Building and strengthening a blockchain brand in a highly competitive market

The ecosystem of blockchain technology has enormous potential, but it hasn’t reached all the expectations that it has generated since it was born.

According to Sage, a multinational technological software company, 2020 will be the year where blockchain will be widely adopted. Beyond the cryptocurrency’s application, blockchain technology provides enterprises with endless solutions that can be converted in blockchain applications, which will solve many issues for them involving efficiency, time, more affordable costs, transparency, and security.

A great example of blockchain technology implementation is Traxalt. Traxalt is a digital asset and a blockchain protocol based in the Stellar blockchain. It is basically a new brand in the blockchain context, as it was launched only in June 2019. As of today, in mid-May 2020, it already has more than 971,082 account holders. Almost reaching a million holders, and it is still one month away to be a one-year-old brand. You can follow the account holder’s growth at the blockchain site.

Even though Traxalt is being used worldwide, there are some markets that represent the most usage for it. The biggest markets holding Traxalt are China, Colombia, Brazil, Russia, South Korea, and Mexico. And it keeps growing, as the next countries on the list are Italy, Peru, the Philippines, and Japan.

Traxalt has different ways by which its growth has been reflected. Word of mouth is significantly important, as it is its own community who sees the potential on it and shares it with their acquaintances and friends. This helps the community to be bigger and stronger. But there is also another way that has influenced Traxalt’s growth. The marketing approach and strategies that the brand is implementing are also helping to reach a wider audience, and most importantly to retain them and convert them into the community.

The marketing strategy basically consists of three pillars. The first one is brand visibility and presence. Traxalt has been present in several blockchain events held in different countries like Malta, Brazil, Singapur, Hong Kong, Mexico, United Kingdom, among others.

It is very important for the brand to be at events where great personalities in the technology and blockchain industry attend, as it implies a great opportunity to be recognized and exposed. The second pillar is education. Blockchain technology is still an industry that needs to be exploded in the educational sector, as many people do not know what it is or what can be done with it.

Traxalt’s efforts on educating people with valuable and relevant content about blockchain are considerable. Some examples are online webinars and online educational content. And the third pillar and a very important brand touchpoint is social media. Traxalt focuses on strengthening its social media channels as they are the most immediate and direct way to communicate with its users. Maintaining all social media channels in line requires creativity, time, and effort. But the results can be seen with a community that interacts and connects with them.

It is also important not to leave behind the Traxalt platform. The Traxalt platform can be customizable and adapted to any need that a company might have. The main objective of the Traxalt platform is to become the middleman between enterprises and blockchain technology. Basically, to bring blockchain technology closer to whoever is interested in adopting it, no matter if they are small, medium, or big enterprises.

Traxalt continues to grow and has big plans coming ahead. 2020 will definitely be a great year for the blockchain industry because as you have seen, blockchain goes beyond cryptocurrencies. The possibilities are endless, and enterprises are starting to see the positive side of implementing this technology in their daily operations.

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