Meet the ATM that gives you commissions instead of taking them away,’s famous B-shaped ATMs B-shaped ATMs, your best option to buy and sell your cryptocurrency in Spain

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If you live in Europe, know the world of cryptocurrencies or are dabbling in it, it is very likely that you have already seen B-shaped ATMs. that make the resemblance to a Bitcoin logo in three dimensions. If I told you that these ATMs give you cryptocurrencies, would you believe it?

Conoce el cajero que te da comisiones en lugar de quitarlas, los famosos cajeros automáticos en forma de B de

It is important to know that the number of devices exceeds 5000, distributed in more than 70 countries. These not only serve to publicize and popularize the crypto currency and its symbol. It is also a very useful tool to make different transactions.

 Among the features offered by this:

buy, sell, or transfer bitcoins in fractions of a second, anywhere in the world quickly and easily. As well as the exchange of virtual currency for FIAT currency. And most importantly without generating any additional cost for the use of the service. 

Conoce el cajero que te da comisiones en lugar de quitarlas, los famosos cajeros automáticos en forma de B de

Although ATMs can be found all over the world, including Latin America, to carry out transactions in bitcoins, most of them charge a high percentage of commissions. These special B-shaped ATMs do not, on the contrary, give you a percentage of profit on your transactions, although they are only available in a large part of Europe and in Africa, a single country to the north in Western Sahara, the amount is enough to benefit crypto clients in that area of ​​the world.

This technological tool represents a viable alternative to solve one of the biggest problems with the use of cryptocurrencies. Which is the quick and easy conversion of virtual currency to traditional real currency or the reverse process, converting FIAT into cryptocurrencies. And if you receive a percentage of profit in addition, it is much more worth using it.

If you are in Spain, here is the exact location of the Bitomat bitcoin ATMs in Spain

In these ATMs you will find even a better conversion rate than what they offer you in places like binance or other relevant exchanges in the crypto community.

Rates Peninsular Spain

cryptocurrencyName: BTC

customer purchase: 10.50 sale to customer: -0.50

cryptocurrencyName: LTC

customer purchase: 11.00 sale to customer: 0.00

cryptocurrencyName: ETH

customer purchase: 11.00 sale to customer: 0.00

cryptocurrencyName: TRX

customer purchase: 11.00 sale to customer: 0.00

cryptocurrencyName: USDT

customer purchase: 11.00 sale to customer: 0.00

Advantages of using Bitomat ATMs: 

Conoce el cajero que te da comisiones en lugar de quitarlas, los famosos cajeros automáticos en forma de B de

1.- Facilities for trading : With the use of these devices you can buy and sell bitcoins for other cryptocurrencies or also convert it into traditional paper money.

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2.- Time saving : just like a traditional ATM, performing an operation in a bitomat only requires a few minutes.

3.- Availability : They are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

4.- Guaranteed security : They are tested under high security indices and continuously receive updates, to avoid the risk of fraud, scams. To carry out the transactions, QR codes can be used so that the funds are received in the desired wallet.

5.- Anonymity : To identify yourself and carry out any transaction, it is not necessary to present any document, nor does it require verification, you only need: the number of your Wallet or virtual wallet, email (to receive confirmation of the operation carried out) and a phone number.

Every day the possibility of using and trading cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world is wider, making it easier for many people to have the availability of large sums of money. Without having the risk of robbery or robbery, which involves loading cash in large amounts, or debit or credit cards that can be cloned. In cryptocurrencies, money is protected by all the security codes necessary for its exchange.

There are two providers of bitomats ATMs, one is FlyngAtom, which allows purchase and sale transactions with a limit of PLN 60,000 with a 3% commission, and does not place a limit, but it depends on the cash available in the equipment. It does not charge commission, but it is likely that it is already included in the amount of the purchase and sale transaction.

To have an exact location of where the bitcoin and cryptocurrency bitomat ATMs are located, you can consult the Bitomat map. visions

Within the visions of is to change the schemes of the high commission costs in Bitcoin ATMs, which on average is -8%. That is why it grants a rate of 0% and in some cases it offers an extra +1% of crypto currency per transaction. This has turned out to be excellent advertising, generating a greater number of clients who are educated on cryptographic platforms to make more profitable use of their virtual money.

These discounts are frequent and unexpected, so it is important to be up to date with the information and publications on the page , to know where and when the discounts will be made and to be able to take advantage of them. You could do this through the project’s social networks through this link .

To keep up to date with any special offers follow on social media.


Another important fact to take into account is that when an additional +2 is received for the purchase, the sales commission will be -8% or vice versa.

There is a Telegram group where many more experienced customers who have already lived the experience and are informed, can share not only the value of the current discount, but also provide details of the best way to take advantage of it.

These ATMs have very striking stories such as 2 of them:

A bitcoin shipment from Miami to a Ukrainian in Poland who withdrew it in cash, all in less than three minutes, reported by CNBC in April of this year.

viral tik tok videos of cashiers throwing away money in exaggerated amounts. As we reported on May 8, 2021.

Why choose ATMs?

Without a doubt, being able to have an additional benefit of +1% for each transaction is a very tempting marketing strategy. That added to the rest of the benefits, especially security, anonymity and practicality, make this new cryptographic market method a future within the reach of a greater number of people. is a network with many years of operation in Europe, it knows the market and this strategy is part of the study of the ideal strategies to attract new clients.

The ATMs not only have their own attractive design but also state-of-the-art innovative technology. We do not know how long these benefits in commissions will be enjoyed, but while they are, it will be a great economic benefit in cryptocurrencies and we must take advantage of it.



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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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