released every month.
  • Marketing: 5% – 10% unlock; acquired quarterly.
  • Advisors: 5% – 10% unlock; acquired quarterly.
  • Strategic sale: Unlock from 2.5% to 25%; 25% released every month.

NFT Gold Leafy Rewards

BSCCROP ​​is taking game theory and rewards to the next level, with the NFT Gold Leafy rewards program.

In the coming months BSCCROP ​​holders will have a chance to win a Tesla Cybertruck, or $ 40,000 .

Thus, the platform will name specific milestones and a holder (of at least 1,000 BSCCROP) will be able to win a golden NFT with the possibility of winning a $ 40,000 Tesla Cybertruck.

The giveaway is valid for the first 100 people to stake their BSCCROP ​​tokens.

The NFTs are already being created and the first NFTs will be issued very soon.

Do you want more information? Visit their website.





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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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