CoinsPaid: The world’s largest cryptocurrency-based financial ecosystem

The platform is iGaming's number one cryptocurrency payment gateway

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CoinsPaid is the world’s largest cryptocurrency-based financial ecosystem, offering the functionality of a cryptocurrency wallet, payment processing, OTC platform, and an active wallet system.

controversyThe platform operates worldwide, benefiting its users with competitive transaction costs and offering access to new markets.

Despite the challenging 2020, CoinsPaid managed to establish itself as the number one cryptocurrency payment gateway in the iGaming market, after processing more than 1.25 trillion euros in transactions.

However, the firm already surpassed the feat in May 2021, managing to process more than 1.3 trillion and process more than 5% of all Bitcoin transactions.

Your path to iGaming glory

CoinsPaid is the brainchild of a team that developed the world’s first provably fair online casino and the world’s first security audited SaaS for crypto exchange.

The company has built a remarkable track record through its extensive experience as an internal part of Merkelon, since 2014.

Finally, in 2018, CoinsPaid entered the market as a separate brand from a cryptocurrency payment solution.

Currently, the CoinsPaid processing mechanism is being used by more than 200 online casinos.

Suffice it to say that it has come a long way since its inception. Five years and 200 casinos later, it has excelled in the field of online gambling and gaming.

This leading crypto processor offers the alternative of more than 50 cryptocurrencies on its platform, thus becoming a favorable option for its customer base.

What does CoinsPaid offer?

That CoinsPaid is considered the largest cryptocurrency-based financial ecosystem in the world is no accident.

And it is that a wide variety of products and services are obtained on the platform, such as a cryptographic payment gateway, which helps any type of online company to accept crypto payments and instantly receive the same amount in fiat currency.

In addition, it offers its clients a foreign exchange and over-the-counter (OTC) desk, with which companies can exchange Bitcoin and more than 30 cryptocurrencies for more than 20 national currencies at the best rates and without hidden charges.

It supports purchase (off-ramp) and sale (on-ramp) transactions of fiat currencies.

This OTC table and a dedicated broker are available for Forex trading above 500,000 euros.

Some of the best features of the exchange service are the built-in instant exchange; operates under license; has fast API integration; support 24 hours; and a limited price gap, where exchange rate fluctuations are not a problem.

Similarly, CoinsPaid offers a cryptocurrency hot wallet system aimed at companies whose model requires a scalable and secure environment for digital asset management (acceptance, storage and withdrawal of digital assets in multiple directions).

It is an essential function for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, digital wallets, payment gateways and other companies with similar requirements.

All these CoinsPaid services are joined by a white label system so that companies have the profitable opportunity to start their own crypto payment business.

Customers immediately receive a cryptocurrency payment gateway under their own brand. While the platform manages all the environment support and users can focus on their business development.

It also makes a browser available to its users , which allows monitoring all internal transactions in the CoinsPaid ecosystem with a single click and keeping the reporting system organized.

There, the TXID (transaction ID), the creation date and time, the amount and currency, and the status of the operation are displayed.

Non-existent fees

Payments for goods and services in cryptocurrencies are processed with a 0% fee. Also, CoinsPaid does not charge any fees for cryptocurrency transfers between wallet user accounts.

However, some transaction fees do apply, although they are minimal. Before some transactions are executed, the fees will be calculated and displayed automatically.

Regarding the integration and start-up, no commissions are charged. Instead, the service takes a small percentage of the transactions processed.

The IDO of CoinsPaid

CoinsPaid will launch an Initial Offering in DEX (IDO) to facilitate a bridge between online business and de-centralized finance (DeFi), creating a comprehensive ecosystem for more than 600 merchants and their five million customers.

With this, the firm will sell its CPD DeFi token for the first time, which will operate within its ecosystem, providing participation options and DeFi variations, and serving as a means of payment.

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The total supply is 800,000,000 CPD. Of the first batch of tokens (40,000,000 CPD), 5% will be divided between the public investors and the liquidity pool. The supply at TGE will be only 24 million.

After the introduction of the entire batch of CPD in circulation, the supply will be divided into 31% of CPD destined for the incentive program, with which users will be able to considerably increase their profits.

In addition, 24 million tokens will be added as liquidity on the first trading day and will form a core of the ‘supply and demand’ model. This liquidity fund will drive transactions on the platform that involve CPD.

The incentive program is designed so that bonuses are paid out gradually. In total, 248 million CPD tokens will be allocated as a reward for stacking, redeeming and other actions involving the use of tokens.

The entire amount of tokens will be distributed in 1.5 years after the public listing.

The utility of the CPD

With CPD, users will receive up to 50% discount on all CoinsPaid service fees, will be able to Staking and monthly token burning events will take place, to avoid CPD value inflation, which could also help to the price increase.

The cryptocurrency itself provides up to 30% discount on CPD participation fees and an additional 20% discount for paying them in CPD token. The maximum discount on operating fees is 50%.

B2B customers will get an additional 10% discount for token promotion.

While DeFi staking rewards will have an APY of up to 20%.

Token exchanges will be available to ETH, BSC, SOL and EOS chains to offer merchants a wide variety of blockchains.

In addition, they will have a discount on future marketing services and products.

CoinsPaid’s IDO rolls out over multiple rounds and is currently going through the private stage of the campaign, with a public sale date to be revealed shortly.

Those interested in participating should take into account that only 2% of the group is available for this stage, and it will be available only to those pre-registered on the waiting list or Waiting List.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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