Caizcoin: the first transparent and secure Islamic blockchain and cryptocurrency platform

Caizcoin is working with advisers including Islamic scholars

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Caizcoin is a decentralized financial solution (DeFi) and a cryptocurrency that allows you to make international money transfers quickly and profitably.

It is the first of its kind to be certified by a fatwa as an official Islamic digital currency and blockchain.

The German-born platform was approved under Islamic financial law by Islamic scholars, symbolizing the opening of the global cryptocurrency market to Muslims and removing all uncertainties regarding the use of blockchain technology within Islamic finance.

The Caizcoin team is made up of young and dynamic global leaders in the fields of business, technology and finance. This qualified team was selected to work closely with Islamic scholars, economists, and finance experts to ensure that Islamic values ​​are infused into every aspect of their final product.

For these experts it was necessary that the platform follow the guidelines of the Islamic faith that are aligned with the best moral use of technology.

Being within the binding principles of Islamic law, Caizcoin tokens will be used for financial good, such as collaboration with organizations and institutions to enable Waqf and Zakat donations and Islam-compatible e-commerce.

The mission of this project is to offer innovative financial solutions, which allow everyone to participate in the world of modern finance while still complying with Islamic principles.

In this way, it will be able to fulfill its mission of showing that Islamic finance too is capable of adapting to a constantly developing world and innovating with new ideas and solutions.

But, this is not to say that Caizcoin is limited to Muslim investors.

In fact, the platform invites anyone who wants to enjoy the advantages of a blockchain backed by high security, with flexibility in withdrawing money and in anonymous and immediate international monetary transactions to participate in the network.

Real benefits and insurance based on Islamic financial principles

The platform has been introduced with the concept of real, intrinsic and safe profits for the investor, while also including the concept of modern Islamic finance.

Caizcoin includes a number of features and applications that make it a truly Islamic blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Because Islamic finance needs to follow specific rules and requirements, the project found a solution to cover them with its blockchain technology and attached features and services.

The official Fatwa certificate issued by this Islamic council will validate that Caizcoin is fully compatible with Islam.

Innovative features

The Caizcoin ecosystem includes very innovative technical features, built on the Caizchain blockchain, created by the Caizcoin developers.

The platform is built on its own decentralized blockchain. And this is an infinitely safer feature for its users.

This network is in charge of guaranteeing faster and anonymous operations, guarded by the responsibility of the general ledger and an unparalleled growth potential.

The secure payment system, E-wallet, will control the transactions so that the cryptocurrency is safe for each investor.

Caizcoin drives its global use as a currency by offering a modern digital banking solution and an API for third-party integrations.

Global investors on the platform are fee-free up to a certain withdrawal ratio and will enjoy an instant transfer of funds secured by blockchain technology.

All vendors and network partners must adhere to the values ​​and standards that Caizcoin represents.

Safe and transparent cryptocurrency

Caizcoin will introduce a ledger system, which can be verified by any node with the help of a single click, in order to maintain the transparency of the platform for all investors of this cryptocurrency.

Such an accounting tool will be available in the provision of secret details of the nodes.

The transactions and businesses of the different investors can be controlled by any node without any suspicion.

Security is Caizcoin’s first priority and this has been imparted to the nodes by the blockchain network that will keep each transaction under the supervision of the nodes.

Exchange and payments will be controlled under a payment gateway system. The wallet will also control transactions so that the digital currency is safe for all investors.

Security is the first priority of digital currency and has been imparted to the nodes by the blockchain, which will keep each transaction under the supervision of each node.

Exchange and payments will be controlled under a payment gateway system. The wallet will also control transactions so that the cryptocurrency is safe for each of its investors.

The token sale

Caizcoin raises funds through a private initial sale of tokens that is limited to 999,999,999 tokens that can be acquired, through fiat currency, Ether or Bitcoin.

The tokens are initially distributed via Ethereum’s ERC-20 blockchain. Although, Caizcoin is in the process of launching its own blockchain, so once it goes live, the currently ETH-based tokens will be exchanged for their own fully Islam-compliant currency.

Caizcoin does not require a minimum maintenance time, it is a trust-based cryptocurrency that aims to make investors stick with the token because of their trust in it, rather than forcing them to keep their cryptocurrencies, which is why Caizcoin they can be withdrawn at any time.

Caizcoin has enormous growth potential. Its objective is to increase its value by promoting its use as a currency and not just as a financial asset. The tokens will soon be available on the main exchanges.

Everyone is invited to learn and use Caizcoin and to benefit from the financial freedom it provides.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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