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Business Club: the dream ecosystem for cryptocurrency lovers

Business Club: the dream ecosystem for cryptocurrency lovers

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Business Club is a cryptographic ecosystem that comprises an innovative digital wallet, its own original token, adecentralized single blockchain network, a social media platform, secure cloud file hosting services and more.

In essence, its one-of-a-kind ecosystem is a place for blockchain enthusiasts to congregate and grow businesses , focusing on increasing the value of capital earned with user effort.

The firm, owned by Blockchain Business Solutions, is registered in the Republic of Malta with the number C-92788, with 40 employees in two offices located in Valletta (Malta) and Zurich (Switzerland).

Business Club offers an active wallet that allows users to store digital currencies securely, as well as send and receive a variety of different cryptocurrencies.

business club, Business Club: the dream ecosystem for lovers of cryptocurrencies, Cryptocurrencies and ICOs, Cryptocurrencies and ICOs

However, the brand goes further and offers its customers a wide range of products and services, including token club business, Business Club Blockchain, payment cards cryptocurrencies services file hosting in the cloud, social network, live broadcast of Business Club and Business Club Easy Mall.

This makes it a complete and balanced ecosystem backed by a variety of products and services.

BCT Token

The platform’s native token, the Business Club Token (BCT), is essential to be part of the ecosystem. It supports the community by rewarding its members and supports business development processes . Free movement helps to share the profits generated by depositing new tokens in a user’s active wallet. The higher the bet, the higher dividend is received.

This asset also allows users to make several purchases, such as storage space, bandwidth transfer, advertisements, different functions for the social media platform and video transmission, etc.

business club, Business Club: the dream ecosystem for lovers of cryptocurrencies, Cryptocurrencies and ICOs, Cryptocurrencies and ICOs

All this while providing passive income when stored in a wallet. Passive income also comes from references, to which there are seven levels, with rewards ranging from a 0.1% commission to a 7% commission at level 7.

According to its Whitepaper, all BCTs that are owned generate profits, but the minimum deposit in Active Wallet is 250 BCT. “The more BCT has, the greater the daily and monthly profit generated by the wallet.”

The shared benefit as part of being a holder of BCT tokens comes from a commission group based on small transaction charges. In turn, users who spend BCT tokens, on or off the platform, generate profits for the company as acquired BCTs return to the Business Club.

The token is based on its own blockchain, where each transaction is recorded – however small. Thus fulfilling one of the main objectives of the firm: transparency.

The active wallet

Like any cryptocurrency, BCT needs a digital wallet to be saved. That is why Active Wallet was born, a secure way to store user funds.

This tool allows access to the funds at any time, with the exception of a 45-day period during which a withdrawal applies a 15% rate. But beyond that period, withdrawals are free and without limitations.

Active Wallet is completely user controlled and relies on cryptographic protection to secure funds, since they are not centrally controlled.

business club, Business Club: the dream ecosystem for lovers of cryptocurrencies, Cryptocurrencies and ICOs, Cryptocurrencies and ICOsRethinking BCT for predetermined periods in this wallet also unlocks the possibility of receiving special issuance VISA cards. While keeping BCTs stored for a period of 180 days not only unlocks rewards, but also opens access to one of the five types of Business Club payment cards.

Users can also get access to the free VISA Leaf Green debit card. Card issuance will only occur after the end of waiting periods, until a License from the Malta Financial Services Authority is granted.

Currently, the Business Club Active Wallet supports BitcoinEthereum, Business Club TokenBitcoin Cash, Ripple, MoneroDash , Litecoin and Tether.

The Business Club team plans to organize votes for recently admitted cryptocurrencies and add them to its blockchain network.

The security of Business Club and its BCT Active Wallet

One of the important things to keep in mind before opting for a digital wallet is the type of security features it has to offer. This wallet provides high security features to ensure user funds are secure .

Business Club protects its users with Cloudflare Firewall that allows them to control all incoming site traffic, as well as the DDOS attack protection function to protect the wallet server from a distributed denial of service attack.

It also has a Google 2FA authentication feature, which means you must enter a code that is sent to your mobile phone before you can log in to your digital wallet.

Business Club also offers one of the strongest security features, the multiple signature that requires more than one private key to authorize an encryption transaction.

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In addition to all this, we must consider that the company operates its network through Business Club Virtual Machine (BCVM), a completely isolated and secure runtime environment. The BCVM blocks access to any external resource and leads to the execution of high security programming code.

business club, Business Club: the dream ecosystem for lovers of cryptocurrencies, Cryptocurrencies and ICOs, Cryptocurrencies and ICOsBusiness Club payment cards

Business Club gives users the power to store, buy, sell or spend fiat and virtual currency around the world, so everyone can now easily cross the borders with Business Club.

In fact, Business Club payment cards can be used at more than 42 million points of sale worldwide.

The Business Club blockchain

Transparency and credibility are our priority. Thanks to its exclusive Business Club Blockchain (BCB), each user can view all BCT transactions. Thanks to its own currency and blockchain, literally, each of the transactions, even the smallest, is described and available for analysis.

Your own social network

Business Club has a social media platform based on ultramodern solutions, offering multiple functions, products and services such as BCT transfer between users, cloud storage service, video streaming, sponsored content, advertising, extended account functionality, Encrypted chat, smart store and much more.

Live streaming of Business Club

Through this platform you can hold online conferences, stream videos, organize webinars. In addition, during the transmission, BCT can be donated or received, which means that the earning potential is unlimited.

Business Club Easy Mall

In addition to everything else, in Business Club you can easily create an online store that will become an integral part of the Business Club profile. When the business begins to grow, you can quickly modify and expand the store’s offer with the simple tools offered by the platform.

business club, Business Club: the dream ecosystem for lovers of cryptocurrencies, Cryptocurrencies and ICOs, Cryptocurrencies and ICOsConfiguration and use of the Active Wallet

Setting up an account with Business Club is easy. First, you must visit the official website of Busines.club and complete the personal data on the registration page. You can also download the Business Club Active Wallet mobile app in AppStore or Google Playstore.

Once the registration process is completed, the user is immediately redirected to the Business Club platform.

Finally, you can find the BCT wallet address on the negotiation board and every time you want to send a certain cryptocurrency to the wallet and store it, you must click on the receive button and to get the active Business Club wallet address.

In the operations panel, information on total portfolio funds, BCT active portfolio balance, commissions, earnings, frontliners, all partners, front end funds and team funds in total can be obtained. You can also receive and send payments in the main panel.

Whenever you want to buy Business Club Token (BCT), you must press the ‘Buy BCT’ button in the menu on the left side and you can recharge the active wallet with one of the cryptocurrencies it supports.

In addition, you can switch to the social network page with a click of a button, where you can connect with other users , upload images, use the Business Club cloud service, create ads and more.

Do you want more information? Visit to Business Club.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/BC_ActiveWallet


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Business_Club_Active_Wallet/


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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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